Sunday, November 15, 2015

By Golly's

Our 64th Review
Official Review #64

714 Lila Ave
Milford, Ohio 45150


We chose this location based on a Battle of the Burgers by Cincy Vibe online website, they had several testers go out and review several of the best Burger Places in Cincinnati, now I've tried many of the ones they did and don't agree with all of their reviews, like Gabby's Cafe, they rated it a bit lower in their reviews, but they did say it was due to the burger they ordered was just too well done, and that lowered its rating, it just happened to be a bad night to get a burger there, it can happen anywhere, but they did rate this Burger high on the list and we happen to agree with this one.

We had also just tried Putters Tavern not far from here and stopped in here on the way home, it's a nice looking little Sports Bar, it was very crowded when we walked in, and no place to sit, so I ordered us a couple of  Burgers to go, The Lila Burger    $6.99 a classic burger with all the fixings. and a By Golly $8.99 their signature patty, topped with swiss cheese, sauteed onions and honey mustard dressing.

This was one excellent Burger, definitely a top 10 on our list, it had excellent flavor, definitely it has some spices on it, all the toppings on the Lila looked fresh and were good, the sauteed onions and swiss cheese and honey mustard dressing tasted great, from the first bite we knew we had a winner here, everything about it was good, it was not one of the best looking burgers we've seen, but we don't rate our Burgers on looks, just Flavor, it was definitely real Beef and cooked to order, the bun was also good, and I really loved the honey mustard, it really added to the flavor, both burgers were excellent, I thought Putters, where we had just come from, was a bit better, but this one was definitely at the top of our list.

Final thoughts: An excellent burger, I would recommend definitely stopping here and trying this one out, be prepared to get it to go if you don't want to wait for a seat, as it can get crowded.

Final Rating: 8.5*  (Exceptional-Must try it!)

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Dairy Yum Yum II

Our 63rd Review
Official Review #63

1105 2nd Street Ripley Ohio


It was recommended to us to try this littlel local Dairy Bar out and to try the double burger here, it was similar looking to a  Frisch's Big boy, it had moved on down the road from it's original location, it's a very nice looking little Dairy Bar, that serves a variety of food, service was good and it was clean.

We stopped in on a Sunday after Church for Lunch, the Burger looked good, and just like a Big Boy, but
it tasted nowhere near as good, it was a decent sized sandwich, but the flavor just was not there, I added Salt and pepper but it only helped a little, the beef patties just did not have much flavor, it was a plain ole bun, just nothing special at all for it to have been recommended that we try it out, my Wife had a very good, chicken sandwich and the onion rings were also very good, and the fries that came with our meals were good.

I just wish I could have liked the burger more, as I love these little local Dairy bars and burger places.

I would return for the Chicken sandwich, fries and onion Rings but not the Burger I had, I would definitely order something else, not bad, just not good enough, so not much else to say about this one, just way too plain tasting.

We also had ice cream for dessert and it was good, but our overall meal was a bit expensive for what all we had. slightly overpriced in our opinion, if I were ever in the area, and wanted a Burger, I would go to the Bowling Alley just down the road at Town & Country for their Sliders, which are excellent.

Final Thoughts:  decent big boy look alike, but definitely did not have the flavor to boost it up the list.

Final Rating: 5.0Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special.

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Forgot to get a Photo of the Food here, but if you know what  a Frisch's Big Boy looks like that's it.

Rick's Tavern & Grille

Our 62nd Review
Official Review #62

5955 Boymel Drive Fairfield, Ohio 45040


This is one we found from Groupon Coupons, I had been here many years ago, but they had moved just around the corner of the strip mall they were in, and up the lane abit, but basically the same exact area and block. We ordered the Angus Burger 7oz. $7.99  and they also have a  5oz. $5.99 cooked to order and choice of Toppings with fries, It's a fairly big sports bar,a bit dark and gloomy in many spots, but it looked clean, service was fair, our waitress was training someone new, but in my opinion was acting like she had somewhere better to be than training someone, it was around Lunch time, but only a few people were there.

This Burger was pretty good, but not as good as it looked, it looked great, one of the best looking Burgers I've had anywhere, the lettuce was a nice bright green, the tomato nice and red and juicy looking, nice big white onion, it was a big burger,  but overall the taste was a little blaw, it was real beef and cooked to order, medium well as we ordered it, but it was just lacking something, I added some salt & pepper, which helped some, but it just seemed to need a lot more, the more was not bad, the fries were very good, but the burger did not live up to it's good looks or the good fries, it was not bad, but a bit dry and just lacking flavor, I would have loved to recommend it and give it a high rating, since it looked the part of a top 10 burger, but the flavor just did not cut it, I wish had more to say about this one, but that's it, good fries, good toppings, good looks, nice sports bar, fair service, but a blaw tasting burger.

Final Thoughts: Not top 10, even though it was real Beef and looked great, just too plain tasting for me.
If I returned here, I would try something else, not a bad burger, just not worth $8 with other great burgers around.

