Saturday, November 30, 2013

Five Guys

Our 35th Review
Official Review #35

7668 Mall Road Florence, Kentucky 41042


Update: We have since been back on 2 other occasions, once to this location & 1 visit to the one in Hamilton, Ohio, they were just as good as this original visit & burgers we had, I am moving it up a little in our Rankings.

We had tried out Five Guys, which many people claim was similar to Mad Mike's, so we had to eventually get to this one, with all the signs hanging around the place, claiming Best Burger, Best Fries, & all the good, solid reviews around the net, it was clearly our next choice.

We were out shopping on Black Friday around Lunch Time & stopped at the Five Guys in Florence, it was packed inside, & there were 5 orders ahead of ours, everyone ordered the Hamburger: $5.49 all toppings are free & they have a large list of them to add if you wish to your burger, which their sign says, made with 100% Fresh Beef, No Fillers or Preservatives, & they all come well done, I ordered mine with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & pickles & mayo, everyone else ordered a good variety of toppings, the Bun is a sesame seed bun, which held up very well, which of course, as you know by now, I love a good bun with my burger as much as good beef.

They take a chunk of beef, throw it on the grill, then flatten it out completely, and all burgers come with 2 Patties, similar to a Frisch's Big Boy, but only the meat is much thicker, the ingredients all looked & Tasted fresh, the Burger is absolutely huge, the first bite, tasted very good, delicious was the word some used as we tore into them, one of our 1st observations were, that this is the juiciest, greasiest burger, out of our 34 previous reviews, it took away only slightly from the flavor & overall taste of our sandwiches, but I think  little less greasy & they would be that much better, but still an awesome tasting burger as is, those of you that I've read online, that complain about how greasy they are and don't like them for that reason, I can understand how you feel & why you rate these burgers lower for that reason, but none of let that botherered us, we all loved them & thought each one was very good, with all of our chosen toppings.

The place is very clean, I watched them make our burgers from start to finish, & everyone wears gloves & the place just looked extremely clean, especially for being packed on a day like Black Friday Lunchtime.

We all ordered a regular size Frie: $2.99  we got twice or more than that much in fries than we expected for that price, well worth it, & we all agreed that the fries were very good, as good as any other hand cut fries we had ever had, not maybe the best, but to me, most good solid hand cut fries, if done right, taste pretty much the same, with only slight variations in flavor, based on what they are fried in, Five Guys uses Peanut oil, which I like.

The Prices are reasonable, the food good, the service fast, the place clean.

Final Thoughts: We all agree, we could eat this Burger anytime, not as often as other places, due to the greasiness of the burgers, that's the only drawback, we just could not handle eating them very often, or as much as other burger joints food, Fresh-cut fries were also very good.

Final Rating:   8.5*(Try it-above Average/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review: Not sure yet, going over our long list, that many of our Blog followers have sent to us, & many we have found on our own, from other top 10 lists in Cincinnati & N. Ky. areas.

Really good fries & the best value for your money we've found on fries anywhere.

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