Monday, December 23, 2013


Our 40th Review
Official Review #40

7453 Wooster Pike Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 in Mariemont
Newport, Kentucky.
They have 3 Total Locations


Update #2  We just made another visit to Flipdaddy's in Newport, Kentucky we tried the Flipdaddy again,  the 1st time was a few years ago, it was much better than the one during Cincinnati Burger week, and much better than our 1st visit years ago, good enough to move it into the 10th spot on our top 10 list.

Update #1  We went here during Cincinnati Burger week 2018, we tried the Beer Cheese Burger, it was very good, we definitely can recommend it & will return here again soon.

We chose Flipdaddy's because of several people recommending them, & after reading a lot of reviews on the place, the reviews seemed to be up & down, a lot of good ones, &  a lot of so-so reviews, so we were in Mariemont & decided to give it a try.
Here is what they claim their burgers are, We have our very own awesome proprietary blend of premium quality cuts of brisket, short rib, and chuck. Years of research, testing and tweaking went into creating this blend. Plus, our beef is never frozen, sourced locally and delivered daily. The result: the ultra-fresh, beefed-up burger you’re about to enjoy. We all ordered the Flipdaddy without the cheese. & we all ordered sides of Mac n cheese.
* The Flipdaddy: $8.99  served with Fries.
The quintessential, classic American burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle. A little retro, but always cool and always delicious. Add cheese if you please for $1.00.
Grilled macaroni and cheese: $3.99 

The Bun was very good, it appeared to be a Brioche Bun, which is our favorite burger bun, & it's the best-looking bun you can find for a burger.
The bun was a bit big & thick for the flatter meat, either beef up the beef, or get a less thick bun to match the meat, it kind of overwhelms the meat flavor too much.
The meat was a fairly good-sized piece & mine was medium well, but we could not tell much difference in the flavor of the well-done burgers & the ones that were not, 1 member of our group even asked if it was a frozen patty, but Flipdaddy's claims it is not, & sticks to the above description.

The meat was slightly overdone on all of our Burgers, it did have the appearance of a Frozen Patty, but it had a pretty good taste to it, not great, not awesome, but good.

The Pickles on it were very good, along with fresh-tasting lettuce, tomato & onion.
The Fries were also good, everyone agreed that this was a pretty good overall tasting Burger, not a top 5, & maybe not even top 10, but still, a Good Burger & everyone said, they would come here to get one again, & maybe try out another type.

We all ordered the Mac n Cheese which is Grilled, they put a pile of Cheddar cheese on the Griddle & Brown it, then throw on the Mac, & Pile more Cheddar on top, then flip it over to brown the other side, we all loved it, & Thought it to be one of the best we've had anywhere, they also put it on a burger for you.

The Place was a very nice looking, newer looking sports bar, with several Tv's to watch, the girl that took our order was very nice, very clean place inside.

Final Thoughts: We would come here again for this Burger, as it was good, even though it's not top 5 & probably won't make our top 10, it's still good, & we recommend you try it, along with a Mac n Cheese, we have so many excellent burgers on our top 10 list, it's not a sin if a burger can't crack the list, that does not mean they are not good burgers though, so try this one out & see for yourself.

Final Rating: 8.7* (Try it out-above Average/Good to Very Good)

Next Tasty Review: Putter's Tavern, Located at, 5723 Signal Hill Drive, Milford, Ohio

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Our 39th Review
Official Review #39

715 Madison Avenue, Covington, Kentucky 41011


This place was recommended to us by many of the readers of our blog, so I checked it out online, & read many reviews on it from several other sources, overall, the reviews were all good, several people claimed it to be the best Burger around or the best they've ever had, so we had to try it out, it's located in the Heart of downtown Covington on Madison Avenue, in the heart of the business district, parking is tough, but worth it, find a spot & go in, the decor is not awesome or great, but who cares, your there to eat.

We went on a Tuesday night, & to our surprise, it was their 2 Burgers for $10 night.
They have 14 different Gourmet Burgers on the Menu, so many to choose from, we ordered a variety, so we could test out as many as possible.
We ordered a Classic: $9.95 is the normal price, with Bacon, Provolone, Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Peppercorn Mayo, I got the WhackBurger: $9.95 is the normal price, with, Bacon, Onion, Jalapeno Peppers, Provolone, & their Secret sauce, the Fried Green Tomato: $9.95 normal price, with, a Fried Green Tomato, Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Bacon & Malt Vinegar Mayo, & the SuperCuban: $9.95 normal price, with, Smoked Ham, Swiss, Provolone, pickles & Spicy Mustard, we all tried out a bite from each burger, before finishing our own off.

Mine was the WhackBurger, the 1st bite of it, was nice & Juicy & fresh tasting, the Jalapenos were popping in my mouth right away, they were very hot, hotter than I would normally like them, but the Burger was so delicious, it didn't matter, overall, my favorite was the Classic, but all were excellent Burgers, & we all agreed, one of the best we have had anywhere, the meat had a Flame-broiled taste to them, like you cooked them at home on an outdoor grill, I love that flavor in my meat, whether, it's steak or burgers.

The Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & all the extras on our Burgers were all fresh tastings & good, the Bun, was also good, it did not fall apart, & had a good taste, the Burgers were also very big, not too thick, but still a good-sized thickness to them, everyone loved their burgers, & everyone else, every bite, made you want more, they were just excellent tasting, with all the juiciness in them, & 1 Burger is a full meal, we did not order Fries or anything else, but the Burger filled us all.

