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Monday, September 30, 2013

Gabby's Cafe

Our 1st Review: 
Official Review #1

515 Wyoming Avenue
Wyoming, Ohio Part of Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

This Review Needs to be updated, it's been at least 2-3 yrs. since I've been there, but for Burger Week this week in Cincinnati, they offered a $5 Burger that many other's complained was very small, something their burgers were not in the past, they were nice big burgers, also the reviews on them were not that good overall, and from reading other reviews online, it appears something has changed here, so for now I am removing them from my #1 Spot down to at least 8th or 9th until I return to give them a full review myself.

Gabby's, is Located, in Beautiful Downtown Wyoming, Ohio, a wonderful old Village, that has some of the most Beautiful Homes in the City.
They have a varied Menu, Offering Great Burgers, Pizza, Appetizers, & also Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner Menus.
They also have a nice little bar area, in another room.
We found this location, based on a review by the old Cincinnati Burger Guys Blog

We started out our Meal with a Couple of Appetizers, 
1. Loaded Potato Skins       $8.50
2. Chicken Quesadilla         $9.00
Both of these appetizers, were very good, at least as good, or better than any we have had at any other location, I would recommend them & have them anytime.

Now for the Main course & Reason for our trip.

We all ordered the,  Certified Angus Beef Burger $9.25
this Burger, includes these toppings, (sautéed onions, mushrooms, & crisp bacon); your choice of Saratoga chips, very good, (with BBQ dipping sauce), fries, also very good, or  cole slaw; a good slaw, & one of,  7 different cheeses, they come with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and mayo (on the side), the Chef does an excellent job on presentation for this Burger, it looks like a great burger, colorful & well done. on a toasted Kaiser bun, that will not fall apart. 
I chose  Provolone, with Fries, the Fries are extremely good tasting, everyone on the team agreed on that also.
We all loved the Kaiser Bun, as many places, serves a bun, that sometimes fall's apart while eating your burger, this is one huge burger, you must use both hands for sure, it's a 1/2 pound of Char-grilled meat, that you savor every single bite, starting with your 1st one, I absolutely love this Burger, it's always been my favorite since I made my first visit here, years ago, & still is, we all agree, that we loved the Char-grilled taste, & the overall flavor of the Burger, they were made to order from Medium to my Medium well, to Well Done, I use to go with Well Done on all Burgers, but have learned, that you get much more flavor from the meat, with at least a Medium or Medium Well, piece of meat, everyone liked their choices of cheese, I also like their Mayo on it, but everyone on the team agrees, that this Burger, could stand on it's own, without the dressing's & cheese & Mayo, & just go with the meat & bun, but we all enjoy the overall taste of everything on it, as it's all fresh & the Angus Beef appeared to be Hand-Made.

Final Thoughts: So far, the entire team agreed, this is the Best Burger in the entire Cincinnati & N. Ky., area, it was a unanimous vote, but it's our 1st & only official review, we have many more to go, so follow along as we start our long & tasty journey in the Tradition & memory of the Cincinnati Burger Guys.
Highly Recommend that everyone take the time to try this Burger, & this great little Gem of a Restaurant to eat at, we've had Family Birthday parties for Adults, & Kids here, & it's always a nice experience.

Final Rating:  9.5*  (Exceptional) This rating is 2-3 yrs. old, so it's onhold until I can updated it.

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