Monday, October 28, 2013

Donna's Place

Our 26th Review
Official Review #26

Donna's Place
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113 Locust Street Brooksville, Kentucky 41004


Update: Since I wrote this review about 5 years ago, I've been coming here ever since, it's only a few minutes from my house now that we have moved, & it's still the best Burger spot in the area, they also have an excellent breakfast, great place for lunch or dinner, friendly people, it's a plain old Fashioned, normal burger, just Delicious!

I will have to update the prices!

This nice little Diner/Cafe is Located in the Heart of Brooksville Kentucky, across from the courthouse off the main road, it's a nice, clean looking place, that has been here for many years, but it's my 1st visit here.
We ordered a Hamburger Deluxe: $3.29, with, Lettuce, Pickle, Tomato & Onion & mayo, with a Large Fries: $1.99.& a Hamburger: $2.99.
The Burgers were of a pretty good size, both looked to be cooked well done & Hand-made.
The first bite, we knew this was going to be a very good Burger, the meat had a very good, solid, fresh taste to it, lettuce & everything tasted & looked fresh also.

By the time we finished our meal, the Burger was leaving a good taste in my mouth & I could have actually had another, it was so good, the only drawback to the burger, was the Bun, it held together ok, but the top of the Bun, started to flake apart a little, as it appeared to be, most likely a Generic Bun, if this Burger had a better Bun, it would be as good as any in the area, & this area has several Excellent Burgers.
They have 2 sizes of Fries, small for $1.09 & Large Fries for $1.99  Fries were very good, so it gets a high mark for that.

UPDATE:  On a return trip, we each ordered fries & the Burger was still excellent, I ordered a Cheeseburger Deluxe: $3.39 & fries, it was as good as the last visit, again, I could eat a Burger & Fries here anytime, also a good cheese coney, an excellent Philly cheese steak on Cibata bun.

Back to the Burger, again, a Very Good one, can't wait to go back & try some other things off the Menu & definitely another Burger, the waitress was very nice & Friendly, & so was the cook, who cooks the burgers on the Griddle, right behind the Counter, she is excellent.

Final Thoughts: I would come here anytime for this Burger, just would like a Better Bun & I would rate it, just a bit higher, but it's still good as is, & definitely worth what you pay for it.

Final Rating: 8.0* (Try it, Above Average - Good to Very Good) Just a half star less than the best burgers in the area, due to the Bun, a better Bun, it would get 8.8* & tie with the best in the area.

Next Tasty Review: Zip's Cafe, in Mt. Lookout, in Cincinnati,  whenever the Best Burgers in Cincinnati, is mentioned in a top 10 List, this Location, always come up as a top 10 contender, so we are going to try it out, on Halloween.

Good sized Burger, but you can tell the Bun is most likely Generic, get a good tasting quality bun for a better tasting Burger.

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  1. Excellent Burger, almost as good as the Corner Cafe in Augusta, both are great, could eat this one anytime.


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