Surprising everyone was all in agreement, that each Burger was awesome.

I can't wait to return & try some other combinations of burgers here,

I have read dozens & dozens of reviews on many other websites about this place, & most were overall good, of course, as with any business, there were some bad reviews & people that just did not like the Burgers here, I have to say, that anyone, that says, these burgers are not good, I would never, ever trust their review or opinion on Burgers again, because even though many claim this is the best burger ever anywhere, we all are in agreement, these are excellent Burgers, either way, whether they are the best or not, you can't deny they are excellent, so people that place bad reviews of these online, are either not Burger eaters or just had an unusually bad experience, because trust us all, you want a good burger, this is one for sure that is at the top of our list.

Final Thoughts: We all agree, one of the best burgers, we've ever tried anywhere, excellent flavor & taste to it, nice flame grilled flavor, with many choices, go on Tuesday's for 2 for $10 night, I can understand how anyone could call this the best burger around, it's right at the top of any burger list

Final Rating: 9.0* (Exceptional-Must try it)

Next Tasty Review: Just going to see where our travels take us into Cincinnati, & N. Kentucky, & pick one of the top locations on our large list.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hoss's Steak & Sea House

Our 38th Review
Official Review #38

This is another out of Town, Vacation Review



This was one of many places we tried while on our 4 day trip here to Gettysburg & area, This is Located just a bit out of the main part of town, I had the Deluxe Cheeseburger & salad bar & my Wife had a Chopped Steak & Salad Bar, I took my burger & Fries home, as I filled up on the bar, they had very good, white chicken chili, The Texas chili was good also, the salad was very good, lot's of choices, & lot's of soups & other items, they had sugar free dessert's that my wife could eat, I did not get to try the soft serve ice cream as the lady re-filling everything, just could not keep up with it all by herself, the Manager needed to see this & address the issue, I had my Burger & fries, late the next day, & it was excellent, fries also were tasty & good, I could not believe that keeping it until the following day, that it would taste so good, now I wish I had tried it out, while it was hot & fresh, this was our last night here, or I would have ate here again, next year, this will be one of our Favorite places to come back for Lunch & Dinner, the prices were also reasonable for everything we had, my Wife really enjoyed the Chopped Steak & baked potato, we both would eat here again on our next trip, probably a couple of times, the service was also good, but the Salad Bar lady, needs help, Mr. Manager, next time I will let him know this, but hopefully they will read it here, so don't hesitate to eat here.

Final Thoughts: It seems we have had a hard time finding excellent or even Very good places to eat in Gettysburg, especially Burgers, but this place hit on all cylinders for all the food we had, I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the Gettysburg area, we surely will return & I will do a more in depth Burger review next year & update this review.

Final Review: 8.0* (Try it -above Average/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review: We will choose from our long list of places & pick one of the highest rated Burger places in Cincinnati on our next trip there, before Christmas.

Ernie's Texas Lunch

Our 37th Review
Official Review #37

This is another out of Town, Vacation Review

58 Chambersburg StreetGettysburgPennsylvania 17325-1101


My Wife & I, had Lunch here, while vacationing in Gettysburg Pa. the parking is the worst part, we barely got a spot on the street, as it's located in the middle of the business district, nice looking little place, good service, nice waitress, I got the Deluxe Burger, the Texas Weiner that has chili & Onions & Mustard, & Fries, my Wife got the Bean Soup, & & she also got the Texas dog, the Texas Weiner was very good, the Burger was pretty average, nothing at all to call home about, the taste was plain & flat,  the fries also average, I had read in several other reviews here, that all 3 items were very good & had to be ordered, so I did, but to me, nothing special, the Dog was good, I would go back for it, my Wife's Bean Soup looked great, but tasted about as plain as it could get, she added a good amount of pepper & salt & it helped some, nice little spot to eat Lunch, but I would only go back for the Texas weiner, prices were very good.

Final Thoughts: Only The Texas Weiner was good for us, everything else, was just plain as it could be, the place looks great & if it had a great Burger & Fries, would be an awesome place to eat, but they just did not cut it with the Burger at all, I would never recommend this Burger to anyone, they dress it up, so that you can't taste the bland meat on it.

Final Rating: 2.5* (Don't Bother/Awful) Find another place for a better Burger, although, we have yet to find one in Gettysburg, so if anyone has any suggestions for a great Burger in the area, leave us a message as we love Gettysburg & will return again in the future, next year.

