Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Our 39th Review
Official Review #39

715 Madison Avenue, Covington, Kentucky 41011

THIS LOCATION PUT UP A NOTE ON THEIR WEBPAGE over a Year ago that they were Moving, and apparently they have not returned.
They had some Awesome Burgers!

This place was recommended to us by many of the readers of our blog, so I checked it out online, & read many reviews on it from several other sources, overall, the reviews were all good, several people claimed it to be the best Burger around or the best they've ever had, so we had to try it out, it's located in the Heart of downtown Covington on Madison Avenue, in the heart of the business district, parking is tough, but worth it, find a spot & go in, the decor is not awesome or great, but who cares, your there to eat.

We went on a Tuesday night, & to our surprise, it was their 2 Burgers for $10 night.
They have 14 different Gourmet Burgers on the Menu, so many to choose from, we ordered a variety, so we could test out as many as possible.
We ordered a Classic: $9.95 is the normal price, with Bacon, Provolone, Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Peppercorn Mayo, I got the WhackBurger: $9.95 is the normal price, with, Bacon, Onion, Jalapeno Peppers, Provolone, & their Secret sauce, the Fried Green Tomato: $9.95 normal price, with, a Fried Green Tomato, Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Bacon & Malt Vinegar Mayo, & the SuperCuban: $9.95 normal price, with, Smoked Ham, Swiss, Provolone, pickles & Spicy Mustard, we all tried out a bite from each burger, before finishing our own off.

Mine was the WhackBurger, the 1st bite of it, was nice & Juicy & fresh tasting, the Jalapenos were popping in my mouth right away, they were very hot, hotter than I would normally like them, but the Burger was so delicious, it didn't matter, overall, my favorite was the Classic, but all were excellent Burgers, & we all agreed, one of the best we have had anywhere, the meat had a Flame-broiled taste to them, like you cooked them at home on an outdoor grill, I love that flavor in my meat, whether, it's steak or burgers.

The Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & all the extras on our Burgers were all fresh tastings & good, the Bun, was also good, it did not fall apart, & had a good taste, the Burgers were also very big, not too thick, but still a good-sized thickness to them, everyone loved their burgers, & everyone else, every bite, made you want more, they were just excellent tasting, with all the juiciness in them, & 1 Burger is a full meal, we did not order Fries or anything else, but the Burger filled us all.

Surprising everyone was all in agreement, that each Burger was awesome.

I can't wait to return & try some other combinations of burgers here,

I have read dozens & dozens of reviews on many other websites about this place, & most were overall good, of course, as with any business, there were some bad reviews & people that just did not like the Burgers here, I have to say, that anyone, that says, these burgers are not good, I would never, ever trust their review or opinion on Burgers again, because even though many claim this is the best burger ever anywhere, we all are in agreement, these are excellent Burgers, either way, whether they are the best or not, you can't deny they are excellent, so people that place bad reviews of these online, are either not Burger eaters or just had an unusually bad experience, because trust us all, you want a good burger, this is one for sure that is at the top of our list.

Final Thoughts: We all agree, one of the best burgers, we've ever tried anywhere, excellent flavor & taste to it, nice flame grilled flavor, with many choices, go on Tuesday's for 2 for $10 night, I can understand how anyone could call this the best burger around, it's right at the top of any burger list

Final Rating: 9.0* (Exceptional-Must try it)

Next Tasty Review: Just going to see where our travels take us into Cincinnati, & N. Kentucky, & pick one of the top locations on our large list.

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