Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marathon Diner

Our 33rd Review
Official Review #33

4248 AA Hwy  Maysville, KY, 41056


This little Diner, is Located in a Marathon Gas Station/Mini Truck Stop, on the AA Highway, before you get near Maysville, it's open 24/7, it really has no name for the Diner itself, the only sign up on the Diner part, says Broaster Chicken, which they serve Broaster's but also has their own menu of quite a few items.

We have stopped in here a few times over the years, late at night, but we've only had the Cheese Coney's & Fries, which are very good, for a late night snack.

On this trip, we were looking to review Burgers, so here we go.

Everyone had, either a Deluxe Cheeseburger or Deluxe Hamburger, no prices on this one, they are reasonable & mainly a great late night or Lunch spot, so prices are worth it.

The Burger was a fairly good sized one, but again, the big drawback, it was not Hand-made, it came frozen, out of a Pre-packaged box, which means, from my experience, that completely limits the flavor of such a burger, nowhere near as good as Fresh Ground, Ground Beef, from a Butcher, thrown on the grill, & Hand-made to order, but this one really surprised us.

This Burger, was actually pretty darn good for a Frozen Patty, it tied Cincy Burger, in Cincinnati, as the best Pre-Packaged Patty, we've ever had, everyone was in unanimous agreement on this one, it's a Gas Station, that has a Massage Parlor on the other end of the building, & it's a place for Truckers, it has showers, & all the accomadations, truckers look for on the road, it's a quick stop store, for snacks, pop & things, and a decent little Diner on the other end.

Service varies, we've always stopped in late at night, so I guess, you get what you pay for in service & help at that hour of the night, we stopped by 1 Thursday after Thanksgiving and going to Walmart & Maysville after 11pm for their early sales, & it was open, but they did not expect the rush of people, so most of their food choices, had been locked away by the Manager, that's what the cook said, so we had a very limited menu to choose from, & she was not at all friendly or happy to see so many customers on Thanksgiving, another visit, we actually got a friendly person to wait on us.

You order at the Counter, either from the Broaster Chicken Menu up on the wall or their own menu on the counter, they will bring it to you when it's done to your table, we always walk over & get us a Pop or Drink out of the coolers in the store & pay for them there & Then return to our tables for our food.

Fries were pretty good, & again, tied for the best Pre-Packaged, Frozen Burger we've had,
for a late night meal or Lunch, this definitely a good place to go for the Burger & Fries, or  Coney & Fries, or if you like Broaster's Chicken.

Not much else to say about this one.

Final Thoughts: Late night Snack or Lunch

Final Rating: 6.5*(Try it - Above average/Good to Very Good)

Next Tasty Review: Will be Tuesday the 19th as we travel to Cincinnati for a Dr. appt. we plan to hit, some top rated Burger establishment, based on some rankings in Cincinnati Burger review sites, just not sure which one it will be yet.

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