Next Tasty Review: Hoss's Steak&Sea House

Lincoln Diner

Our 36th Review
Official Review #36

32 Carlisle StreetGettysburgPennsylvania 17325-1800


My Wife & I went to Gettysburg Pa. on a 4 day & Night trip, we stayed at a very nice Bed & Breakfast in the middle of town, we could walk to most of the restaurants & other places to see, We were out late 1 night, & this was the only place we could find open, it was 24 hours, it was around 1am or so, all young girls working, including our new waitress being trained, by another young girl, that was obnoxious, an not treating the new trainee very nice, or giving her the best training, another young girl, in street clothes was sitting in a booth in back, & kept going behind the counter getting drinks for herself, & the other girls talked to her alnight, while we were there, & they were very loud.
I got a Deluxe Burger & Fries, can't remember the cost, my Wife, the Chopped Steak Dinner, the steak had way too many spices in it, & the taste of bay leaves on it, was just overwhelming, as I tested out her steak, & I love a lot of spices on my steak, but this one, had way too much, neither of us cared much at all for the steak, my Burger was about as thin a slice as they get, I think they beat Frisch's thin meat back home on a Big Boy, with a thick bun and loaded with lettuce, tomato & onion, so I could not even taste the meat, so I cut some off & ate it with nothing else, and it had no taste at all, very, very plain meat, we would not order either of these items ever again here, I've seen some good reviews on this place, on Tripadvisor, but it's definitely not the chopped steak or burgers, no way, I can't see them getting any better, maybe the day & early evening shifts, may have some more experienced waitresses, but the Manager & or Owner, should make a late night visit on occasion & rein in the young ladies that are not providing the proper atmosphere for any type of nice dining experience for vacationers, I would only recommend this place as a last resort late night meal, if you can't find a Mcdonald's, or something else open late.

Final Thoughts: I will give this place a break since it was after midnight on a weeknight,  it does have a lot of other decent reviews, but it also has just as many bad ones, like our's, so I think the service food, could be hit  miss here, the owners are solely responsible for letting this go on, if it continues, this place will not remain open  lose money  business, the Burger was too thin,  no taste to it, the Bun too big  & thick, & too much lettuce & tomato  things on it.
We plan to return next year to Gettysburg again, but this place will not see our business or our money, it was so bad, I would never give them another chance or recommend it for anyone else.

Final Rating: 2.0 and that's being nice & generous. (Still Would'nt Bother)

Next Tasty Review: Ernie's Texas Lunch in Gettysburg Pa.

No Photos on this one, none are needed, the food is not worth it, so neither are the photos of it.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Five Guys

Our 35th Review
Official Review #35

7668 Mall Road Florence, Kentucky 41042


Update: We have since been back on 2 other occasions, once to this location & 1 visit to the one in Hamilton, Ohio, they were just as good as this original visit & burgers we had, I am moving it up a little in our Rankings.

We had tried out Five Guys, which many people claim was similar to Mad Mike's, so we had to eventually get to this one, with all the signs hanging around the place, claiming Best Burger, Best Fries, & all the good, solid reviews around the net, it was clearly our next choice.

We were out shopping on Black Friday around Lunch Time & stopped at the Five Guys in Florence, it was packed inside, & there were 5 orders ahead of ours, everyone ordered the Hamburger: $5.49 all toppings are free & they have a large list of them to add if you wish to your burger, which their sign says, made with 100% Fresh Beef, No Fillers or Preservatives, & they all come well done, I ordered mine with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & pickles & mayo, everyone else ordered a good variety of toppings, the Bun is a sesame seed bun, which held up very well, which of course, as you know by now, I love a good bun with my burger as much as good beef.

They take a chunk of beef, throw it on the grill, then flatten it out completely, and all burgers come with 2 Patties, similar to a Frisch's Big Boy, but only the meat is much thicker, the ingredients all looked & Tasted fresh, the Burger is absolutely huge, the first bite, tasted very good, delicious was the word some used as we tore into them, one of our 1st observations were, that this is the juiciest, greasiest burger, out of our 34 previous reviews, it took away only slightly from the flavor & overall taste of our sandwiches, but I think  little less greasy & they would be that much better, but still an awesome tasting burger as is, those of you that I've read online, that complain about how greasy they are and don't like them for that reason, I can understand how you feel & why you rate these burgers lower for that reason, but none of let that botherered us, we all loved them & thought each one was very good, with all of our chosen toppings.

The place is very clean, I watched them make our burgers from start to finish, & everyone wears gloves & the place just looked extremely clean, especially for being packed on a day like Black Friday Lunchtime.

We all ordered a regular size, Frie,: $2.99  we got twice or more than that much in fries than we expected for that price, well worth it, & we all agreed that the fries were very good, as good as any other hand-cut fries we had ever had, not maybe the best, but to me, most good solid hand-cut fries, if done right, taste pretty much the same, with only slight variations in flavor, based on what they are fried in, Five Guys uses Peanut oil, which I like.

The prices are reasonable, the food good, the service fast, the place clean.

Final Thoughts: We all agree, we could eat this Burger anytime, not as often as other places, due to the greasiness of the burgers, that's the only drawback, we just could not handle eating them very often, or as much as other burger joints food, Fresh-cut fries were also very good.

Final Rating:   8.5*(Try it-above Average/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review: Not sure yet, going over our long list, that many of our Blog followers have sent to us, & many we have found on our own, from other top 10 lists in Cincinnati & N. Ky. areas.

Really good fries & the best value for your money we've found on fries anywhere.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Buffalo Joe's

Our 34th Review
Official Review #34

100 Front Street New Richmond, Ohio 45157


We found Buffalo Joe's through our Living Social online Coupon membership, they email us, food & other coupon's by email, so since this one was in our area of reviewing, we headed out, & they had Wing's, which we have been wanting to try some good wings for awhile also.

We stopped in around 3pm during the week, & the place at that time of day, was of course empty, it sits right on Front St. with a great view of the River, in the Summer, you can sit outside & have a wonderful view & meal here, it's a nice new, clean looking area to be in.

