Saturday, October 26, 2013


Our 25th Review
Official Review #25

511 Marketsquare Drive Maysville, Kentucky 41056


This one is a fairly quick, easy & simple review, I will only do my Burger, since this review is so easy.
I ordered the Smoked Cheddar Bacon Burger: $8.99 served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle, & either Waffle or Regular Fries, I ordered Waffle Fries & Medium Well Burger. 
The Burger was very big, I saw right away, that the large Bun, looked to be a very cheap, generic brand, it was toasted, but it, did not matter for this Crappy Bun.
The Meat was Definitely a big Frozen piece out of a Pre-Packaged Box.
It had no flavor at all, it was plain as Cardboard & tasted like it, the Bun tasted worse, & although the bun did not fall apart, the top of the Bun, flaked off, into several pieces while trying to hold it, & the bottom bun, became very soggy & nasty.
The Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle were fresh & good, & the mayo on the side was good, but none of that could help this hapless burger, it was a, plain, no flavor, no taste, piece of nothing, what else can I say, I hated it, & the crap cheap bun, oh, it also came with Bacon, which was flavorless, & had no taste at all, so it added nothing to this bad excuse for a Burger, & all this, for nearly $9.00 are you Kidding me, Tumbleweed!, $9 really, get outta here, your Burger sucks, & goes to the very bottom of our list, the only Burger that I've had, that was worse, was Mel's Diner in Pigeon Forge Tn., &  you barely beat them, only because their crap bun, fell totally to pieces.

The Waffle Fries were ok, & the Service was just ok.

Final Thoughts: My Wife enjoyed her steak, & loves coming here for, the Steak, so if you do have to eat here, & pay for their overpriced food, get a steak, but not the crappy burgers, they stink, flat out, they are not good, & their buns are from the Dollar bin, in the Generic pile, definitely check out our list for nearby Augusta, Kentucky, 20 minutes or so from Maysville, if in the area, their  are, 3 or more places with excellent Burgers in town & most cost less than this big rip off, & also Brooksville, Kentucky, has an Excellent Burger Place their to, that's 10X better than this one,< DON"T WASTE YOUR BURGER MONEY HERE>

Final Rating: 1.5* (Still Would'nt Bother)

Next Tasty Review: Donna's Place, Located in Brooksville, Kentucky 41004

Looks Good,but look how they slapped on the Bacon, & you can tell it's a cheap, Generic bun, & that Cheddar also had no taste, that cost me $8.99 seriously, are they kidding me, can I say, I want a refund, LOL.

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