Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gas Light Cafe

Our 14th Review
Official Review #14

6104 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45213


Our visit to the Gas Light was based on the fact, it was close to where I've lived all my life & I've been here many times & their Burgers have changed over the years, at one point just a few years ago, the Burgers always appeared to me, to be hand-made, although back then, I never bothered to ask, as they were very good, but this trip was a little different.
3 of us ordered Plain Burgers, 1 ordered the Double Cheeseburger & another got the Fried Fish Sandwiches, again, we did not record the prices, so sorry for that, but they were very reasonable & typical for a Bar or Cafe of this kind.
The Burgers did not appear to us to be Hand-made, all the patties seemed to be of about the same size & shape, indicating they came pre-packaged & Frozen from a box, & they tasted like it, although all were good, as they all tasted well done & with a flame broiled flavor, we were not asked how we wanted them cooked, so all came well done.
With Cheese on the double & lettuce, tomato & onion & mayo & a couple had mustard, the Burgers all were good, but nowhere near the 4th best in the city as they claim on their sign, & what many other's claim in reviews I've read, but many of the really good reviews, seem to be a couple of years old at least.

Don't get us wrong here, it's as good a Burger as you can get Frozen out of a Box, but it must be dressed up & on a good bun to help the taste, overall, we compared it to Toot's Burger & Chicago Gyros.

Nothing special, but as far as Frozen in a box goes & Not Hand made, I could eat one again, if I came here, but might instead opt for the large Fish Sandwich, which we all tried a bite of, that was much better.

Final Thoughts: If you live in the area, and want a decent quick Burger, this is it, but there are many, better options out there.

Final Rating: 6.0* (Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special)

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