We ordered, a, Just a Burger: $5.00 it comes with, tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles & mayo, & in the 1/2lb version, you can also get any Burger in 1/4lb., also a, Piggy Back ride: $7.50 I  ordered the 1/4lb. version, which were $2 off the above listed prices, with, ham, american cheese, mayo & garden, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles.

We also added Steak Fries: $1.25  instead of $2.00 by themselves, also others ordered, the Beer Battered Onion Rings: $1.25,  we also added 6 Garlic Parmesan Wings: $6.50 with Celery & Blue Cheese & Ranch Dressing.

The waitresses was very nice, & she also cooked the food, but it was a very slow time of day.
The Burgers are, served up fresh hand pattied, and crispy jumbo wings, is part of their ad on the website, the Burgers, are, 1/2 lb. hand patties, seasoned with salt & pepper, served as stated. add chips $.50 fries or any basic sides $1.25 awesome sides for $1.75.

1/4 lbs. available for $2 less than menu price.

The Burgers overall both the 1/2 & 1/4 pounders are big burgers, definitely Hand-made fresh to order.

The Burgers had a very good taste to them, upon first biting into them, we all knew this would be a good meal, just from looking how good, & fresh the food looked, the Wings were jumbo & Cooked perfect, smothered in Garlic Parmesan, the Steak Fries were huge & so were the Onion Rings, very crispy rings.

All the garden on the Burgers, looked & tasted very fresh, the only thing on that part, we did not like, were the choice of pickles, everyone in the group, prefers, a different type of pickle, these seemed to be of the cheap, variety, they were the only part of the garden part, we didnt like.

Cheese was good, all except the Bun, & again, if you've ready any of our reviews, you know, we, & and especially myself, absolutely believe it's a must, to have a good solid Bun to hold your sandwich together, & a good or great tasting bun really helps.

But this bun, at least appeared to be, of the cheap Generic type, I say this, because, all our Bun's began to tear apart as we ate, the more we ate, the more the buns fell apart, a couple of them, literally were in pieces by the time we were over halfway through our burger, I implore all Burger Places, to invest in a Decent bun, do not buy cheap or Generic, get a good quality bun, try out your own Burgers, test the buns, as they do make a huge difference in the overall taste & quality of any burger, & the best  Burger Bun's we've ever had, is a Delicious Brioche Bun at Delites in Maysville, Kentucky, the absolute best Burger bun anywhere, but any good quality brand of bun would help, over something that fall's to pieces, so that really brought down, this really good hand-made Burger.

The Wing's were awesome, I love Garlic Parmesan wings on bone, the only other place, I've had any as good, were at Willie's Sport's Bar in Covington, Ky.

The Fries & Onion Rings were also very good, the whole meal was great, we all loved it.

I would come back anytime for the Wing's, & Fries & Onion Rings, but if the Bun is the same, I would not order it, but I would love to have a Burger, if they would just please, get better quality buns, it would definitely raise the rating on this good burger, & if you could find a good quality Brioche Bun, try one out on your Burgers, & I think the Owner's would agree, if the Owners of Burger Joes is ever in Old Maysville, try out a delites Burger on a Brioche bun, & get some for your burgers, it will raise the taste to another Level.

Final Thoughts: Very good Burger, just the Bun failed the test, great Wings, fries & Onion Rings.

Final Rating: 7.0* (Try it - Good to Very Good) If they get  good Quality Bun, the rating would definitely go up, if you got a Brioche Bun, you could be top 10 for sure & maybe top 5.

Next Tasty Review: Not sure yet, but we have a full list of Cincinnati & N. Ky. best.
We were so Hungry, we forgot to take photos of the Delicious food.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marathon Diner

Our 33rd Review
Official Review #33

4248 AA Hwy  Maysville, KY, 41056


This little Diner, is Located in a Marathon Gas Station/Mini Truck Stop, on the AA Highway, before you get near Maysville, it's open 24/7, it really has no name for the Diner itself, the only sign up on the Diner part, says Broaster Chicken, which they serve Broaster's but also has their own menu of quite a few items.

We have stopped in here a few times over the years, late at night, but we've only had the Cheese Coney's & Fries, which are very good, for a late night snack.

On this trip, we were looking to review Burgers, so here we go.

Everyone had, either a Deluxe Cheeseburger or Deluxe Hamburger, no prices on this one, they are reasonable & mainly a great late night or Lunch spot, so prices are worth it.

The Burger was a fairly good sized one, but again, the big drawback, it was not Hand-made, it came frozen, out of a Pre-packaged box, which means, from my experience, that completely limits the flavor of such a burger, nowhere near as good as Fresh Ground, Ground Beef, from a Butcher, thrown on the grill, & Hand-made to order, but this one really surprised us.

This Burger, was actually pretty darn good for a Frozen Patty, it tied Cincy Burger, in Cincinnati, as the best Pre-Packaged Patty, we've ever had, everyone was in unanimous agreement on this one, it's a Gas Station, that has a Massage Parlor on the other end of the building, & it's a place for Truckers, it has showers, & all the accomadations, truckers look for on the road, it's a quick stop store, for snacks, pop & things, and a decent little Diner on the other end.

