Thursday, November 21, 2013

Buffalo Joe's

Our 34th Review
Official Review #34

100 Front Street New Richmond, Ohio 45157


We found Buffalo Joe's through our Living Social online Coupon membership, they email us, food & other coupon's by email, so since this one was in our area of reviewing, we headed out, & they had Wing's, which we have been wanting to try some good wings for awhile also.

We stopped in around 3pm during the week, & the place at that time of day, was of course empty, it sits right on Front St. with a great view of the River, in the Summer, you can sit outside & have a wonderful view & meal here, it's a nice new, clean looking area to be in.

We ordered, a, Just a Burger: $5.00 it comes with, tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles & mayo, & in the 1/2lb version, you can also get any Burger in 1/4lb., also a, Piggy Back ride: $7.50 I  ordered the 1/4lb. version, which were $2 off the above listed prices, with, ham, american cheese, mayo & garden, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles.

We also added Steak Fries: $1.25  instead of $2.00 by themselves, also others ordered, the Beer Battered Onion Rings: $1.25,  we also added 6 Garlic Parmesan Wings: $6.50 with Celery & Blue Cheese & Ranch Dressing.

The waitresses was very nice, & she also cooked the food, but it was a very slow time of day.
The Burgers are, served up fresh hand pattied, and crispy jumbo wings, is part of their ad on the website, the Burgers, are, 1/2 lb. hand patties, seasoned with salt & pepper, served as stated. add chips $.50 fries or any basic sides $1.25 awesome sides for $1.75.

1/4 lbs. available for $2 less than menu price.

The Burgers overall both the 1/2 & 1/4 pounders are big burgers, definitely Hand-made fresh to order.

The Burgers had a very good taste to them, upon first biting into them, we all knew this would be a good meal, just from looking how good, & fresh the food looked, the Wings were jumbo & Cooked perfect, smothered in Garlic Parmesan, the Steak Fries were huge & so were the Onion Rings, very crispy rings.

All the garden on the Burgers, looked & tasted very fresh, the only thing on that part, we did not like, were the choice of pickles, everyone in the group, prefers, a different type of pickle, these seemed to be of the cheap, variety, they were the only part of the garden part, we didnt like.

Cheese was good, all except the Bun, & again, if you've ready any of our reviews, you know, we, & and especially myself, absolutely believe it's a must, to have a good solid Bun to hold your sandwich together, & a good or great tasting bun really helps.

But this bun, at least appeared to be, of the cheap Generic type, I say this, because, all our Bun's began to tear apart as we ate, the more we ate, the more the buns fell apart, a couple of them, literally were in pieces by the time we were over halfway through our burger, I implore all Burger Places, to invest in a Decent bun, do not buy cheap or Generic, get a good quality bun, try out your own Burgers, test the buns, as they do make a huge difference in the overall taste & quality of any burger, & the best  Burger Bun's we've ever had, is a Delicious Brioche Bun at Delites in Maysville, Kentucky, the absolute best Burger bun anywhere, but any good quality brand of bun would help, over something that fall's to pieces, so that really brought down, this really good hand-made Burger.

The Wing's were awesome, I love Garlic Parmesan wings on bone, the only other place, I've had any as good, were at Willie's Sport's Bar in Covington, Ky.

The Fries & Onion Rings were also very good, the whole meal was great, we all loved it.

I would come back anytime for the Wing's, & Fries & Onion Rings, but if the Bun is the same, I would not order it, but I would love to have a Burger, if they would just please, get better quality buns, it would definitely raise the rating on this good burger, & if you could find a good quality Brioche Bun, try one out on your Burgers, & I think the Owner's would agree, if the Owners of Burger Joes is ever in Old Maysville, try out a delites Burger on a Brioche bun, & get some for your burgers, it will raise the taste to another Level.

Final Thoughts: Very good Burger, just the Bun failed the test, great Wings, fries & Onion Rings.

Final Rating: 7.0* (Try it - Good to Very Good) If they get  good Quality Bun, the rating would definitely go up, if you got a Brioche Bun, you could be top 10 for sure & maybe top 5.

Next Tasty Review: Not sure yet, but we have a full list of Cincinnati & N. Ky. best.
We were so Hungry, we forgot to take photos of the Delicious food.

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