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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hitching Post

                         Our 51st Review
                          Official Review #51

              Hyde Park Hitching Post

2715 Madison Road Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Located at the corner of Madison Rd & 
Edwards Rd in the Hyde Park Center


I have always lived near Hitching Post's in Cincinnati, but had never tried their burgers until now, they boast a sign stating the World's best Fried Chicken, so my wife ordered the Fried Chicken Dinner Special and I got the TEXAS BURGER  with Swiss cheese & fries.
A half pound burger, with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion served on a large toasted bun 8.79
TOP IT OFF – Mushrooms, Bacon, Monterey Jack, Swiss, Cheddar, or American Cheese .50 per item.

The Place was very clean and had pretty decent atmosphere to sit and eat in, the waitress was a little slow and the place only had a couple other tables with customers.

When the meal arrived, i could not believe how huge the burger was, an absolutely huge toasted bun.

The fries were very good, the Meat had a pretty good taste to it, maybe some salt & pepper may have been used to season and that's it, but it had a good grilled taste to it, the bun, well it was just too overwhelming, too big,even for the large piece of beef on it, mostly all I felt like I could taste was the bun, and it was kind of tough to chew through, it was big and thick, the bun, LOL, the burger was big and fairly thick also, but the Bun still overshadowed the meat, the lettuce tomato, pickle and onion were fresh and tasted good, but it could not save it from the Bun.

After eating at 50 other burger places, this may have been the most overwhelming bun of all and my least favorite, please get this good burger another bun and you will have a winner, otherwise, I personally will never eat there again.

My Wifes Chicken Dinner, well I asked her if it met their signs boast of the worlds best fried chicken, she said nope, it was fried too tough to chew very well, I tried it, and I had to agree, a few black burn marks on some some sides of the chicken,so definitely over cooked for sure, and even the overall taste was just fairly good, I've had much better Fried chicken at many other places, so she said never again for her, she also tasted my Burger and agreed with my review of it.

Final thoughts:  Bun was just too big and thick and overwhelmed a good burger, too many other great burgers in the area for me to ever get this one again.

Final Rating: 3.5* If it had a better bun, it would get a much higher rating.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Our 50th Review
Official Review #50

5723 Signal Hill Drive Milford, Ohio 45150


Putters has 3 Locations, we tried the one in Milford, I found out about this place, because I saw a Burger testing & review blog done by some of the top Chef's in the city, I think there were 4 of them, they tried the top Burgers in Cincinnati & N. Ky., and Putters won their Competition, beating another long time top Burger in Cincinnati, Terry's Turf Club, there were several that were close, but Putters came out with the highest rated Burger in the Competition, so I had to try it out.

On This trip, it was just 2 of us, Putters is Located just off of 275 in Milford by 28, it sits just off the hwy. it's a big place, with well over a Dozen Tv's with sports on them all this day, it was Father's Day, I ordered the Putters Classic  Angus Beef, with Swiss, Bacon & Lettuce, Tomato, & Onion, the waitress was very nice & friendly and asked how we wanted our burger cooked, always a Good Sign, my Wife ordered the special of the Day, Rib's & Baked Chicken.

I got Fries with mine, my Burger was around $7 or so, I did not get the full price, Bacon was 79cents extra.

My Burger was huge, they put onion Straws on it by mistake, but I did not complain, I love Onion Straws.

I ordered the Burger, Medium Well as usual, it came Well Done, so 2 mistakes by the cook, onion straws added without asking & well done instead of medium well, but I did not mind, we were starving & ready to eat.

The Burger was big, & looked great, as usual, I can tell by the 1st bite, how it will go, and this is One Fantastic burger, it was clearly hand-made, & fresh Angus Beef, big, juicy & all the extras were fresh, the bacon crispy and tasty, the Bun was excellent, it did not fall apart & had a good taste and it was toasted, which I like, the fries also were good.

My Wife's Rib's were tender & tasty, very good, her Baked Chicken was also tender tasty, her baked potato was also good, and her Salad was big & fresh, we shared that & both liked it, I tasted all her food & she tried my Burger, & we both agree that this is one of the Best Burgers we have ever had, and we both enjoyed her meal also.

As Far as what we rated this burger, check it out below, the service was good, but they need to work on getting the Cook to make sure he makes the food correctly, even though this time it did not affect my review or the taste of the food.

Final Thoughts: Awesome Burger, I would say it's on Par with the best I've ever had, I can't rate it any Better than our previous Winner of last years top Burger award Gabby's Cafe, and I can't rate it any lower than that one, so it's a tie, I will eventually return to try a different one of their Burgers, & also they claim to have the Best Wings, I will try those also as they have my Favorite, Garlic, and then I will compare those to Roosters Wings across the street, as they also claim to have the Best Wings, thats a review for another Day.
All I can say is, Go here, try it out for yourself, any Burger in our top 10 and many even lower are worth a try, but especially our top ones, you won't be disappointed with this one, also looks like a great place for a group, or somewhere to watch any sporting event, I will be back.

Final Rating: 9.5* Same as Gabby's Cafe in Wyoming, in Cincinnati, Ohio, it's a Tie, both are Awesome Burgers, & I see no way to choose between them, I would take either one over any other Burger any day of the week.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Our 49th Review
Official Review #49

2710 Erie Avenue, Hyde Park, in Cincinnati, Ohio 45208


I purchased a Living Social Coupon for Teller's & decided to try it out, even though it was not on our to do list, nor had I seen it on any of the top Burger lists in the City.

