Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quatman Cafe

Our 19th Review
Official Review #19

2434 Quatman Ave Norwood, Ohio 45212  


Quatman Cafe was founded in 1966 by Albert (Albo) Imm and Ken Talmage. Quatman Cafe has become a Cincinnati Icon know for cheeseburgers, chili, homemade soups, and the coldest beer in town.
They've won several awards for Best Cheeseburger in Cincinnati and have been featured in Cincinnati Magazine, The Cincinnati Enquirer, CityBeat, aol.com, and many other publications.
There burgers (served with onions, pickles, and potato chips) are big & thick, an juicy, just a basic burger served on a standard bun.
We ordered 2 Hamburger's $4.75 & 2 Cheeseburgers $5.00 with Fries: $1.75 & 1 Roast Beef Sandwich: $5.25.
They said the Burgers were made fresh daily, but they were prepared so fast, that we must assume they are prepped early in the day, when they 1st open.

We all agree here, Quatmans is just a big basic burger, probably too thick for my taste, nothing special, I can only assume, that people growing up in the area, ate there from the beginning and just became accustomed to its tastes, and never have really attempted to give, any other burgers a chance, so they claim its the best, but not even close we all agree, there are many, other much better Burgers in town, the fries were good, & the Roast Beef Sandwich, was very good, I would return for the Roast Beef, & on one of the 3 special night, I might return for a Burger, Fries & Drink for, $6.58 as I love a good special, but would not go out of my way for it, only if I were in the area on that night.

The reviews all around websites on Best burgers in Cincinnati, always bring up Quatman Cafe, I once again believe, this is a question of the Locals going on these websites to pump up the numbers on this burger, & they have been eating this one for so long, they do believe it's the best around, and they never give any others a real chance to unseat it, in their books, but I lived close by, my whole life & worked in Norwood for many years, so even though, I might be considered somewhat of a Local, I can give it an honest, independent opinion & review along with 4 others in our group, & this one was unanimous.

The Old Cincinnati Burger guys, rated it a 4.5*, & our rating is very close to that, & we all read & agree, with their findings many years ago, as I've tried it out a few times over the years, to see how the taste has changed, & it's still in the Average range.

Final Thoughts: A Simple, