Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Days Diner

Our 8th Review
Official Review #8

2775 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 37863


4 of us went here to eat, while on our trip, it was a late Lunch, on our 1st day in Pigeon Forge, on a Saturday, & I had The Cheeseburger $5.95 w/Swiss Cheese & Fries, which I think was a very tasty burger, served on a Toasted Bun with Pickles & Cole Slaw, excellent fries, I really like them, the Bun was good & Solid, again, another Bun that held together without falling apart, this overall was a good sized Burger, another of us, had the Bacon cheeseburger $7.45, one of the best he had eaten anywhere, along with what he called, very good fries, 2 others had the Philly Cheese steak deluxe $9.25, both thought it was very good, I tried some, & it had a very nice taste to it, they also loved their fries, the water was also good, some places it is not, the waitress was good, not the friendliest but nice enough, & did her job, we had Fried Pickles to start, they were as good as any I've had anywhere, and all 3 others in our party agreed, the place looked clean, the waitress, kept checking back with us, & this was about 230pm on a saturday, there were only a few seats open, but no wait, but still had a lot of people, we would go back, prices, were comparable to any other similar place, both couples in our party ate for under $18 & we split the cost of the fried pickles.
We ate a couple days later at Mel's Diner, nearby, and the Burger I had there was terrible, one of the worst ever, read my review on it here, I would never, ever go to Mel's for a Burger again, I would return here for sure, they have a big, varied Menu, with lot's of items to choose from.

Final Thoughts: A very solid tasting, all around Burger & Bun, I would go here anytime for the Burger & Fries, but next time, will try something else to try it out, I would also order the Philly Cheese Steak anytime again, much better place to eat than Mel's Diner which is not far from here, I would choose & suggest this place to eat anytime over Mel's.

Final Rating: 7.5* (Try it out-above Average/Good to Very Good)

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