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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Logo's Sports Bar & Grill

Our 46th Review
Official Review #46

8954 Blue Ash Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


I've been coming to Logo's for many years now, I use to bring my kids when they were small, they are all grown with kids of their own now, & Logo's has always been one of my Favorite places to eat, they have always had awesome Steak Hoagies & Burgers & Appetizers & Salads.

I had not been there in nearly 2 Years, so I decided to add them to our review list, as it had always been a great Burger.

We stopped in around 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon, it was crowded, we all ordered a variety of burgers, I had one with Bacon & Cheddar on it, with Lettuce, Tomato & Onion an Mayo, the Mayo comes on the side in a packet, & everyone got fries.

The Menu was completely new since my Last visit, they were now touting Gourmet Burgers, so I expected at least, the same great burger, if not better than I was use to here.

The waitress did ask how we wanted our Burgers cooked, which many places do not, this was a good start.

My Burger with Bacon & Cheddar was $6.99 Fries added were $1.49 so total with Tax & tip was $9 a bit much for a Burger & Fries & Water to drink.

The Burger was a tad smaller than I had been use to in the past, all of our Burgers were perfectly rounded off, this definitely shows they came frozen out of a Box, too perfect to be Handmade, but I asked & they claimed they were made with fresh beef, I just can't see it happening, as they were too perfectly formed, unless they make them with some type of container that they stuff the beef in to form them perfectly, but I have yet to encounter a place that does that, so I'm sticking with the Frozen Patty in a Box until proven different, but then the final taste test would decide if it's frozen Patty or Handmade Beef.

The Burger looked very good, just smaller than I thought it would be.

The 1st bites were not very satisfying at all, everyone was in total agreement on that, the burgers were fairly thick, but lacked almost any flavor at all, mine even with Bacon & Cheddar & all the toppings, lacked any noticeable flavor, this definitely backs up my original thoughts that it was a Frozen Patty & not Handmade from Fresh Beef, there is no way, Handmade Fresh Burgers could taste this blah, & Plain.

The more I ate & The more everyone dug into their burgers, the more we all agreed that this was not a good Burger, we usually wait before talking final rating numbers, I asked everyone to throw some initial ratings out, we had a 4 a couple 5s & a 3, I said then, maybe a 4 at best.

After getting home, checking over my list of other similar tasting Burgers that I clearly remember, this one gets a very low rating, I remember commenting later after we left, that this burger just left a Bad taste in my mouth, instead of a good one, wanting more, as is always the case for any good burger we have had.

The Fries were also hard, overcooked, not burnt, but just hard fries, & not very good either.

Final Thoughts: I can't recommend this once, excellent Burger, nor the Fries, I will return again to see if they still have a great Steak Hoagie & Appetizers.
And for $9 including tip with water to drink, it's way overpriced, it's like they are touting a fresh Handmade Gourmet Burger on the Menu, then you get the taste & Flavor of a Frozen Patty, & if this is Fresh Handmade Beef, then, they are buying & Cooking up some very bad burgers from fresh meat, anyone could easily make a burger twice as good or better on their stove or grill at home.

Final Rating: 3.0  (Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special)

Next Tasty Review:  Culver's in Florence, Kentucky

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Town & Country Lanes

Our 45th Review
Official Review #45

2380 Rains Eitel Rd. Aberdeen, Ohio 45101

  937.795.2153    1.800.551.BOWL

We stopped in here last year for a birthday party & bowling. but we did not have a chance to eat.

Since then, we have had a couple people recommend the Burger Sliders here, & their Lunch special, so we did.

Only my Wife & I made this trip, because it was Lunch time during the week, we did not realize they have booths to sit in, on the other side of the food area from where the Bowling lanes are located, so we ordered & sat there.

We both ordered the Lunch Special, 3 Burger Sliders, Fries & a Drink for $5  you certainly can't beat that price anywhere.

The Burgers looked like homemade White Castles, & they looked good, we couldnt wait to dig in, & I was expecting a good burger based on the recommendations we had received, & we were not disappointed at all, these are some great little sliders, they came with pickles, onions & mustard, I normally do not use mustard on my Burgers, but on these, it worked perfect.

The Meat appeared to be hand-made fresh meat, which is always a plus, but not always a given at places, but here it is, the meat had a nice flavor to it, it looked like they have a typical old grill, that many places like this have, & it always seems to lead, to excellent food, & this sandwich is no different, it also tasted a bit like White Castle burgers, but only these in my mind, were much better, we both agree, these are the best sliders we have tried anywhere to date, we mainly have been trying full sized Burgers, but this year, we are going to include Sliders.

The Fries were also good, they have a wide variety of items on the menu to choose from, which the menu is also located on their website, which is listed above in the name of the location, that link will take you to their site.

The workers were nice & Friendly, & the Cook did an excellent job on the food, we got to chat with the owner, I believe it was Larry Aldridge, he was very nice to talk to & we appreciate it, as I know you guys had a lot of phone in orders to take care of.

Final Thoughts: Excellent Sliders, & excellent Lunch Special, but you can eat here for Dinner also, we can gladly, and highly recommend these Sliders & Fries, anytime, & can't wait to make it back & have some more ourselves, & we plan to give a few other items on the menu a try.
Go here, try these sliders out, & drop in for the Lunch special if you can, & bowl a few games.

