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Our 40th Review
Official Review #40

7453 Wooster Pike Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 in Mariemont
Newport, Kentucky.
They have 3 Total Locations


Update #2  We just made another visit to Flipdaddy's in Newport, Kentucky we tried the Flipdaddy again,  the 1st time was a few years ago, it was much better than the one during Cincinnati Burger week, and much better than our 1st visit years ago, good enough to move it into the 10th spot on our top 10 list.

Update #1  We went here during Cincinnati Burger week 2018, we tried the Beer Cheese Burger, it was very good, we definitely can recommend it & will return here again soon.

We chose Flipdaddy's because of several people recommending them, & after reading a lot of reviews on the place, the reviews seemed to be up & down, a lot of good ones, &  a lot of so-so reviews, so we were in Mariemont & decided to give it a try.
Here is what they claim their burgers are, We have our very own awesome proprietary blend of premium quality cuts of brisket, short rib, and chuck. Years of research, testing and tweaking went into creating this blend. Plus, our beef is never frozen, sourced locally and delivered daily. The result: the ultra-fresh, beefed-up burger you’re about to enjoy. We all ordered the Flipdaddy without the cheese. & we all ordered sides of Mac n cheese.
* The Flipdaddy: $8.99  served with Fries.
The quintessential, classic American burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle. A little retro, but always cool and always delicious. Add cheese if you please for $1.00.
Grilled macaroni and cheese: $3.99 

The Bun was very good, it appeared to be a Brioche Bun, which is our favorite burger bun, & it's the best-looking bun you can find for a burger.
The bun was a bit big & thick for the flatter meat, either beef up the beef, or get a less thick bun to match the meat, it kind of overwhelms the meat flavor too much.
The meat was a fairly good-sized piece & mine was medium well, but we could not tell much difference in the flavor of the well-done burgers & the ones that were not, 1 member of our group even asked if it was a frozen patty, but Flipdaddy's claims it is not, & sticks to the above description.

The meat was slightly overdone on all of our Burgers, it did have the appearance of a Frozen Patty, but it had a pretty good taste to it, not great, not awesome, but good.

The Pickles on it were very good, along with fresh-tasting lettuce, tomato & onion.
The Fries were also good, everyone agreed that this was a pretty good overall tasting Burger, not a top 5, & maybe not even top 10, but still, a Good Burger & everyone said, they would come here to get one again, & maybe try out another type.

We all ordered the Mac n Cheese which is Grilled, they put a pile of Cheddar cheese on the Griddle & Brown it, then throw on the Mac, & Pile more Cheddar on top, then flip it over to brown the other side, we all loved it, & Thought it to be one of the best we've had anywhere, they also put it on a burger for you.

The Place was a very nice looking, newer looking sports bar, with several Tv's to watch, the girl that took our order was very nice, very clean place inside.

Final Thoughts: We would come here again for this Burger, as it was good, even though it's not top 5 & probably won't make our top 10, it's still good, & we recommend you try it, along with a Mac n Cheese, we have so many excellent burgers on our top 10 list, it's not a sin if a burger can't crack the list, that does not mean they are not good burgers though, so try this one out & see for yourself.

Final Rating: 8.7* (Try it out-above Average/Good to Very Good)

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