Sunday, October 20, 2013

City View Tavern

Our 11th Review
Official Review #11

403 Oregon Street Cincinnati, Ohio Mt. Adams 45202


We decided to visit City View, based on the High Ratings that we've seen in several of the Best Burgers in Cincinnati sites, that we have been checking out, & since we were already in Mt. Adams after visiting the Mt. Adams Bar & Grill & since we were so disappointed with their Burger, we just had to find another close by to try & make up for it.
Parking is a bit difficult especially if you go on the Weekend, or during rush hours, The bar itself is basic, no table service,  The reason to come here is the patio view. Great view of the city! The downside is it is a very small patio. this is just a friendly, neighborhood kind of place, a good Local Bar with Good Solid Bar Food.
Now onto our order, 
Big Ted Deluxe: $6.75  1/2 lb. with Am. Cheese, brown mustard, onion, catsup, mayo,
tomato, lettuce, & pickle
served on a sesame seed roll from Giminetti Bakery.
Teddy Burger: $5.75 1/2 with catsup, brown mustard, mayo & pickle
Between the 5 of us, 2 ordered the Big Ted & 2 the Teddy Burger & 1 ordered the Beef BBQ: $4.50
All of our Burgers were ordered as usual from Medium to Medium Well, we have finally talked everyone into not getting any more Burgers well done, so as to preserve the Flavor of the Burger itself.
These were both big Burgers & definitely worth what you pay for, unlike some players that overcharge.

We liked the Sesame Seed Bun, it's a big improvement over the old buns they use to have here when I stopped in years ago.
The Burger definitely takes 2 hands to handle it, & it's very juicy & tasty, the Brown mustard & Mayo combined, gives it a bit different flavor, than others in town.

We all agree, that it's one of the better Burgers in the area, not the best, but it surely makes our top 10 & should make anyone else's top 10 as well, but as for the best, again, that's most likely been propped up as the best in town, in other reviews by a lot of the Locals, & people that have not tried out some of the other top Burgers in town, & if you've been out drinking late & stop in here for another drink or 2 & have a Burger, anything is likely to taste better than usual, none of had anything to drink & never do so, while doing our reviews, as not to taint our quest for the Best Burgers around.

Would I come here again, just for the Burger, yes, & My Wife really liked the BBQ also, not as good she said as Mt. Adams Bar & Grill's BBQ, but City View's Burger, blows away their Burgers, it's not even a comparison.

Final Thoughts: So far one of the better Burgers we have had in the entire area, & definitely top 10 for sure in any list, & for now, probably top 5, but we have many, many other Burgers to try, as our list grows.

Final Rating: 7.5* (Try it out-above Average/Good to Very Good)

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