Final Rating: We plan to give these 2 Ratings, 1 rating strictly as a slider & then another rating, stacking it up against full sized burgers, & of course the Slider rating will be higher, as it's tough for sliders to fully stand up, to a full size burger. Slider Rating 9*  Burger Rating: 7.5* 

Next Tasty Review: We have a full list to eventually try out this year, so for now, were not sure where our travels in the area & up through Cincinnati will take us, but, we have the top rated burgers around on our list, & our Goal is to find the best tasting Burgers & Now Sliders from Cincinnati, through N. Ky, & Florence to Maysville & everywhere in between, & we promise nothing but honest & unbiased opinions based on our visit, if you favorite place does not get the rating you expect, you must remember, we have tried out 45 total Places now, & we have had some excellent burgers, & the competition is tough, but we will do our best, & the whole Team will be with us, as often as possible on our Journey to find the best Burgers around.

Awesome Sliders & Fries!

Friday, February 7, 2014


Our 44th Review
Official Review #44

786 US Highway 68 MaysvilleKY 41056


I will start this review off by saying We all Love Pasquale's in Maysville's Food, I love their Pizza, Garlic Bread, Fries, Chicken Fettucini, Steak Hoagies, Salads, whatever we have had their is awesome, it's just about my & our Favorite place to eat anytime, & it's always crowded & the service is usually about 90% of the time great waitresses, and it's a nice clean Place.

Now for the Burger review, I will make this one, quick & easy, it's a Frozen Patty out of a Box, which usually means, it won't be that good, I"ve had a couple like this that have actually been good, but this is not one of them, but again, it's a Pizza Place, so I won't be getting their Burger anytime soon, & I Recommend you go get one of the best around in either Old Maysville at 2 or 3 spots there or 1 place in Brooksville or several in Augusta, but not here.

I do recommend you come here & Get almost anything else on their Menu, as all the rest of their food is Fantastic, I could eat here anytime, it just won't be a Burger, if I were you guys, I would just scrap the Burger completely & Maybe just have a kids Burger, or, it would'nt hurt if you wanted to keep the Burger, to drastically update it, if you want to know how, try out the Delites Burger, or the Hutchison's Grocery Burgers, not far from Pasquales, & you will see what a great Burger tastes like, that would really help, but please don't serve the ones you have currently.

Final Thoughts: Not Good, either Upgrade it, or get rid of it.

Final Rating: 2* Just Beating out Tumbleweed, for worst Burger in the area

Next Tasty Review:  Not sure yet, but looking over our long list of Locations, & our long list of suggestions from readers, friends & family.

Pleasant Ridge Chili

Our 43rd Review
Official Review #43

6032 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45123


I've lived in the area near this place for over 45 years, and all the times I've eaten here, I have never had one of their Burgers, I've always ate the Chili or Coney, 5-way or Double Decker or Breakfast, I can't believe I've never had their Burgers until recently, so here is our review.

We stopped in on a weekday about 3pm in the afternoon, the place was still about half full at that time of day, I have always loved all their food, and would recommend all the above items I mentioned above to anyone, it's a great stop for Breakfast, or late night especially, but really I could eat here anytime.

We all ordered just a Plain Hamburger: $2.55 to really test it out, some of us got Lettuce or other addons, but no cheese on this one.

The Meat is on the thinner side, maybe thicker than a Frisch's Big Boy meat, but it's still thin, the Bun was good, not a cheap, fall apart one, but it was a little big for the meat in my opinion, maybe next time I will try a double deluxe & see how it shapes up.

The Flavor overall was actually pretty good, just a little too much bun for me & a couple of our other members agreed, but all were in agreement, that this was a good burger, not great, not awesome, but just a good solid, plain ole burger, good enough for a quick lunch, or late nite snack, I would prefer myself to get Breakfast or Chili or Coneys or Double Deckers, as I think they are all much better than the burgers, you can get much better burgers in town, but for a quick stop, the burger with some good fries would be a good meal.

P.S. Please Do not Forget, as I have done on several occasions, that this is a Cash Only Location.

Final Thoughts: Great for a quick meal or late night, not top 10, or even makes our top 20 list, but that is not a bad thing or does not mean it's not worth getting, it's still a good burger, there are just too many better places in town & N. Ky. to get a great Burger, I just would not come here specifically for the Burger.

Final Rating: 6.5*

Next Tasty Review: It will be Pasquales in Maysville, we were planning on it before this one, but did not make it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carota's Pizza

Our 42nd Review & 2nd of 2014
Official Review #42

115 Main Street Augusta, KY 41002


We Love their Baked Carota Sandwiches with Ham & Swiss cheese, & like their Pizza, & Steak Hoagies, so when I saw Burgers on the Menu, I had to try them out, I don't expect great Burgers at Pizza places, but I still try a Burger anywhere I find one.

Mine came with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Mayo, I could not tell 100% if this was a Frozen Patty or real Beef, it was a good Burger, it was a mishaped piece of meat, & tasted good, so I'm not sure & I just didnt feel like asking, LOL, so I still don't know.

Either way, it was good, not great, not awesome, but for a Pizza Joint, it was a surprisingly good Burger, there are 4 places in town that serve great Burgers if your out just for that, but if your here with friends & want a burger, it's good.

Price is good, & service, & the place looks clean, & it's located on Main Street in Augusta, Ky.

Final Thoughts: Good Burger, try it out if your here, but again, I like 4 other Burgers better in town, but that does not take anything away from this one, but I go here for the Baked Carota & Pizza anyway.

Final Review: 6.5* (Try it-above avg/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review: Pasquales Pizza in Maysville, Ky.