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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Frisch's Big Boy

Our 13th Review
Official Review #13

Norwood, Blue Ash, Mainliner & Bellevue/Dayton, Ky.
4765 Montgomery Rd, Norwood, 45212 - 9070 Plainfield Rd. Blue Ash, 45236 - 5760 Wooster Pk, Mariemont, 45227 - 100 Landmark Dr, Dayton, Ky.

513.531.4100 - 513.891.3080 - 513.271.2105 - 859.491.3205

We Rated the 4 Locations that we all Frequent the most & at least 2 of us, visited at least 1 of the 4 Locations within the last week.
I know the old Cincinnati Burgerguys never liked reviewing & Rating chain Burger Places, but we are on a quest to list the Best in the entire area, no matter where they are found.
And after living in the Cincinnati area for over 45 years now, I have been to every single Frisch's in the Cincinnati, N. Ky. area, & these are my 4 Favorite ones, & yes there is a big difference in service, food quality & the way each one is run & Managed & how good the food is, these are by far, the 4 best, & by that, I mean consistently the best.
The Big Boy is relatively quick & easy to Review, it's a great tasting Burger, the meat is absolutely Paper thin, on the regular sandwich, which has been their staple for a long time.
But the Tartar Sauce & Pickles & lettuce are hard to rival from any other Burger.
It's always a consistently good Burger, but it can depend on how good on any given location & time, so our ratings varied, but all agree, this a good one, the fries are good, & so was the excellent Salad bar.

If you've never been to Frisch's & you live in the Cincinnati area, then you either don't go out much or you don't like Burgers & sandwiches, I remember Frisch's back in the day, when they did curb service & it was always the place to go on a weekend night with a fast car & park & eat & talk and meet people & then eventually race your cars, now most Frisch's have been completely remodeled, but I still like the good ole Big Boy out front.

Now on to the ratings.

Final Thoughts: Just go & try it out, if you have not yet, if you have, then I'm sure, you have your favorites here & you know the Big Boy is a good one, whether you prefer the Super Big Boy or like me, the old Paper Thin meat on the Regular.

Final Rating: 6.5* to 8.5* on any Given day or time or Location, so our final rating will be a 7.5*

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