Monday, September 30, 2013

Gabby's Cafe

Our 1st Review: 
Official Review #1

515 Wyoming Avenue
Wyoming, Ohio Part of Cincinnati, Ohio 45215


This Review Needs to be updated, it's been at least 2-3 yrs. since I've been there.

Gabby's, is Located, in Beautiful Downtown Wyoming, Ohio, a wonderful old Village, that has some of the most Beautiful Homes in the City.
They have a varied Menu, Offering Great Burgers, Pizza, Appetizers, & also Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner Menus.
They also have a nice little bar area, in another room.
We found this location, based on a review by the old Cincinnati Burger Guys Blog

We started out our Meal with a Couple of Appetizers, 
1. Loaded Potato Skins       $8.50
2. Chicken Quesadilla         $9.00
Both of these appetizers, were very good, at least as good, or better than any we have had at any other location, I would recommend them & have them anytime.

Now for the Main course & Reason for our trip.

We all ordered the Certified Angus Beef Burger $9.25
this Burger, includes these toppings, (sautéed onions, mushrooms, & crisp bacon); your choice of Saratoga chips, very good, (with BBQ dipping sauce), fries, also very good, or  cole slaw; a good slaw, & one of,  7 different kinds of cheese, they come with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and mayo (on the side), the Chef does an excellent job on presentation for this Burger, it looks like a great burger, colorful & well done. on a toasted Kaiser bun, that will not fall apart. 
I chose  Provolone, with Fries, the Fries are extremely good tasting, everyone on the team agreed on that also.
We all loved the Kaiser Bun, as many places, serves a bun, that sometimes fall's apart while eating your burger, this is one huge burger, you must use both hands for sure, it's a 1/2 pound of Char-grilled meat, that you savor every single bite, starting with your 1st one, I absolutely love this Burger, it's always been my favorite since I made my first visit here, years ago, & still is, we all agree, that we loved the Char-grilled taste, & the overall flavor of the Burger, they were made to order from Medium to my Medium well, to Well Done, I use to go with Well Done on all Burgers, but have learned, that you get much more flavor from the meat, with at least a Medium or Medium Well, piece of meat, everyone liked their choices of cheese, I also like their Mayo on it, but everyone on the team agrees, that this Burger, could stand on its own, without the dressing's & cheese & Mayo, & just go with the meat & bun, but we all enjoy the overall taste of everything on it, as it's all fresh & the Angus Beef appeared to be Hand-Made.

Final Thoughts: So far, the entire team agreed, this is the Best Burger in the entire Cincinnati & N. Ky., area, it was a unanimous vote, but it's our 1st & only official review, we have many more to go, so follow along as we start our long & tasty journey in the Tradition & memory of the Cincinnati Burger Guys.
Highly Recommend that everyone take the time to try this Burger, & this great little Gem of a Restaurant to eat at, we've had Family Birthday parties for Adults, & Kids here, & it's always a nice experience.

Final Rating:  9.5*  (Exceptional) This rating is 2-3 yrs. old, so it's on hold until I can updated it.

Next Tasty Review: Joshua's on the River (This one is a Vacation review, from our, Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Trip)
(Joshua's has gone out of Business, due to a terrible Location they had)

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  1. I agree with this review, this Burger is awesome and the best in the city.


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