Monday, October 21, 2013

Toby Keith's

Our 18th Review
Official Review #18


145 E. Second Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


We tried out this Bar & Grill one day for Lunch based on my Son's choice, as he work's nearby.

It was around noon, & the place was nearly empty, it's a big, huge Beautiful Bar, with a lot of scantily dressed, pretty Waitresses, we ordered, a couple of what they call, American Soldier Burgers: $9.99
All Burgers are cooked medium well, unless otherwise specified, w/pickle fries, we also ordered 1 of the Pulled Pork Sandwiches: $10.99 w/slaw & Fries.
The Burgers are big, & look great, very nice presentation, & bright & Fresh looking Lettuce, tomato & Onion, the Am. Soldier burger is served with American Cheese.
The Burgers did not taste as good as they looked, these appeared to be frozen from a pre-packaged box, they were good if they were, but still right around average taste for these type of burgers, the bun was big & good, it did not fall apart, which for me is a big plus.
But this Burger is nothing special, just average at best, & if your out late or want  quick bite for lunch, I guess it would be ok to get, but instead, I would order the Pulled Pork Sandwich, it was very good & much better than the Burger, the slaw was very good & so were the fries, if I ever came back, I would get the Pork sandwich & try some appetizers, but the Burger is just to overpriced & expensive to begin with, to just be of average taste & quality, no more to write or discuss here, we all agreed on these findings.

Final Thoughts: very average Burger, go elsewhere & check out our list's for something better, this one is on par with Toot's, Chicago Gyros Burgers & Gas Light Cafe.

Final Rating: 5.5*

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