Sunday, April 6, 2014

Logo's Sports Bar & Grill

Our 46th Review
Official Review #46

8954 Blue Ash Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


I've been coming to Logo's for many years now, I use to bring my kids when they were small, they are all grown with kids of their own now, & Logo's has always been one of my Favorite places to eat, they have always had awesome Steak Hoagies & Burgers & Appetizers & Salads.

I had not been there in nearly 2 Years, so I decided to add them to our review list, as it had always been a great Burger.

We stopped in around 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon, it was crowded, we all ordered a variety of burgers, I had one with Bacon & Cheddar on it, with Lettuce, Tomato & Onion an Mayo, the Mayo comes on the side in a packet, & everyone got fries.

The Menu was completely new since my Last visit, they were now touting Gourmet Burgers, so I expected at least, the same great burger, if not better than I was use to here.

The waitress did ask how we wanted our Burgers cooked, which many places do not, this was a good start.

My Burger with Bacon & Cheddar was $6.99 Fries added were $1.49 so total with Tax & tip was $9 a bit much for a Burger & Fries & Water to drink.

The Burger was a tad smaller than I had been used to in the past, all of our Burgers were perfectly rounded off, this definitely shows they came frozen out of a Box, too perfect to be Handmade, but I asked & they claimed they were made with fresh beef, I just can't see it happening, as they were too perfectly formed, unless they make them with some type of container that they stuff the beef in to form them perfectly, but I have yet to encounter a place that does that, so I'm sticking with the Frozen Patty in a Box until proven different, but then the final taste test would decide if it's frozen Patty or Handmade Beef.

The Burger looked very good, just smaller than I thought it would be.

The 1st bites were not very satisfying at all, everyone was in total agreement on that, the burgers were fairly thick, but lacked almost any flavor at all, mine even with Bacon & Cheddar & all the toppings, lacked any noticeable flavor, this definitely backs up my original thoughts that it was a Frozen Patty & not Handmade from Fresh Beef, there is no way, Handmade Fresh Burgers could taste this blah, & Plain.

The more I ate & The more everyone dug into their burgers, the more we all agreed that this was not a good Burger, we usually wait before talking final rating numbers, I asked everyone to throw some initial ratings out, we had a 4 a couple 5s & a 3, I said then, maybe a 4 at best.

After getting home, checking over my list of other similar tasting Burgers that I clearly remember, this one gets a very low rating, I remember commenting later after we left, that this burger just left a Bad taste in my mouth, instead of a good one, wanting more, as is always the case for any good burger we have had.

The Fries were also hard, overcooked, not burnt, but just hard fries, & not very good either.

Final Thoughts: I can't recommend this once, excellent Burger, nor the Fries, I will return again to see if they still have a great Steak Hoagie & Appetizers.
And for $9 including tip with water to drink, it's way overpriced, it's like they are touting a fresh Handmade Gourmet Burger on the Menu, then you get the taste & Flavor of a Frozen Patty, & if this is Fresh Handmade Beef, then, they are buying & Cooking up some very bad burgers from fresh meat, anyone could easily make a burger twice as good or better on their stove or grill at home.

Final Rating: 3.0  (Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special)

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