We stopped in on a mid Sunday Afternoon, it was not very busy, so we had our run of the place, they only serve 1 Burger,  The Romano Burger~   $12    an 8 oz prime aged beef· leek confit· roasted tomato·bibb lettuce·truffle mayonnaise·pecorino romano·brioche bun· with dill fries
Chicken Quesadilla  $10  grilled chicken·cheese blend·chipotle cream·poblano·sweet chili sauce

When the Burger arrived, it was one of the Best Looking Burgers, I"ve ever seen, the Brioche Bun looked great, the meat was thick, we couldnt wait to jump into this one.

The Meat was definitely hand-made, the Waitress did ask how we wanted it cooked, and most got it Medium or Medium well.

This was another Burger where everyone were within 1 point of agreement on it, the Burger was good, no doubt about it, Top 10 worthy, No,  but very close, we could not taste anything in the Burger, no salt or anything, and everyone agreed, a little salt cooked into it, or some other spice or something, would have helped.

To us, it was just a good, plain ole Burger, that any of us, I compared to a nearby Burger in Mt. Lookout, Zip's Cafe, it looked & tasted exactly like a Fancy Zip's Burger, but I would take this one over Zip's.

Good Yes, awesome & top 10, no, but very close.

The Tomato's were very good, the Brioche bun was good, but, Delites in Maysville, has the Best & a much better Brioche Bun.

Fries were good, & the Chicken Quesadilla, was ok, but not one of the best we've had, I've had many much better, especially Gabby's Cafe in Wyoming, has a much better Quesadilla.

Final Thoughts: Good Solid Plain Burger, that looks much better than it tasted, just plain good, nothing special, there are much better Burgers around, and they could use more than 1 Variety on the Menu, it comes close to our top 10, but just barely misses, maybe adding some salt & such to it while cooking will help.

Final Rating: 7.5* Try it -above Avg/Good to VG)  

Next Tasty Review: Not sure yet, but we will check our list & try to hit one of the top 10 in Cincinnati.

Great Looking Burger, one of the best presentations, I've seen, but the taste, was just plain good, not great good.


Our 48th Review
Official Review #48

120 Eastern Bypass Richmond, KY 40475


We are from Cincinnati & N. Ky., we do Burger reviews for a blog, and have done so for many years now, so we were in Richmond the other day, I saw this place & it looked good on the outside & busy, & then I read the reviews here, and all the people raving about it's Burgers, & after trying it out, I just sat there in amazement, saying Wow, unbelievable, that so many people absolutely love this place, as a Burger place compared to the best Burgers from Maysville, thru Florence to Cincinnati, it does not make our top 50 list,where have all you people been getting your burgers from to compare to, just wow, LOL, the burger meat was paper thin, I thought they beat Frisch's whom I previously thought had the thinnest meat, it was so thin, the Bun so thick & big, I could hardly find the meat, let alone taste it, again, LOL< I guess it's Ok, if your in a hurry & looking for a quick bite at lunch or sometime, but give me a Mcdonalds Mcdouble over this anyday, at least Mcds has a piece of meat I can taste, you people that love this burger, should head north & try out some real burgers in N. Ky. & Cincinnati, & Maysville, & Augusta, Ky. this Burger is ok, it's plain, it's simple, it's nothing more than a quick bite if your starving & may not want to spend a lot & in hurry, I can't speak for their other food items, but I would never, ever order another Burger here again, I would find another place in the area to eat, that's much better,  Burger or not. LOL & Wow to the person that said, they drove from cincinnati to eat here twice when it opened, Cincinnati has dozens of Burgers spots that blows this place out of the water, get out more people try some real burgers.

Final Thoughts: I guess the people that live near this place loves it, it's not bad, it's not great, just a decent, Fair Burger & fries & meal, I would only suggest it if there is nothing else open & any better burger spots nearby, makes for a good quick lunch or meal on the go.

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Our 47th Review
Official Review #47

8554 US Highway 42 Florence, KY 41042


I had heard a lot online & from others, about Culvers, that we had to try it our, so we finally have.
Here is what they advertise, Burgers, Made with fresh, never frozen, 100% U.S. beef, your ButterBurger® is cooked up only after you order, topped just the way you want it and served on a lightly buttered toasted bun, Made to order.
I ordered The Culver's Deluxe, some got it with Bacon & a couple of us ordered the Original Butterburger.
Prices are average.

This is review is short & quick, since these Burgers won't challenge our top 20.

Everyone liked their Burgers, but we all were in unanimous agreement after just a few bites, that these burgers would not challenge our top 10 list, & most likely not even our Top 20.

They were good burgers, yes, but the very best, not at all, if your in a hurry for decent fast meal, or a good quick Lunch, this is as good as any, and alternative to the many fast food places.

Final Thoughts: Decent, good Burger, best suited for a quick on the go meal, at Lunch for someone out on their Lunch break or something, good, but won't challenge our top 20 Best places.

Final Rating: 4.5* (Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special)

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Looks 10x better than it actually is, there are way more better Burgers to be had than this one, it's good if your on the go, or for a Quick Lunch or Dinner.