Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Our 20th Review
Official Review #20

2515 Wilson Ave. Highland Heights, KY 41076


Update for this review, we tried Smash again, and this time it was much better, we raised our rating from a 5 to a 6.5* .
Below is the old review, the new one, all we need to add is, that it's basically the same burger but it tasted much better on this trip on all 3 of our burgers, so that's why the higher rating.
We tried out the Smash for Lunch, myself, Brandy & Sue, we went to the location on Alexandria Pike, it's in Highland Heights, just as you enter or come off the Hwy exit towards Alexandria & Cold Springs.
My Wife & I had the CLASSIC SMASH: $6.99 Large & Brandy had a BACON CHEESEURGER: $5.99 small, Her Bacon Cheeseburger had, Applewood-smoked bacon, American cheese, yellow mustard, ketchup, pickles and onion on an egg bun.  but it came with Cheese, I did not see it on the Menu that it came with for the Classic, so that was my fault, for not paying more attention as neither of us wanted cheese, and as it turned out, both my Wife & I, did not like the Cheese, it tasted Generic and took away from the flavor of our Burgers, our Classic Smash, came with, American cheese, Smash Sauce, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion on an egg bun.
We all 3 ordered, FRENCH FRIES: $1.99.
Upon the 1st few bites, we all thought, wow, this is a pretty good tasting Burger, but the more we got into it, it did not leave a good taste with us, & the cheese just got worse, Brandy liked the Bacon on her's & thought it added a nice Flavor to it.
We all liked the egg Bun, it was toasted & tasted good & was very solid & held together well.
Here is Smash Burgers Nutritional Statement on their web site about their food & Burgers, we use only the best quality ingredients to create our delicious menu. From fresh, never-frozen 100% Angus beef and artisan buns to fine cheeses and specialty sauces, we’re passionate about making great tasting food.
The Meat itself on our Large Burgers was huge, not real thick but large & hanging over the edges of the bun, we did not care for that either, it was also cooked well done, which I think takes away some of the flavor & you could tell, I did not detect any spices at all, I had to add salt & pepper just to help it a bit.
The Pickles on the Burgers were all very good, & the Quality on the lettuce & other items were also good, we all enjoyed the huge order of fries & finished them all off.
You place your order at the register when you come in, they give you a number to take to your table & then bring you, your order & you can get your own pop & refills.
After leaving the Burgers left a bad after taste for 2 of us, & we did not care for it, & that just helped us lower our rating for the Burger.

Final Thoughts: A good solid Burger if you need a quick lunch or bite to eat, the Fries, I would get anytime & would like to try their Rosemary Fries upon another visit, but I would not get the Burgers again, I would try a Chicken sandwich next time, again, good for workers for a quick lunch, but, nothing I would go out of my way for again.

Final Review: 5.0* (Average/Not bad - Nothing Special)
Very Good Fries.

Next Tasty Review: Roney's formerly Roy Rogers, they still serve the same exact food from Roy Rogers, they are just on their own now.

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