Friday, October 18, 2013

Mt. Adams Bar & Grill

Our 10th Review
Official Review #10

938 Hatch Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1592 Mt. Adams


We found this location actually through Groupon online Coupon's, we got a good deal, so decided to try it out, as we had no info on how their Burgers were.
I ordered The Classic Burger:$4.25 & so did 2 other's in our party, it's a 1/4 pound ground beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, pickle, onion, and mustard.
My Wife decided to try the BBQ Sandwich:$6.50 A blend of Roast Beef & Pork in a homemade sauce served on a grilled bun with slaw.
This Bar & Grill has been around for a very long time. When prohibition was repealed in 1933 the Bar & Grill in its present location was the first drinking establishment in Ohio to obtain a liquor license.
Parking is hard on the hill, but then again, almost anywhere in Mt. Adams is hard to find good parking.
The Building itself, inside & out has, Excellent atmosphere & decor & we enjoyed the outdoor patio.
The Service was ok, Waitress was semi-friendly, but was not going out of her for us, it was not busy the time of day, mid-afternoon on a Friday, so the waitresses were getting ready for a possible busy Friday night, & we seemed to be secondary for them.
Now the reviews, The Burger was Big,  & so was the Bun, but I did not care for the Bun, a better Brand or type would definitely help out, the piece of meat was fairly big, but looked to definitely be out of a Box, but we have been wrong on a few occasions about this, but that's how it appeared, most of the time we do ask if it comes out of a box or if it's hand-made, but the waitress did not appear to be around enough or in the mood for small talk, the Burger had a very Bland, plain taste, no actually it was not that good, it had some good sized lettuce & Tomato on it, & onion, pickle & Mustard, that helped to mask the blandness of the meat, but we always taste test several bites with just the meat & bun, & this one just did not cut it, it's a big Fancy, Good Looking presentation of a Burger, but the taste of the Meat & the not so good Bun, are not all that good, everyone agreed on this.
All except my Wife, she got the BBQ Sandwich, she said it was excellent, one of the best Pork BBQ she had ever had, so of course, everyone had to try a bite out, & yes she was right, it was an excellent Sandwich, thank goodness, someone had something good, the Slaw that came with it, was just ok, not bad, but nothing to write home or here about.

We definitely would return for the BBQ Sandwich, but never, ever would any of us order the Burger again.

There are far too many, much better Burger places in town, & in Mt. Adams, to go here for the Burger.

Final Thoughts: We all agree, that none of us, would eat a Burger here, even if we came with someone who offered to pay for it, for us, but we would get the Excellent BBQ Sandwich.

Final Rating: 2.0* (Still Wouldn't bother)

Next Tasty Review: City View Tavern, in Cincinnati, Ohio, & also in Mt. Adams, the Mt. Adams Bar & Grill Burger was so bad, we had to try & salvage this trip & find one close by that was good.

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