Sunday, October 20, 2013

Frisch's Big Boy

Our 13th Review
Official Review #13

Norwood, Blue Ash, Mainliner & Bellevue/Dayton, Ky.
4765 Montgomery Rd, Norwood, 45212 - 9070 Plainfield Rd. Blue Ash, 45236 - 5760 Wooster Pk, Mariemont, 45227 - 100 Landmark Dr, Dayton, Ky.

513.531.4100 - 513.891.3080 - 513.271.2105 - 859.491.3205

We Rated the 4 Locations that we all Frequent the most & at least 2 of us, visited at least 1 of the 4 Locations within the last week.
I know the old Cincinnati Burgerguys never liked reviewing & Rating chain Burger Places, but we are on a quest to list the Best in the entire area, no matter where they are found.
And after living in the Cincinnati area for over 45 years now, I have been to every single Frisch's in the Cincinnati, N. Ky. area, & these are my 4 Favorite ones, & yes there is a big difference in service, food quality & the way each one is run & Managed & how good the food is, these are by far, the 4 best, & by that, I mean consistently the best.
The Big Boy is relatively quick & easy to Review, it's a great tasting Burger, the meat is absolutely Paper thin, on the regular sandwich, which has been their staple for a long time.
But the Tartar Sauce & Pickles & lettuce are hard to rival from any other Burger.
It's always a consistently good Burger, but it can depend on how good on any given location & time, so our ratings varied, but all agree, this a good one, the fries are good, & so was the excellent Salad bar.

If you've never been to Frisch's & you live in the Cincinnati area, then you either don't go out much or you don't like Burgers & sandwiches, I remember Frisch's back in the day, when they did curb service & it was always the place to go on a weekend night with a fast car & park & eat & talk and meet people & then eventually race your cars, now most Frisch's have been completely remodeled, but I still like the good ole Big Boy out front.

Now on to the ratings.

Final Thoughts: Just go & try it out, if you have not yet, if you have, then I'm sure, you have your favorites here & you know the Big Boy is a good one, whether you prefer the Super Big Boy or like me, the old Paper Thin meat on the Regular.

Final Rating: 6.5* to 8.5* on any Given day or time or Location, so our final rating will be a 7.5*

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  1. To the person that commented on their bad experience at the Norwood Frisch's Drive-Thru, 1st of all, I admit any bad experience can happen at any Place of business in the entire country, I've been going to Frisch's locations in Cincinnati my entire Life, I even had 2 experiences over time that I said, I would never go back again, but I have learned, anything can happen anywhere at anytime, and it's totally out of control of any Company or business management, can they control someone trying to rob them or steal from them, or a bad employee that does something wrong or bad, maybe they use to be a good worker and something happened at home to disrupt them at work and they go off, or do something wrong, or maybe they are training new employees, do you realize how tough it can be to train on a new job, especially a busy restaurant, yes I've had a handful of bad experiences at Frisch's, but I've been to them so many times in my life, It's a tiny number, and as far as the Norwood location, I"ve been there many times over the years, I've seen many different employees there and some good & bad, so I understand you had a bad experience, if so complain to the Main Manager at the Location, you say your from out of town, how many times have you visited this Frisch's, I think if not much, or this was your 1st visit, then writing the CEO is out of line and people do it to try and get free coupons or something, in this economy and with places hiring many workers from other countries, some can't speak english, it's hard to get good workers anymore.


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