Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hoss's Steak & Sea House

Our 38th Review
Official Review #38

This is another out of Town, Vacation Review



This was one of many places we tried while on our 4 day trip here to Gettysburg & area, This is Located just a bit out of the main part of town, I had the Deluxe Cheeseburger & salad bar & my Wife had a Chopped Steak & Salad Bar, I took my burger & Fries home, as I filled up on the bar, they had very good, white chicken chili, The Texas chili was good also, the salad was very good, lot's of choices, & lot's of soups & other items, they had sugar free dessert's that my wife could eat, I did not get to try the soft serve ice cream as the lady re-filling everything, just could not keep up with it all by herself, the Manager needed to see this & address the issue, I had my Burger & fries, late the next day, & it was excellent, fries also were tasty & good, I could not believe that keeping it until the following day, that it would taste so good, now I wish I had tried it out, while it was hot & fresh, this was our last night here, or I would have ate here again, next year, this will be one of our Favorite places to come back for Lunch & Dinner, the prices were also reasonable for everything we had, my Wife really enjoyed the Chopped Steak & baked potato, we both would eat here again on our next trip, probably a couple of times, the service was also good, but the Salad Bar lady, needs help, Mr. Manager, next time I will let him know this, but hopefully they will read it here, so don't hesitate to eat here.

Final Thoughts: It seems we have had a hard time finding excellent or even Very good places to eat in Gettysburg, especially Burgers, but this place hit on all cylinders for all the food we had, I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the Gettysburg area, we surely will return & I will do a more in depth Burger review next year & update this review.

Final Review: 8.0* (Try it -above Average/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review: We will choose from our long list of places & pick one of the highest rated Burger places in Cincinnati on our next trip there, before Christmas.

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