Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ernie's Texas Lunch

Our 37th Review
Official Review #37

This is another out of Town, Vacation Review

58 Chambersburg StreetGettysburgPennsylvania 17325-1101


My Wife & I, had Lunch here, while vacationing in Gettysburg Pa. the parking is the worst part, we barely got a spot on the street, as it's located in the middle of the business district, nice looking little place, good service, nice waitress, I got the Deluxe Burger, the Texas Weiner that has chili & Onions & Mustard, & Fries, my Wife got the Bean Soup, & & she also got the Texas dog, the Texas Weiner was very good, the Burger was pretty average, nothing at all to call home about, the taste was plain & flat,  the fries also average, I had read in several other reviews here, that all 3 items were very good & had to be ordered, so I did, but to me, nothing special, the Dog was good, I would go back for it, my Wife's Bean Soup looked great, but tasted about as plain as it could get, she added a good amount of pepper & salt & it helped some, nice little spot to eat Lunch, but I would only go back for the Texas weiner, prices were very good.

Final Thoughts: Only The Texas Weiner was good for us, everything else, was just plain as it could be, the place looks great & if it had a great Burger & Fries, would be an awesome place to eat, but they just did not cut it with the Burger at all, I would never recommend this Burger to anyone, they dress it up, so that you can't taste the bland meat on it.

Final Rating: 2.5* (Don't Bother/Awful) Find another place for a better Burger, although, we have yet to find one in Gettysburg, so if anyone has any suggestions for a great Burger in the area, leave us a message as we love Gettysburg & will return again in the future, next year.

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