Friday, November 1, 2013

Zip's Cafe

Our 27th Review
Official Review #27

1036 Delta Ave, Mt. Lookout, in Cincinnati, OH 45208


I have lived in the Cincinnati area, my entire life & have always enjoyed a Zip's Burger, this was my 1st one in years, we did not have time to go in & sit down, but got one to go, it's called a Zips Burger: $4.75 $5.25 w/cheese, with lettuce, tomato & onion, to start with, it has a good bun, held together well, fairly thick burger, so it definitely needed a good bun, and if you've read any of our other reviews, you know a good bun that does not fall apart is very important to us, this Burger is a very plain & Good tasting Burger, it did not seem to have any seasonings or anything extra, the Bun was not fancy, but had a decent taste to it.
The Meat as I mentioned is a fairly thick Burger, it appeared to be cooked just about well done, the Lettuce, tomato & onion, all seemed fresh & tasted good.
I walked into the dining area & the waitress asked if she could help me, & after I said I had a to go order, she said walk through the Saloon swinging doors into the bar area, & the Bartender would help me, he was very nice, we had a short conversation about the place, I believe he mentioned, it's been around since 1926, 
it's a clean looking nice place, a bit small, if they are crowded, so on weekends or lunch or dinner, you probably might have to wait on a seat, I don't know for sure, as I like to go during non prime hours, the place looks great inside & out.
Now back to the Burger, it's nothing fancy, upon the 1st bites into it, my first thoughts were, this is a good solid, basic Burger.
I've read reviews from all types of sources in Cincinnati, for years, that has touted Zip's as either the best burger in town or top 5 or top 10.

I definitely liked the Burger & would eat it again anytime, I was near to stop in, but I could never, ever rate it, the best Burger in the City, top 10 contender, yes, but not even top 5, if you want a good solid tasting, no frill's, plain ole Burger, this is it.

Final Thoughts: The old Burger Guys rated this burger several years ago, a 2.5, I must say, that now, I would have to go a bit higher on it, but agree with them, that it's not the best in town, but a good one for sure.

Final Rating: 6.5* (Try it out - Good to Very Good)

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