Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Corner Cafe

Our 3rd Review
Official Review #3

Corner Cafe

                          214 Hamilton Ave, Augusta, Kentucky 41002-1144


The Old owner passed away at least 2 years or so ago, and the new owner apparently has changed everything, the older ladies that did the cooking are no longer there, he also does not seem to be purchasing his Beef from the same seller, & I heard their old Grill in the Kitchen possibly caught fire and they had to get a new one, these were all keys to the previous owner having the such a Highly Rated Burger, upon my last 3 visits, their Burger definitely has changed and not for the better, it's gone from a Great Burger & the best in the area, down to just a good, Plain Burger, it's much thicker, but taste wise not as good, so I am lowering it's ranking on this list and lowering its overall rating.

Corner Cafe is Located in Augusta, Kentucky, a Beautiful scenic little town about 50 mins or so from Cincinnati, Ohio, along the Ohio River, you can take the AA Hwy. to route 19, or turn onto route 8 down by the River up in Cold Springs & drive a real scenic route, or take route 52 in Ohio, all the way down to the Augusta Ferry & for $5 to cross, you come & go 2 different way's home & 2 separate beautiful scenic routes.

It's located over by the Large Manufacturing plant in town, Clopay, by the railroad tracks, my 1st visit here, nearly 4 years ago, my Wife told me, it's not much to look at, so don't let that fool you, it's the best food in town & the whole area, & she was right, 1st appearance, the looks would fool you into thinking it's not a great place to eat, as it's located in an old building, but it's clean, & nice people work it & own & run it.

They have a Bar & a Pool table, we usually sit at a table for 4 or 6 right next to the bar, it's friendly people, and they have 2 small Tv's to keep you busy.

Now for the Food, The Burger, One of us gets the Bacon Double Cheeseburger, I like the Plain Hamburger, my Wife likes the Hunter Melt, everyone else gets a Plain Burger.
It's a Hand-made, piece of beef, it's a fairly good-sized piece of meat, depends sometimes on who is doing the cooking in the kitchen as to the exact size of the burger overall, but it's always good, just better on some night than others & still the Best Burger in town.

The Meat was very good, the bacon nice & crisp & tasty on my Bacon Burger, each one is a different size, which shows, they make them fresh & Hand-Made themselves, they get the meat Locally, it also comes with a very solid bun, as you know by now if you've read my other reviews, you need a good bun with a good burger, many places the bun fall's apart, but not here, this is a good quality bun.

I would rate it as one of the top 10 Burgers I've ever tried, in the entire area, plain, simple & delicious, and that's the key, nothing fancy, just cooked on an old Grill & the taste is just fantastic, everyone loved their Burger, no complaints all the way around, the Lettuce, Tomato & Onion that some got on their's, was fresh & good & complimented their meal, my Wife, loves the Hunter Melt, she orders it without the sauce on it, it looks like the same Burger Patty as everyone else, but it's made on Sandwich Bread & then cooked on the Grill, therefore, a Patty Melt, she loves it, same good piece of meat that's on the regular Burgers so you can't go wrong with it, the fries that you can order for $1 are very Good.
I will leave out the Prices on the Sandwiches, because they are the best in the area & very well worth it, for the delicious food you get,.

They also have excellent Cheese Sticks, a very Good Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, on a good night, Excellent Bean Soup & Chili, but always good,all at a reasonable price, the only thing I've had & don't care for on the Menu, is the Fish Sandwich, 3 of us have tried it, & didn't like it.

So on your 1st trip here, find a table, sit down & enjoy a great Burger & friendly people, get a Burger & fries, & Cheese Sticks, they have daily Lunch specials for a complete meal, I have yet to try one, but I'm sure it's good, I think they are now also serving breakfast, will have to try that soon.

Final Thoughts: We all agree, this one belongs in the top 10 Best Burgers we've ever had, again, simple & plain, works best. UPDATE: Definitely no longer top 10 Burger, still a fairly good Burger, but nowhere near the same as it use to be.

Final Rating:  6.5*  (Try it-above Avg/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review: Toot's in Loveland, Ohio - Toot's at this Location has closed as the owners here have had the Business a very long time, I heard they retired without selling it.


  1. Your doin an awesome job, keep up the good work!

  2. Best Burger in Bracken County, everything I've had there is good food, but the Burger is the best.


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