Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cincy Burger

Our 30th Review
Official Review #30

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7133 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 Located in Silverton


I stopped here by accident on this trip, I have lived in this area my entire life, & then retired to Kentucky, so it's been awhile since I had been by this particular spot, & it had always been a Chinese Restuaurant, most of the years, I've lived there, & as we drove by, I saw the sign said, Cincy Burger, so since we were out on Halloween Burger hunt,  I went in to get a Menu & planned to stop back another time, they were closing in a few minutes & the owner, said he could make a burger before they closed, so I ordered one, a good sized burger, with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on it.
The burger was pretty good, the Bun held together good, as you know by now, I must have a bun, that does not fall apart, & many places we go, that happens, but this bun held it's own, the meat is a thinner piece, that had good flavor to it, not a thick burger, but good, for the money, it's definitely worth having a thinner piece of meat on this one, it works good on this burger.
The Owner, at least I think he was the owner, I did not ask, was very nice & friendly & concerned about his business, & Customers, the lady at the front register, was in town to help promote the business to help out, she was extremely nice & a very beautiful, & nice girl to talk to.

My son & his Wife, both have eaten here also, & both liked the burgers, they are not part of the review team, but since my Wife & I were the only ones that got to taste this one, as the rest of our team was buys elsewhere for Halloween, I included my Son & His Wife's thoughts on the burger, they liked it, they said it was good, & That they would return again, & also would like to try some other items on the menu, I will also try something else when I am back in the area again, as they had several other good looking items on the Menu, & I've heard they have great Gyros.

From the appearance of the Burger, it appeared to be a Frozen Patty out of a Pre-Packaged Box, but I was so busy talking, that I forgot to ask, if it was hand-made fresh or out of a box.

Final Thoughts: A Good Burger, with many other items on the Menu, that I plan to try in the future when I return for Family visits in the area, but a good Burger, so go try this place out, the Customer Service is awesome.

Final Rating: 6.5* (Try it out/Above Average-Good to Very good)

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Not the Burger I ordered, because, I forgot to take a pic of mine, but found this one from Cincy Burger online, someone else got.

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