Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Our 49th Review
Official Review #49

2710 Erie Avenue, Hyde Park, in Cincinnati, Ohio 45208


I purchased a Living Social Coupon for Teller's & decided to try it out, even though it was not on our to-do list, nor had I seen it on any of the top Burger lists in the City.

We stopped in on a mid-Sunday Afternoon, it was not very busy, so we had our run of the place, they only serve 1 Burger,  The Romano Burger~   $12    an 8 oz prime aged beef· leek confit· roasted tomato·bibb lettuce·truffle mayonnaise·pecorino romano·brioche bun· with dill fries
Chicken Quesadilla  $10  grilled chicken·cheese blend·chipotle cream·poblano·sweet chili sauce

When the Burger arrived, it was one of the Best Looking Burgers, I've ever seen, the Brioche Bun looked great, the meat was thick, we couldn't wait to jump into this one.

The Meat was definitely hand-made, the Waitress did ask how we wanted it cooked, and most got it Medium or Medium well.

This was another Burger where everyone was within 1 point of agreement on it, the Burger was good, no doubt about it, Top 10 worthy, No,  but very close, we could not taste anything in the Burger, no salt or anything, and everyone agreed, a little salt cooked into it, or some other spice or something, would have helped.

To us, it was just a good, plain ole Burger, that any of us, I compared to a nearby Burger in Mt. Lookout, Zip's Cafe, it looked & tasted exactly like a Fancy Zip's Burger, but I would take this one over Zip's.

Good Yes, awesome & top 10, no, but very close.

The tomatoes were very good, the Brioche bun was good, but, Delites in Maysville, has the Best & a much better Brioche Bun.

Fries were good, & the Chicken Quesadilla, was ok, but not one of the best we've had, I've had many much better, especially Gabby's Cafe in Wyoming, has a much better Quesadilla.

Final Thoughts: Good Solid Plain Burger, that looks much better than it tasted, just plain good, nothing special, there are much better Burgers around, and they could use more than 1 Variety on the Menu, it comes close to our top 10, but just barely misses, maybe adding some salt & such to it while cooking will help.

Final Rating:  7.5* Try it -above Avg/Good to VG)  

Next Tasty Review:  Not sure yet, but we will check our list & try to hit one of the top 10 in Cincinnati.

Great Looking Burger, one of the best presentations, I've seen, but the taste 
was just plain good,  not great good.


Our 48th Review
Official Review #48

120 Eastern Bypass Richmond, KY 40475


We are from Cincinnati & N. Ky., we do Burger reviews for a blog, and have done so for many years now, so we were in Richmond the other day, I saw this place & it looked good on the outside & busy, & then I read the reviews here, and all the people raving about it's Burgers, & after trying it out, I just sat there in amazement, saying Wow, unbelievable, that so many people absolutely love this place, as a Burger place compared to the best Burgers from Maysville, thru Florence to Cincinnati, it does not make our top 50 list,where have all you people been getting your burgers from to compare to, just wow, LOL, the burger meat was paper thin, I thought they beat Frisch's whom I previously thought had the thinnest meat, it was so thin, the Bun so thick & big, I could hardly find the meat, let alone taste it, again, LOL< I guess it's Ok, if your in a hurry & looking for a quick bite at lunch or sometime, but give me a Mcdonalds Mcdouble over this anyday, at least Mcds has a piece of meat I can taste, you people that love this burger, should head north & try out some real burgers in N. Ky. & Cincinnati, & Maysville, & Augusta, Ky. this Burger is ok, it's plain, it's simple, it's nothing more than a quick bite if your starving & may not want to spend a lot & in hurry, I can't speak for their other food items, but I would never, ever order another Burger here again, I would find another place in the area to eat, that's much better,  Burger or not. LOL & Wow to the person that said, they drove from cincinnati to eat here twice when it opened, Cincinnati has dozens of Burgers spots that blows this place out of the water, get out more people try some real burgers.

Final Thoughts: I guess the people that live near this place loves it, it's not bad, it's not great, just a decent, Fair Burger & fries & meal, I would only suggest it if there is nothing else open & any better burger spots nearby, makes for a good quick lunch or meal on the go.

Next Tasty Review: Tellers of Hyde Park, in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Our 47th Review
Official Review #47

8554 US Highway 42 Florence, KY 41042


I had heard a lot online & from others, about Culvers, that we had to try it our, so we finally have.
Here is what they advertise, Burgers, Made with fresh, never frozen, 100% U.S. beef, your ButterBurger® is cooked up only after you order, topped just the way you want it and served on a lightly buttered toasted bun, Made to order.
I ordered The Culver's Deluxe, some got it with Bacon & a couple of us ordered the Original Butterburger.
Prices are average.

This is review is short & quick, since these Burgers won't challenge our top 20.

Everyone liked their Burgers, but we all were in unanimous agreement after just a few bites, that these burgers would not challenge our top 10 list, & most likely not even our Top 20.

They were good burgers, yes, but the very best, not at all, if your in a hurry for decent fast meal, or a good quick Lunch, this is as good as any, and alternative to the many fast food places.

Final Thoughts: Decent, good Burger, best suited for a quick on the go meal, at Lunch for someone out on their Lunch break or something, good, but won't challenge our top 20 Best places.

Final Rating: 4.5* (Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special)

Next Tasty Review: Cookout, In Richmond, Kentucky

Looks 10x better than it actually is, there are way more better Burgers to be had than this one, it's good if your on the go, or for a Quick Lunch or Dinner.