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Joshua's On The River

        Our 2nd Review: 
         Official Review #2

Joshua's has just recently closed their doors for good, we think it was due to their remote location, away from the main tourist areas in Pigeon Forge, if they were to ever find a better place, closer to town, their food & service were so good, they would be one of the most popular places to eat in the entire area, very sorry to see you all go, hope you can re-open closer to town, we would help promote your awesome Burgers & other Food again.

         This is a Vacation Trip review!

Joshua's On The River

2004 Red Bank Road, Sevierville, Tennessee 37876


Joshua's is Located about 7 mins from Dollywood, you drive right past it to get there, at least from our Cabin that's how we went.
We found this place on Tripadvisor, it had a 5-star overall rating, so we tried it out for & early Dinner.

It is located on the end of a small plaza of offices or businesses, it almost does not appear to be a Restaurant, no cars were in the lot, we walked in & were all amazed, how clean & new looking the Decor was, & how great it looked, they have only been open a few months, we found out later.
I ordered Cheeseburger with Fries & Provolone Cheese, $6.49 with Lettuce, Tomato & Onion, with Mayo on the side, Medium Well.
Brandy was the only one that did not make this trip with us, the other's ordered, Rib Eye Steak Dinner & The Cheese Steak Sandwich, my Wife ordered the Sirloin Steak, we also got the Queso & Chips to start with.
Everyone agreed, that the Queso was at least tied with the Best we have ever had, we all 4, ate it as fast as we could get it down, LOL.
My Burger was Amazing, the closest thing to it in taste, I've ever had previously was, at a Place near Milford Ohio, that the Cincinnati Burger Guys had rated as their Best Burger Ever, this location changed management & no longer has that awesome Burger, anyway, that was the next best one, I've ever had, until now.
This Burger is now my & our Team's new #1 BEST BURGER EVER, it was a large made to order piece of meat, Char-Grilled & every bite was so tasty & fantastic, I hate to describe food, in such a way, as when I read that myself in reviews, I always roll my eyes, but after eating this Burger, it's the only way to describe it.
Michael said his Ribeye, was as good as any he has had in his Travels all over the Country, even in Cow Country in the West & Midwest, my Wife said her Sirloin Steak, was as good or better than any she has eaten anywhere, the Fries, & we all agreed on this, were the Best, fresh Hand-Cut fries anywhere, the previous day, we had tried a German place in Pigeon Forge, Called Poynor's Pommes Frites, I think is the correct name, touting & reviewed as, the Best fries around, well, yes they were, at least until we tried Joshua's Fries, these were better, if he had the Garlic Dip, that Poynor's had, it would have made them even Better, Josh, can you come up with a Garlic dip for your fries, LOL, thanks.
The Waitress was awesome & Joshua, the Owner, came around to our Table, after being the Chef for our meal, to ask Patrons how everything was, a very nice touch.

Everyone Tasted My Burger to try it out, this was not going to be an Official Burger tasting visit, but, it turned out that way, & at only $6.49 for a Large Burger & Fries, this was well worth the Trip.

Final Thoughts: The team agreed, this is the Best Burger, we all, have ever had anywhere, it was a unanimous vote, but again, it's only our 2nd official review, we have many more to go, so follow along as we start our long & tasty journey in the Tradition & memory of the Cincinnati Burger Guys.
Joshua, it was great to meet your Father on our 2nd visit there, he is a very nice person & a very proud Dad, we can all tell, it was great to talk to him.

Additions & or Update: We returned the next evening, & more of us ordered & tried the Burgers & still agree, the Best Ever Burger, anywhere so far, we all have ever had, also tried the Onion Rings, also excellent, tried the Chicken Wings with 911 Hot Sauce, the wings were Excellent & meaty & very tasty, the 911 Sauce was an excellent Sauce, we can't wait til our next trip to the area again, as we will eat more meals here & Try more variety of food, & more Burgers & maybe even their Hot Wing Challenge on Wednesday's & some of the other specials they have, this is a great little quiet place to eat, just Awesome! food tucked away in the Mountains near Dollywood in Pigeon Forge.

Final Rating:  10.0*  (The Best) - The very Best Burger we have had anyone, I hate to see it closed & gone for good.

I hated to have to ever, give any Burger, a Perfect 10, but thought, that would be robbing the best Burger we've ever had, of that honor, & this is it, if we ever find a better one, we will rate it a 10.5, until then, this one reigns King & Supreme over all other Burgers.

Next Tasty Review: The Corner Cafe, In Augusta, Kentucky

My Wife ordered the Steak & Baked Potatoe, they were excellent also, one of the best Steaks she has ever had & she is the Steak expert in our group.

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