Service varies, we've always stopped in late at night, so I guess, you get what you pay for in service & help at that hour of the night, we stopped by 1 Thursday after Thanksgiving and going to Walmart & Maysville after 11pm for their early sales, & it was open, but they did not expect the rush of people, so most of their food choices, had been locked away by the Manager, that's what the cook said, so we had a very limited menu to choose from, & she was not at all friendly or happy to see so many customers on Thanksgiving, another visit, we actually got a friendly person to wait on us.

You order at the Counter, either from the Broaster Chicken Menu up on the wall or their own menu on the counter, they will bring it to you when it's done to your table, we always walk over & get us a Pop or Drink out of the coolers in the store & pay for them there & Then return to our tables for our food.

Fries were pretty good, & again, tied for the best Pre-Packaged, Frozen Burger we've had,
for a late night meal or Lunch, this definitely a good place to go for the Burger & Fries, or  Coney & Fries, or if you like Broaster's Chicken.

Not much else to say about this one.

Final Thoughts: Late night Snack or Lunch

Final Rating: 6.5*(Try it - Above average/Good to Very Good)

Next Tasty Review: Will be Tuesday the 19th as we travel to Cincinnati for a Dr. appt. we plan to hit, some top rated Burger establishment, based on some rankings in Cincinnati Burger review sites, just not sure which one it will be yet.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hutchison's Grocery

I am very sad to report that recently this past Summer, the sweet Lovely owner of this historic location, passed away, her store was sold at auction and actually purchased by her Son, but I have heard he does not plan to re-open it as a store or serve food, so we've lost The Best Burger I've ever tasted as far as just the Meat is concerned and top 3 on my List for years, our Condolences to the Family and the Owner and her Place and her kindness and service she gave to others will never be Forgotten, I will keep you in your Spot on the list.

Our 32nd Review
Official Review #32

Hutchison's Grocery
No Website or Facebook Page!

1201 E. 2nd Street, Maysville, Kentucky 41056


While in Maysville on this trip, I had heard about this Grocery on a Bulletin Board from Maysville, where many said, this was the Best Burger in Maysville.

So, we had just come from another review at Delites, not far away, & we stopped here.
It's located way down on the far East end of 2nd street, with the same Mountain Dew sign that Delites has out front, it's located on the Left as you come from Maysville.
It's been in the same location since 1850, we talked to the Owner & Operator & Cook, Nora 'Cissy' Lester

She was a delight to talk to, we all went in & waited on our Burger, we also each got a Country Ham Sandwich, this place reminded me of the old timey Grocery store, my parents use to take me to when we lived in Newport Kentucky when I was a kid.

The Owner said she sends her Country Hams all over the Country, that people order them from everywhere.

Ok, let's get to the good stuff, We had just tried Delites a short time earlier, which we ended up rating a 9.1* in 2nd place on our top 10 Burgers list, so we were not expecting this one to match it, well, let me tell you, were we shocked & surprised, just 1 bite into this huge Burger, with Lettuce, tomato & onion, we all knew, this one was just as good as the one we just had at the other place, & could not believe we had found 2 Awesome, & Delicious Burgers just a few minutes from each other.

This Burger, was Big, thick & Juicy Delicious, we all agreed, this was the absolutely best tasting meat, of any Burger, we've ever had anywhere, in the entire area.

We all, also enjoyed the Country Ham Sandwiches.

Final Thoughts: Again, another short, quick, review, why, because it's so simple to do this one, nothing to write, except, go here & get one, you must try it out, it's absolutely an awesome Burger, I don't know what if any seasoning's she ads to it, but the Flavor was just outstanding, I can't say enough about the Meat's flavor.
Don't let the outside looks of this place fool you, the Owner is nice & friendly & the Burger Fantastic.

Final Rating: 9.1* (Exceptional-Must Try it) We rated this one the same as the Delites Burger, because, this one had the better tasting meat, but the other one, had the Bricohe Bun that was so much better, so overall, both come out a tie for our 2nd Best Burgers, we've had from, Cincinnati, Ohio, to Maysville & everywhere in between to date, that we've tried & plan to try more.
I will be back here again soon.


Our 31st Review
Official Review #31

222 Market St, Maysville, Kentucky 41056


UPDATE!  We returned Saturday August 3rd 2019 for the 1st time in 4 years to see if they still had the same awesome burger, and the answer was YES!

3 very nice ladies were working that night, and the cooks suggested the Mushroom swiss burger, but I ordered a more classic one with lettuck tomato and mayo, it was excellent, but I wanted more, so I took her suggestion and got the Mushroom swiss, it was even better, just an awesome burger, and thank you for the 3 very nice ladies working that night and for the suggestion, it has retained it's #3 spot on our list.

Definitely get to Maysville, Kentucky and try this place out, usually they close by 4pm most days, but give them a call if your going, they happen to be open until 8pm on this Saturday night trip. 

This was our first visit to Delites, which is just down the street from Margies Southern Cafe, which we have visited many times & reviewed previously, it's located in Old Downtown Maysville.

Upon entering this Cafe, I noticed several awards in the front window for them having the Best Burgers around.

We ordered 2 Hamburgers: $4.50 w/Lettuce, Tomato & Onion, they were served on a Brioche Bun, here is a detailed description of this bun, as I've never had one before, it's a, pastry of French origin that is akin to a highly enriched bread, and whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb. It is "light and slightly puffy, more or less fine, according to the proportion of butter and eggs"[1] It has a dark, golden, and flaky crust, frequently accentuated by an egg wash applied after proofing, hope that helps.