Final Rating: 6.0* Avg/Not Bad-Nothing Special.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015


Our 61st Review
Official Review #61

  • 6923 Plainfield Road
  • Silverton, in Cincinnati, Ohio 45236


I've lived in the area my entire life and this Bar has had several owners over time and been a different type of place, but now it's locally owned and it's now a Sports Bar that serves a good variety of food.

We got a Groupon coupon for it, so decided to try it out, we had held our yearly Fantasy Football draft here at the beginning of the season but were so busy drafting, we only had time then, for appetizers, more on that visit later.

This trip it was 2 of us and we tried the Hamilton's All-American Burger, $7.99 A 1/3 lb patty topped with American cheese, lettuce, red onion, tomato & pickle. it says on the Menu all Burgers cooked to Medium Well, My Wife ordered the M.V.P. - B.L.T., $6.99 A Hawaiian toast filled with lettuce, bacon, tomato & mayo. Served with warm tortilla chips & Sal Sancho dressing. Her BLT was excellent, the Bacon had very good flavor to it and was crunchy an cooked done, too many places give you soggy bacon, this bacon, looked and tasted great, the Tomato and lettuce were fresh and tasted good, the Hawaiian toast also had a good flavor and I like their Mayo, overall an excellent BLT, served with Red, & Black Chips that were also very good with a very good tasting dipping sauce.

Now onto the Burger review, The Burger was big and looked great, one of the best looking ones I've had anywhere, nowhere on the Menu could I find if it was 100% real beef or some type of frozen pre-made patty, the Menu mentions several times that their burgers are 1/3 and 1/4 pound patties, if a place serves real beef, I always believe they will advertise that fact to promote the Burger, since it did not mention that fact, and after my taste test, I have to say it's a pre-made, Frozen Patty out of a Box, to me it tasted like that, although one of the best Frozen ones I've had, but it still lacked the look and flavor of a real Beef Patty, Hand-Made, it tasted extremely plain, I could not detect any spices or anything, and even though the Menu says all Burgers are cooked Medium-Well, this one looked well done.
The Meat itself, just had ZERO flavor, the lettuce and tomato were fresh and tasted good, it had one of the better buns I've had anywhere on a Burger, so if they started serving a real beef burger with better flavor, they could have a real winner here and a definite top 10 contenders on our list.

I could have asked what kind of meat it was, but if the meat is that flavorless and looks that much like it comes out or a box, then I just assume it's not real beef.

The Burger came with a good amount of Fries and they were pretty good, we ordered Potato Skins, they call them, Big Klu Tater Skins $8.99 5 potato boats topped with bacon, scallions & cheese. Served with sour cream, these are excellent Skins, a bit overpriced for sure, maybe $6.99 would be more acceptable.

Now a short review on our Fantasy Football Draft we held there, we got their Private room in the front to the right as you walk in, a decent sized room for our Draft with some large empty walls that allowed us to place our Draft board on, and plenty of tables and chairs, we told them when we reserved the room for a Saturday Early afternoon what we wanted the room for ahead of time, as we all arrived, a waitress finally came in, we ordered skins, as with this trip, they were good, but she only came back 2 or 3 times during our draft to check on 10 of us, also we found 1 light to turn on, so we asked about the other lights in the Room, she said they were burnt out, WOW, several and most of the lights in the room and all but 1 were burnt out, really, LOL, and they knew we were coming that day and time and still did not change the lights, luckily it was daylight out and we had some lighting through the Window, all I can say about our Draft here is that we will never hold our Draft here ever again, we heard from some friends that other Sports Bars were offering Drafting tools to use and giving group discounts on food and drinks, and another place I saw online offered 1 or 2 Free apps, per so many people attending, this place seemed to care less they had a group of 10 or more in their Private room on a slow day when barely half a dozen people were in the place beside us, so definitely no more drafts here.
If they had any clue about Fantasy Football and it's popularity, they would turn that room into a DRaft room and advertise it and offer things to groups that Draft there, they might make some extra cash, but they seem clueless to it and seemed not to care about anyone in that room, no matter how many people are in it.

Final Thoughts: The Burger tasted like a Pre-made Frozen Patty, and looked it, although a good Frozen Patty and if it was real beef, then it's either a very good frozen Patty or a bad piece of real beef, I'm leaning towards the Frozen Patty one.
I would return here for the BLT, and Tater Skins, even at $9 for the Skins, and would be willing to try something else, but I doubt I would ever order the Burger again, not that it was bad, but for $8 for a Frozen Patty, it's not worth it and it has no taste, if not for a Good tasting bun and fresh tasting toppings, it would be last on my list, so try something else, unless  you want to pay $8 or more for a good Pre-made Frozen patty.

MY SUGGESTION TO MVP< Start Buying real 100% Beef or Angus and advertise that fact, put a few spices on it and ask how people wish it to be cooked, and keep the Bun and fresh toppings and you could have one of the best Burgers in the City.

Final Rating: 6.0* (Avg/Not Bad-Nothing Special)