Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Our 21st Review
Official Review #21

They are Back with a New Location & Good as Ever!

Formerly Roy Rogers

314 Chamber Drive, Milford,  Cincinnati, OH 45150


I have been coming to Roy Rogers since I was a kid, & that was a very long time ago, I remember going often to the one that use to be in Newport, Ky., & then they built one in Blue Ash, eventually they all closed down, & I found one near Eastgate Mall, & have been going there any chance I had, when in the area.

This one recently changed their name, The change came after the company who owned the right to the name “Roy Rogers” decided to make changes to the menu and restaurant.
“People love our food, and we felt strongly if we switched to some of their ideas and concepts we’d be doing our customers a disservice,” said Loftspring, who lives in Milford.

Loftspring’s father, Allen, opened the Roy Rogers restaurant in 1969.
Now running an independent restaurant instead of a franchise, Loftspring said he decided on the new name from the restaurant’s location, 474 Roney Lane.
“I’m not going to take down the Roy Rogers memorabilia and the sign is going to stay. I was able to use the old lettering on the sign to make the new name,” he said.

Now onto the Review, I ordered the Double R Bar Burger: Now the Lucky R Burger: $3.55  & 2 ordered the Roast Beef: $3.45 & $3.85 for the Large.
1 got the, 1/4lb. Cheeseburger: $3.05 & $2.85 for a Hamburger, another the, Bacon Cheeseburger: $3.55. I always get the Platter, with Fries & slaw, I love their cole slaw.
The Double R, or now the Lucky R, comes with a pile of sliced Deli Ham & a slice of Cheddar Cheese, I love adding their Horse Radish sauce to it, all buns were served on Sesame Seed toasted buns with the awesome Roy Roger style Fries, which use to be much better, like Mcdonald's & others, until they started frying them in a more healthy oil, ah, the days of good ole greasy fries & food.
They cook their burger at what appeared to us as Medium-Well to Well Done, everyone that ordered the Burgers all were in agreement, that it had a very good Flavor for a fast food Burger joint, and all agreed it was the Best Fast Food Burger, we had ever tried, it's a thick & juicy an Tasty Burger, the Deli Ham & sliced Cheddar really ads good flavor to the Sandwich, the 2 that ordered the Roast Beef, & with the others tasting it, all agree, that it's a bit Different than Arby's but just as good & better in it's own way, as the bun is also different, so for a good Roast Beef, different from Arby's this is the one to try, if you eat inside, you can add your own, lettuce & tomato & onion & sauces to your sandwiches, which we all enjoyed doing & loading them up & piling the shredded lettuce on, I love shredded lettuce on a Burger.

Service was very good & very friendly, the Owner & his son were both working as they always have, ever since I've been coming here, & the workers are always extremely nice & helpful & Friendly.

Final Thoughts: For an awesome change from Mcdonalds, Wendys & the rest of the typical Fast food locations around, if your in the area near East Gate Mall, please drive about 3 or so minutes off 275 and stop in here, you won't be sorry, they also have very good Fried Chicken, but you must try a Double R Bar Burger with the awesome Deli Ham on it, & their fries, the fries, in my opinion are better, than the other fast food places or, at the very least, just as good as any other.

Final Rating: 8.0* In my mind, a notch, just above a Big Boy Burger, I just love the Ham & Cheddar on it.

Next Tasty Review: Still looking over our list of choices.

 1/4 lb. Cheeseburger
Roast Beef Sandwich

Bacon Cheeseburger
Double R Bar Burger
Now the Lucky R Burger

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  1. The roast beef sandwich with the Frisch's tartar sauce on it was the best. I went there when I was a kid growing up in Mt. Carmel. Do they still offer the tartar sauce?

  2. Not sure about that sauce, I always ate the Horseradish sauce, similar to Arby's but a bit different, on my burgers there, I know Frisch's owned the old Roy Roger's Stores, & then sold them & this one went out on their own because the Co. wanted to change & add items to the old menu that they did not think would keep it as it was, so they had to change all the names, but as far as I know they've kept everything but the names, because they did not own the rights to the Roy Rogers name & food names, givem a call and ask if they still have that sauce, the same family has owned it since I was a kid & I'm 53

  3. I have heard Roney's has had to finally close down, I don't know why, because the Locals kept this place busy, anytime I've ever been there, & it was family owned, not sure what happened.

  4. Just to round this out, Roney's did shut down because of a lease disagreement with their landlord. The are re-opening in Milford in June of 2015.

  5. Great News! They are reopening in Milford Summer 2015 - in the Rivers Edge area.

  6. That's great, I loved their food, especially the Double R Bar burger.


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