Anyway, the Burger was pretty Big, & worth the price, the Burger was excellent, the Bun, even Better, LOL, the Bun helps it, get a half star better rating, the lettuce & Tomato & onion, were fresh & very good.

I the grill is located right by the Front window & the cook is right behind the counter & can look out onto Market Street & you see in & watch him cook from the sidewalk.

So I got to talk to the Cook & watch him make the Burgers, it was definitely Hand-made Fresh & it tasted like it, there were 3 of us on this trip & although we got them to go, we dug in right away, as soon as we got going, the Cook was extremely nice to talk to, I asked him several questions about the Burgers & the place, & the owners of Delites, also owns the Bar next door, the waitress, was also very nice, while we waited.

It looks like a nice clean, friendly place to eat, with good people running it.

Final Thoughts: I will make this whole review, short, quick & easy, This was a Unanimous Vote, this is one of the Very Best Burgers we have ever had anywhere, & Definitely the Best Bun, I wish every Burger, we've ever tried anywhere, had this Brioche Bun, I surely will look for this Bun for my own Burgers at home.
Top 10, Yes, Top 5, for sure, Depending on your own Personal Preferences, our's included, this just about the Best Burger, you could find anywhere, from Cincinnati to Maysville, & there are a ton of great Burgers in there, But this one ties for the #2 Spot on our list, just Barely Behind Gabby's In Cincinnati, & even though it's rated a 9.0 Star, same as Zola's in Covington, I give it a slight edge, due to the Bun, over Zola's, so lets say a 9.1, LOL.

Final Rating:  9.1* (Exceptional-Must Try it)

Next Tasty Review:  Hutchinson's Grocery, Located also in Old Maysville, Kentucky.

The Big one here, is called the Zeus, I may try it out, on my next trip, LOL.

Cincy Burger

Our 30th Review
Official Review #30

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7133 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 Located in Silverton


I stopped here by accident on this trip, I have lived in this area my entire life, & then retired to Kentucky, so it's been awhile since I had been by this particular spot, & it had always been a Chinese Restuaurant, most of the years, I've lived there, & as we drove by, I saw the sign said, Cincy Burger, so since we were out on Halloween Burger hunt,  I went in to get a Menu & planned to stop back another time, they were closing in a few minutes & the owner, said he could make a burger before they closed, so I ordered one, a good sized burger, with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on it.
The burger was pretty good, the Bun held together good, as you know by now, I must have a bun, that does not fall apart, & many places we go, that happens, but this bun held it's own, the meat is a thinner piece, that had good flavor to it, not a thick burger, but good, for the money, it's definitely worth having a thinner piece of meat on this one, it works good on this burger.
The Owner, at least I think he was the owner, I did not ask, was very nice & friendly & concerned about his business, & Customers, the lady at the front register, was in town to help promote the business to help out, she was extremely nice & a very beautiful, & nice girl to talk to.

My son & his Wife, both have eaten here also, & both liked the burgers, they are not part of the review team, but since my Wife & I were the only ones that got to taste this one, as the rest of our team was buys elsewhere for Halloween, I included my Son & His Wife's thoughts on the burger, they liked it, they said it was good, & That they would return again, & also would like to try some other items on the menu, I will also try something else when I am back in the area again, as they had several other good looking items on the Menu, & I've heard they have great Gyros.

From the appearance of the Burger, it appeared to be a Frozen Patty out of a Pre-Packaged Box, but I was so busy talking, that I forgot to ask, if it was hand-made fresh or out of a box.

Final Thoughts: A Good Burger, with many other items on the Menu, that I plan to try in the future when I return for Family visits in the area, but a good Burger, so go try this place out, the Customer Service is awesome.

Final Rating: 6.5* (Try it out/Above Average-Good to Very good)

Next Tasty Review: Delites, Located in Maysville, Kentucky

Not the Burger I ordered, because, I forgot to take a pic of mine, but found this one from Cincy Burger online, someone else got.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mad Mike's

Our 29th Review
Official Review #29

342 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41071


We hit 4 Different Burger places on Halloween, & a couple was to go, but we stopped & tried the Burgers & Fries out right away, each time.
Here is a little about Mad Mike's Burgers, Every burger is made from 100 percent black Angus beef. Regular sized burgers use 1/2-pound patties and smaller burgers use 1/4-pound patties.
“We don’t own a freezer,” Gelastopoulos said. “Everything is cut and handmade on site.”
Mad Mike’s focuses on serving quality food, but not overcharging for it, he said.

2 big pieces of meat tossed on a nice griddle & flattened out for 2 good sized patties.
Mike's is a nice looking place, near all the happening spots near the Ohio River, there was a young guy that waited on me & doing the cooking, the Griddle was located right there, he took out 2 clumps of fresh beef & tossed them on the Griddle & Flattened them, into a couple good sized patties, they were cooked well done, & served up with what they call, Mike's sauce on them, & here is what comes on what we ordered, everyone got the Outlaw:$5.49  Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Grilled Onions and Mad Sauce, which is similar to a chipotle mayo.
& the Bun appears to be a Pretzel Bun.
It's built into a Burger that looks very similar to a Frisch's Big Boy, but with quite a bit thicker patties, & the Mad Sauce has a very different Flavor than Tartar Sauce.
We also got Fries, which were fresh, Hand-cut for, $2.19 for the Regular or small size.

