Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hutchison's Grocery

I am very sad to report that recently this past Summer, the sweet Lovely owner of this historic location, passed away, her store was sold at auction and actually purchased by her Son, but I have heard he does not plan to re-open it as a store or serve food, so we've lost The Best Burger I've ever tasted as far as just the Meat is concerned and top 3 on my List for years, our Condolences to the Family and the Owner and her Place and her kindness and service she gave to others will never be Forgotten, I will keep you in your Spot on the list.

Our 32nd Review
Official Review #32

Hutchison's Grocery
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1201 E. 2nd Street, Maysville, Kentucky 41056


While in Maysville on this trip, I had heard about this Grocery on a Bulletin Board from Maysville, where many said, this was the Best Burger in Maysville.

So, we had just come from another review at Delites, not far away, & we stopped here.
It's located way down on the far East end of 2nd street, with the same Mountain Dew sign that Delites has out front, it's located on the Left as you come from Maysville.
It's been in the same location since 1850, we talked to the Owner & Operator & Cook, Nora 'Cissy' Lester

She was a delight to talk to, we all went in & waited on our Burger, we also each got a Country Ham Sandwich, this place reminded me of the old timey Grocery store, my parents use to take me to when we lived in Newport Kentucky when I was a kid.

The Owner said she sends her Country Hams all over the Country, that people order them from everywhere.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff, We had just tried Delites a short time earlier, which we ended up rating a 9.1* in 2nd place on our top 10 Burgers list, so we were not expecting this one to match it, well, let me tell you, were we shocked & surprised, just 1 bite into this huge Burger, with Lettuce, tomato & onion, we all knew, this one was just as good as the one we just had at the other place, & could not believe we had found 2 Awesome, & Delicious Burgers just a few minutes from each other.

This Burger, was Big, thick & Juicy Delicious, we all agreed, this was the absolutely best tasting meat, of any Burger, we've ever had anywhere, in the entire area.

We all, also enjoyed the Country Ham Sandwiches.

Final Thoughts: Again, another short, quick, review, why, because it's so simple to do this one, nothing to write, except, go here & get one, you must try it out, it's absolutely an awesome Burger, I don't know what if any seasoning's she ads to it, but the Flavor was just outstanding, I can't say enough about the Meat's flavor.
Don't let the outside looks of this place fool you, the Owner is nice & friendly & the Burger Fantastic.

Final Rating: 9.1* (Exceptional-Must Try it) We rated this one the same as the Delites Burger, because, this one had the better tasting meat, but the other one, had the Bricohe Bun that was so much better, so overall, both come out a tie for our 2nd Best Burgers, we've had from, Cincinnati, Ohio, to Maysville & everywhere in between to date, that we've tried & plan to try more.
I will be back here again soon.

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