Friday, October 25, 2013

Augusta General Store

Our 23rd Review
Official Review #23

Our Trip to The Augusta General Store was a Brunch visit, you can order anything on the Menu, anytime.
Only 2 of us made this trip & review, the other's will try & add to this review at another time.

On the outside, it's a Beautiful old building, that is decorated very well, as you can see from a couple of the Photos below & by going to their Facebook page, inside, you get the feeling of an old time General Store, they sell many different items, & also have things downstairs for sale, there are several tables & chairs to sit, & bar stools where you can sit at an ole time Ice Cream Counter.

The Chef today is also the Manager, & she bakes fresh Pies & serves Fried Chicken Dinners for Lunch & Dinner, they have many items to choose from.

But of course, I am out for the Burgers, so I ordered a Hamburger Deluxe: $3.49 & my Wife ordered Biscuits & Gravy with Sausage, the waitress was very nice, & our food did not take long to arrive.

I was surprised at how big my Burger was, it had fresh, bright lettuce, tomato, onion & Pickles & Mayo, I did not get my Burger, made to order, so it looked like it was well-done, the bun was very big, the 1st bite, it was very good, excellent flavor in the meat, it was cooked just right, definitely had a Hand-made look to it.
after getting several bites in, the Bun started to fall apart, and for those of you, that have followed our Blog & read our other reviews, you know, I hate a Bun that can't stand up & hold together, actually out of all 23 reviews, this is only the 2nd one that this has happened with.
The Bun also, had a very plain taste to it, it definitely did not add anything to the very good flavor of the meat & fresh items on it, I also like the taste of the mayo.
By the time I was halfway done, my top Bun was in 3 or 4 pieces & the bottom also began to fall apart in my hands, & by the time I was down to my last few bites, I was picking up pieces of the bun to hold the whole thing together, the meat was a pretty good sized piece, not real thick, but almost just right for a good burger, but the Bun, definitely takes it down in the ratings, I would love to see a much better bun, & toasted, to with this nice Burger, it would for sure, raise it's rating in my book, no one wants their Bun falling to pieces as your eating it, please get a better quality bun, & if you have to pay a little more for the bun, raise your Burger a nickle or dime or whatever to get that better quality & raise the taste of your Burger, it's very good.

The Biscuits & Gravy & Sausage were also very good, & good coffee.

Again, nice friendly service, & a very nice atmosphere to the place to enjoy your meal in, a great spot for Tourists to visit, & for Locals to meet friends & family, & have a meal.

Final Thoughts: Would I eat this Burger again, yes, even with the falling apart, low quality bun, I would, the meat & everything, was that good, but a better Bun, would bring me back more often, I hate to compare places to eat in the same town, but tryout the Bravo Cafe's Bun on their Burger, it's awesome, General Stores meat tasted better, so with a good bun, like that, it would soar in the ratings.

Final Rating: 7.0* (Try it - Above average/Good to Very Good)
Again, get a better quality bun, to boost this quality Burger.

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Biscuits & Gravy

This is the Ribeye Sandwich, forgot to get a pic of my Burger, but it's the same bun & looks like the Hamburger, minus the cheese & Fries.

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