I asked the Cook if this really was the Best Burger in Newport & he said, he think's so, the only other competition he said was Five Guys & even though he works at Mad Mike's, he thinks Mike's definitely has the Best Burger & Chicken.

The Burgers looked very good, we all enjoyed eating them, they were a big break from all the single patty Burgers we get everywhere else but Frisch's.

I had been reading a lot of the Reviews of the Best Burgers in the Cincinnati, N. Ky., areas & Mad Mike's name, always comes up in a top 10 Burger discussion on all the sites, & many people claim it to be the Best Burger in the area.

The Fries were pretty good also, not the best hand-cut we've had, but still good.

Now, what did we think, we were all in unanimous agreement, it was a very good Burger, actually one of the better ones we've had,  most likely for now, top 10 material, it's as good as Frisch's Big Boy, but it has its own unique Flavor & Identity, it only looks similar to a Big Boy, it's different in every way, but we decided to give this one, the same rating as a Big Boy.

As far as many people claiming it to be the Best Burger overall, definitely not, but for sure Top 10, at least for now, as we continue our quest.

Final Thoughts: About as good a Burger as you can find in the area, Top 10 for sure, the Best, no, but definitely a very good Burger & with 2 Patties, a Big Change from all the rest.

Final Rating: 7.5* (Try it-Above average/Good to Very Good)

Next Tasty Review: Cincy Burger, Located in Silverton, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

                              Double Deluxe

Log Cabin Inn

Our 28th Review
Official Review #28

322 Madison Pike Covington, KY 41017 


I've been coming to this Restaurant for nearly 30 years, since my very 1st visit, it's changed owners a few times, but the Food seems to remain fairly consistent, I"ve always Favored the Fried Catfish, & in all those years, that's all I've ever had, until now.
This is a Beautiful old Inn, at least 100 years old, the Atmosphere is really nice inside, a huge old Fireplace is still there.
On to the Meal, we were the only ones there at around 3pm or so, and 1 waitress, 1 cook & either the Manager or Owner, the waitress spent way too much time watching the Tv, & Talking to the other Lady, manager or whatever she was, who was sitting at a table, 2 tables behind us, I think workers, Managers, & Owners should stay in an Office or in the back, unless they helping out or working with Customers, not sitting at a Table eating, or doing Paperwork or having continuous conversations with the other staff.
As mentioned below, my Wife did not get her Salad until her meal came, any good Waitress, should know salads are to be brought before the meal, & then she waited till the food was ready to fix the Salad, she was too busy, talking, sitting & fooling the Tv, so SERVICE< GETS A BIG FAT 0 OUT OF 10.
Then the Cook comes out 2 or 3 times while our food was cooking, I never saw any plastic gloves or anything on his hands, he was dressed in what appeared to be a dirty looking ragged T-Shirt & Blue Jeans, maybe they were not dirty, but they looked it, & he wore a Ball Cap, while he cooked & it looked, worn & dirty, so I was worried about him handling our Food, Thank Goodness, we did not get sick, & the Manager or Lady in Charge, never said a word to him & she had to see the Waitress did not serve the Salad before the meal, terrible service & terrible way to run a place of business of any kind, let alone a Restaurant.
Now. here is what we had on this visit,  we ordered some, specials of the day, Cheeseburger with fries & Coke Product, special $6.99, the Burger, was a fairly decent size, cooked well done, they did not ask how we wanted our burgers cooked, so when they don't, we usually just wait & see how they cook them, it came with Lettuce, tomato, onion, Pickle & mayo, the bun was a plain, normal bun, it did not appear or to taste generic, & was ok, it held together, so that was good, the waitress, did not bring my wife's salad before her meal, she actually waited until the cook said order up, then walked to the fridge to get the lettuce out & put the salad together, while the hot food, sat in the window, it was a good, big salad, she ordered the Ribeye Steak with Baked Potato, her Steak was very good, & so was the Potato.
We all got Fries with our Burgers, some ordered the Special without Cheese, it was a good sized order of fries & they were very good, & everyone agreed, they were as good as any you can get anywhere.

This place had been suggested to us by someone that has had the burgers here, it actually was a bit Surprising that the Burger was pretty good, it would not Challenge for 1st place or even top 5 & may not even make the top 10, but it was a good Burger, the Lettuce, onion, pickles, all tasted fresh & good.

The Cheese also added to the taste of the Burger, some places, like Smashburger, I think their cheese takes away from the Burger, but here it was good, some of us, just ordered plain Burgers, so we all tasted each other's food, as usual, to get a good solid review.

Now back to the Burger, these are definitely from a pre-packaged frozen box, so, they can only be so good & only get rated so high, as they can never challenge the taste & flavor of a Hand-made fresh Patty of Beef.
But we all agree this was one of the better-frozen patties around, but I would not come here again, just for a Burger, We would return for the Steak & Fried Catfish.

Final Thoughts: Not bad for a Frozen Burger, but don't go out of your way for one unless you're in the area for a quick Lunch & they have the Burger special, then it's worth what you get.
But, I can tell you this, from the terrible service of the waitress, & the way the Manager Lady, let them run around & the way the Cook looked, dressed dirty looking & no Cooking Gloves, we will never, EVER< Eat here again, & for Health CONCERNS< I would suggest, no one eats here until things change, & I use to Love the Catfish & The Steak Meal was very good & The Burgers Good for frozen ones, but this is the 1st in nearly 30 reviews, that I would suggest eating here at your own risk due to what I reported above.

