Monday, October 21, 2013

Oakley Pub & Grill

Our 15th Review
Official Review #15

3924 Isabella Avenue Cincinnati, Oho 45209


This one is a tale of 2 reviews as I was unable to make the initial trip with the rest of the group, so I went a couple of days later on my own & got my Burger as a carry-out, & my review is vastly different from the group, so I will give their review & then mine & both ratings at the end.

At one time the Old Cincinnati Burgerguys, gave this a 9, along with the old Mingles Burger, they were the 2 highest rated Burgers they had ever had, but then it changed owners & the Old Burgerguys revisited it, & their rating dropped to a 6.5, so now, a few years later, our new reviews.

Their burgers are almost a half-pound of choice black Angus chuck, grilled to your liking, and served
on a toasted kaiser bun with lettuce, mayo, pickle, and onion, with fries or our unique slaw
2 of our Group ordered The Burger: $7.95  a black Angus chuck, grilled to your liking, with your choice of cheese .50 extra, American, Swiss, Wisconsin cheddar, provolone, pepper jack or homemade blue cheese dressing.
Another ordered 10 Medium Jumbo Garlic Wings: $8.95 They come with Homemade Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing & Celery.
Our 4th Member tried the Beef Philly: $7.95  All Sandwiches are served with fries & what they call their unique cole slaw.
They all liked the Kaiser Bun, again, another solid Bun, that did not fall apart with the Burger, it was also a big Burger, Hand-Made to order, 1 was ordered Medium & the 2nd Medium Well.
The Food, they said, looked excellent, so points for service & presentation.
Everyone as always tried some of each other's food to get a good review.
Everyone really liked the Burgers, big and Juicy & Tasty, of course not as Juicy & Tasty as some others we have tried, but this Burger definitely had some good flavor to it, one of the better ones they had all tried.
The Fries were good, the Beef Philly was good, & all Loved The Jumbo Garlic Wings.
This place is a very small spot, located in Oakley in Cincinnati, on a good day & time, it's hard to find a place to sit, as it's a Local favorite, it's changed owners a couple of times that we know of, & been here for many years, the place was nice & clean looking, & the service was nice & friendly & good.
The Favorite items for everyone were the Wings & Slaw, they rated them both a 9, as good as any they have had anywhere in town.
Now for my review, since I got mine as a carry out another day, I ordered The Burger with Provolone & Fries & Slaw, Medium Well.
It was clearly Hand-made to order & cooked perfect, it looked delicious, the Slaw was excellent & fries very good, I liked the Fries & these were as good as any I've had.
The Burger itself, well I don't know why mine differed so drastically from the review of the group, but my Burger, even though it looked great, tasted very bad, it just was not good at all, I would give mine a much later rating than the group, maybe a different Cook, maybe a bad batch of meat, who knows.

Final Thoughts: The Groups food was all very good & my to go Burger, not so good, mine was on par with a pre-packaged frozen burger, the Group would recommend the Philly, the Wings & Slaw & Fries & Burgers, I will have to go back as soon as I can, & give it another shot.

Final Rating: 8.0* from the group, 5.5* on my to go Burger, so maybe you might experience a Burger in that range, from 5.5 to 8, we all talked it over & decided that my visit at least for now, was a fluke Burger & to go with the group rating & not even to try & average it out, so until I return & try mine again, it's an 8.0*

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