Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carota's Pizza

Our 42nd Review & 2nd of 2014
Official Review #42

115 Main Street Augusta, KY 41002


We Love their Baked Carota Sandwiches with Ham & Swiss cheese, & like their Pizza, & Steak Hoagies, so when I saw Burgers on the Menu, I had to try them out, I don't expect great Burgers at Pizza places, but I still try a Burger anywhere I find one.

Mine came with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Mayo, I could not tell 100% if this was a Frozen Patty or real Beef, it was a good Burger, it was a mishaped piece of meat, & tasted good, so I'm not sure & I just didnt feel like asking, LOL, so I still don't know.

Either way, it was good, not great, not awesome, but for a Pizza Joint, it was a surprisingly good Burger, there are 4 places in town that serve great Burgers if your out just for that, but if your here with friends & want a burger, it's good.

I suggest never to order just a plain salad, I did, & it came on a regular sized plate, with barely a handful of lettuce scattered on the plate, it might have had something else mixed in, but I was so shocked, how little & just plain crappy this salad was, it was less than $3 I forget the exact price, but it was not much, it was barely worth two bucks, if that, I doubt I would have paid a $1.50 if I had seen it ahead of time, so forget the salads here, if this one was any indication of what they do here.

Price is good, & service can be very slow at times if they are even slightly busy, they usually have 1 waitress & she can't handle it all at times, the place looks clean, & it's located on Main Street in Augusta, Ky.

Final Thoughts: Good Burger, try it out if your here, but again, I like 4 other Burgers better in town, but that does not take anything away from this one, but I go here for the Baked Carota & Pizza anyway.

Final Review: 6.5* (Try it-above avg/Good to VG)

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cadillac Cafe

Our 41st Review
Official Review #41

UPDATE! This one has gone out of business, the food was not too bad, but the cleanliness of the Cooks and Waitresses, were awful, GLAD IT's GONE!

735 US Highway 68MaysvilleKY 41056


This is our 1st review of 2014, we completed 40 reviews in 2013 & we hope to do another 40, if not more in the coming year.

We had passed this new Cafe several times, before we decided to give it a try, it's good looking, old timey Cafe & very clean on the inside, the Waitress was very nice, but the Cook was talking on his Cell phone as he cooked our Burgers, & he also did not wear any gloves of any kind, so due to these 2 facts, we decided we will not ever return to this place to eat again, as Cell phones are known to carry many germs & bacteria.

We did not think much about this at the time or we decided later, we would have canceled our food order & left without trying the food, this is no way for any place that serves food to allow it's employees to act, it's the same as if they used the restroom & did not wash.

So on to the review, which to us does not really matter, because we can't recommend this place due to the unhealthy actions of the cook.

We all ordered the plain Burger, which came with Lettuce, tomato & onion, and all with Fries.
Fries were good, & the Burger was not a frozen patty, & we ordered them medium well done, the Burgers tasted good, but we could have done as well or better on our own grill's.

That's about it for this review, since due to the cook's actions while preparing our Burgers, we will never return here again to eat & can't recommend this place to anyone else, as they are lucky that patrons were not made to get sick due to these unhealthy actions.

A note to the owners & hopefully the cook that afternoon was not an owner, either teach this person how to properly prepare food & wear the proper gloves & to never, ever touch a Cell phone and cook food, without washing your hands, look it up on the net, how filthy cell phones are, they are up there with Computer Keyboards & other items.

Final Thoughts: I would have fired the Cook on the spot if it was my place of business.
Just an Update to this review, someone left us a comment saying we were nuts & wrong about the cook, that they have seen different, well all I can say is, whomever you are that left that comment, you were not there the 1 day we were there & I saw the Cook, flipping burgers with no gloves on & a flipper in 1 hand & his Cell held up to his ear in the other hand, so please do not dispute something when you were not there to see it, I have no reason to lie or exaggerate, I only comment as I see it, & after seeing that disgusting unhealthy, germ spreading way of Cooking, I will never take the Chance to eat here again, you of course may continue to do so, because if the cook was so careless that day, then it's clear to me, it is most likely not his only neglect in being clean while cooking, so please by all means, continue to eat here, & anyway, Delites & Hutchison's Grocery barely 5 minutes or so away, have Burgers that are twice as good anyway, so I would go to either before I would eat this Burger again any how, so Healthy or unhealthy cooking standards aside, their are much better burgers around town & other closer areas.
And if this was the only time out of everytime this cook has cooked a meal here, it's 1 too many for me that he held his Cell phone to his ear while cooking my Burgers, & all Cooks by Health & Cleanliness standards, should cook with some type of gloves on.
So I will excuse your comment about us being nuts about our review, I saw what I saw & that changes nothing in my mind, personally, that was absolutely dangerous for anyone to cook like that, you could cause germs or anything to spread to the food & make anyone sick from it, so luckily none in our party got sick from this trip, but please enjoy your burgers here, just keep & eye on how the cook uses his hands & what's in them, & if they use no gloves, you better wonder what he has touched before he handled your food, because read online & look it up, a Computer Keyboard & a Cell phone are 2 of the very top Germ spreader you can find anywhere.

Final Review: We will rate the Burgers a 5.5 here, maybe we were biased by the cooks unhealthy cooking, but no matter, it would not have rated much higher, just a good, plain, simple burger, there are much better in Maysville & not far away.

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