Final Rating: 5.5* (Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special)

Next Tasty Review: Mad Mike's, Located in Newport, Kentucky.

Zip's Cafe

Our 27th Review
Official Review #27

1036 Delta Ave, Mt. Lookout, in Cincinnati, OH 45208


I have lived in the Cincinnati area, my entire life & have always enjoyed a Zip's Burger, this was my 1st one in years, we did not have time to go in & sit down, but got one to go, it's called a Zips Burger: $4.75 $5.25 w/cheese, with lettuce, tomato & onion, to start with, it has a good bun, held together well, fairly thick burger, so it definitely needed a good bun, and if you've read any of our other reviews, you know a good bun that does not fall apart is very important to us, this Burger is a very plain & Good tasting Burger, it did not seem to have any seasonings or anything extra, the Bun was not fancy, but had a decent taste to it.
The Meat as I mentioned is a fairly thick Burger, it appeared to be cooked just about well done, the Lettuce, tomato & onion, all seemed fresh & tasted good.
I walked into the dining area & the waitress asked if she could help me, & after I said I had a to go order, she said walk through the Saloon swinging doors into the bar area, & the Bartender would help me, he was very nice, we had a short conversation about the place, I believe he mentioned, it's been around since 1926, 
it's a clean looking nice place, a bit small, if they are crowded, so on weekends or lunch or dinner, you probably might have to wait on a seat, I don't know for sure, as I like to go during non prime hours, the place looks great inside & out.
Now back to the Burger, it's nothing fancy, upon the 1st bites into it, my first thoughts were, this is a good solid, basic Burger.
I've read reviews from all types of sources in Cincinnati, for years, that has touted Zip's as either the best burger in town or top 5 or top 10.

I definitely liked the Burger & would eat it again anytime, I was near to stop in, but I could never, ever rate it, the best Burger in the City, top 10 contender, yes, but not even top 5, if you want a good solid tasting, no frill's, plain ole Burger, this is it.

Final Thoughts: The old Burger Guys rated this burger several years ago, a 2.5, I must say, that now, I would have to go a bit higher on it, but agree with them, that it's not the best in town, but a good one for sure.

Final Rating: 6.5* (Try it out - Good to Very Good)

Next Tasty Review: The Log Cabin Inn, Located in Covington, Ky., no particular website was found.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Donna's Place

Our 26th Review
Official Review #26

Donna's Place
No Website or Facebook found!

113 Locust Street Brooksville, Kentucky 41004


Update: Since I wrote this review about 5 years ago, I've been coming here ever since, it's only a few minutes from my house now that we have moved, & it's still the best Burger spot in the area, they also have an excellent breakfast, great place for lunch or dinner, friendly people, it's a plain old Fashioned, normal burger, just Delicious!

I will have to update the prices!

This nice little Diner/Cafe is Located in the Heart of Brooksville Kentucky, across from the courthouse off the main road, it's a nice, clean looking place, that has been here for many years, but it's my 1st visit here.
We ordered a Hamburger Deluxe: $3.29, with, Lettuce, Pickle, Tomato & Onion & mayo, with a Large Fries: $1.99.& a Hamburger: $2.99.
The Burgers were of a pretty good size, both looked to be cooked well done & Hand-made.
The first bite, we knew this was going to be a very good Burger, the meat had a very good, solid, fresh taste to it, lettuce & everything tasted & looked fresh also.

By the time we finished our meal, the Burger was leaving a good taste in my mouth & I could have actually had another, it was so good, the only drawback to the burger, was the Bun, it held together ok, but the top of the Bun, started to flake apart a little, as it appeared to be, most likely a Generic Bun, if this Burger had a better Bun, it would be as good as any in the area, & this area has several Excellent Burgers.
They have 2 sizes of Fries, small for $1.09 & Large Fries for $1.99  Fries were very good, so it gets a high mark for that.

UPDATE:  On a return trip, we each ordered fries & the Burger was still excellent, I ordered a Cheeseburger Deluxe: $3.39 & fries, it was as good as the last visit, again, I could eat a Burger & Fries here anytime, also a good cheese coney, an excellent Philly cheese steak on Cibata bun.

Back to the Burger, again, a Very Good one, can't wait to go back & try some other things off the Menu & definitely another Burger, the waitress was very nice & Friendly, & so was the cook, who cooks the burgers on the Griddle, right behind the Counter, she is excellent.

Final Thoughts: I would come here anytime for this Burger, just would like a Better Bun & I would rate it, just a bit higher, but it's still good as is, & definitely worth what you pay for it.

Final Rating: 8.0* (Try it, Above Average - Good to Very Good) Just a half star less than the best burgers in the area, due to the Bun, a better Bun, it would get 8.8* & tie with the best in the area.

Next Tasty Review: Zip's Cafe, in Mt. Lookout, in Cincinnati,  whenever the Best Burgers in Cincinnati, is mentioned in a top 10 List, this Location, always come up as a top 10 contender, so we are going to try it out, on Halloween.

Good sized Burger, but you can tell the Bun is most likely Generic, get a good tasting quality bun for a better tasting Burger.