Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zola Pub & Grill

Our 5th Review
Official Review #5

626 Main Street Covington, Kentucky 41011


This Place is  Beautiful Pub & Grill, Located in Mainstrasse, in Covington, this place has an excellent Decor, everyone really enjoyed sitting & talking during our entire visit, it's a great place to go & meet friends or family for a Drink & Good Food.

We started out with Appetizers, as usual, as we also love to try them out & find the best around.
1. Cheese Sticks - $5.95
2. Chicken Fingers - $6.25
3. Vegetarian Spring Rolls - $7.95

All of the Appetizers were excellent, I would recommend trying any of them, we all agreed on this, & can't wait for another visit here to try out different Appetizers, as they have several.

They have 9 Different Burgers to choose from, here is what each of us ordered, & yes we always enjoy trying out each other's food.
1.  The ClassicTopped with your choice of cheese: American, pepper jack, provolone, swiss, or cheddar. $6.50
2.  The Zola Burger - Our flagship burger is loaded with bacon, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, capicola ham, and American cheese, I ordered this one, as I love Ham on my Burger's since growing up on the Roy Roger's Double R Bar Burger. $7.95
3.  Zola Patty Melt - Grilled onions, swiss cheese, 1000island dressing on grilled rye bread. $6.95 My Wife loves these kinds of Burgers.
4.  The Black & Bleau - Covered in blackened seasoning & topped with our delicious, homemade bleu cheese dressing. $6.95

These are the 4 Burgers all 5 of us ordered, Brandy had the Classic Burger,  all Burgers come with Fries & Cole Slaw, & their burgers are made with ½ pound choice Black Angus beef and served with Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickle.

All of our Burgers, were made to order, & definitely Hand-Made & Formed, not out of a box.
Everyone loved their Burgers, they will big & Juicy & on a solid Toasted Kaiser Bun, again, this bun is not going to fall apart, I loved mine with the Ham Bacon & all the extras, it had a great taste to it, I also tried out some of the Classic with no Cheese & this is another Burger than can
definitely stand on it's own without all the extras, another great Burger that if you just want to know what a great one tastes like with nothing on it, but a bun, this is another excellent choice to try it with, my Wife loved the Patty Melt, & The others enjoyed the Black & Bleau, I loved Bleu Cheese & it tasted wonderful on the Burger.

This is a Big Burger, with Very good Fries & Slaw, & we all agree both were very good, this meal will fill you up, but I left wanting another Burger for later, it was so good, so I ordered one for the road, to eat at home, so far, 4 out our 5 reviews have brought us such an excellent Burger as this one, all have been awesome & all are so close in taste, it's just a few differences in each, that most people would give them slightly different ratings, but all must agree that this Burger & 3 of the others we have reviewed are top Quality & the very best you can get anywhere.

The Service was very good & Friendly, again, it's a great place to meet friends & family for Food & Drink anytime.

On Wednesdays you can order a Burger with up to 5 Toppings for $6, I will definitely be going back for this special.

Final Thoughts: One of the Very Best Burgers you will find anywhere in the Cincinnati & N. Ky. area, or anywhere for that fact, it's Big, Tasty & hits the spot, & makes you leave wanting more or another to take home as I did, go here, try it out & you won't regret it.

Final Rating: 9.5* (Exceptional)

Next Tasty Review: Mel's Classic Diner, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, another one from our recent Trip to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area.

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