Friday, October 4, 2013

Bravo Cafe

Our 7th Review
Official Review #7

121 Main Street, Augusta, Kentucky 41002

(606) 756-2727

This Business has closed permanently and 

has no plans to re-open.

 Bravo Cafe is Located in the middle of Downtown Augusta, Kentucky, an old Historical town about 50 mins or so from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, on the Ohio River.
It's a very nice place to eat & enjoy conversation with friends, they also have a nice live band on some nights, & nice outdoor seating in back.
I of course had the Plain Burger $4.95  it came with chips, a good pickle, a slice of melon & grape, we also ordered the special of the day, BBQ Pork, it came with Chips, Cole Slaw & Melon, a Grape & a Pickle.
The only thing I did not like to start things out, was, they did not ask how I wanted my Burger cooked, it came well done, which I've learned over the years, that takes a bunch of the flavor out of the meat, so now I go with Medium to Medium Well, but I think places should ask you how you want your Burger, or Steak cooked, anyway, the meat was still very good, well done, & looked Hand-Made, so I imagine, I would rate it much higher, if it had been cooked to order, & was able to hold more flavor in, but still a good solid piece of meat.
The Bun was Very Good, a nice solid Toasted Bun, not like a few places we have gone recently, where the Buns fall apart as you eat, a good Bun, really helps out a Good Burger.
The BBQ Pork was very good, also came with a nice Toasted Bun, and the Cole Slaw, we all agree, was one of the Best Slaw's we've ever had, we will definitely have to try to get the recipe on a return visit for our own use at home, it was good.
The Service was good & nice an friendly, it was nice to sit outside & enjoy the Beautiful day out.

Final Thoughts: One of the better Burgers we've had, we will definitely return & I will get everything on my Burger with a Cheese & at least Medium Well or Medium, & definitely will get a side order of the Delicious Cole Slaw, & then we will also try out another item we have not had on the Menu.

Final Rating: 7.5* (Try it out-above Average/Good to Very Good)
Cole Slaw: 9.5*

Next Tasty Review: Not sure yet, still debating on the Location! 


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