Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hitching Post

                         Our 51st Review
                          Official Review #51

              Hyde Park Hitching Post

2715 Madison Road Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Located at the corner of Madison Rd & 
Edwards Rd in the Hyde Park Center


I have always lived near Hitching Post's in Cincinnati but had never tried their burgers until now, they boast a sign stating the World's Best Fried Chicken, so my wife ordered the Fried Chicken Dinner Special and I got the TEXAS BURGER  with Swiss cheese & fries.
A half pound burger, with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion served on a large toasted bun 8.79
TOP IT OFF – Mushrooms, Bacon, Monterey Jack, Swiss, Cheddar, or American Cheese .50 per item.

The Place was very clean and had a pretty decent atmosphere to sit and eat in, the waitress was a little slow and the place only had a couple other tables with customers.

When the meal arrived, I could not believe how huge the burger was, an absolutely huge toasted bun.

The fries were very good, the Meat had a pretty good taste to it, maybe some salt & pepper may have been used to season and that's it, but it had a good grilled taste to it, the bun, well it was just too overwhelming, too big,even for the large piece of beef on it, mostly all I felt like I could taste was the bun, and it was kind of tough to chew through, it was big and thick, the bun, LOL, the burger was big and fairly thick also, but the Bun still overshadowed the meat, the lettuce tomato, pickle, and onion were fresh and tasted good, but it could not save it from the Bun.

After eating at 50 other burger places, this may have been the most overwhelming bun of all and my least favorite, please get this good burger another bun and you will have a winner, otherwise, I personally will never eat there again.

My Wifes Chicken Dinner, well I asked her if it met their signs boast of the worlds best-fried chicken, she said nope, it was fried too tough to chew very well, I tried it, and I had to agree, a few black burn marks on some sides of the chicken, so definitely overcooked for sure, and even the overall taste was just fairly good, I've had much better Fried chicken at many other places, so she said never again for her, she also tasted my Burger and agreed with my review of it.

Final thoughts:  Bun was just too big and thick and overwhelmed a good burger, too many other great burgers in the area for me to ever get this one again.

Final Rating:  3.5* If it had a better bun, it would get a much higher rating.

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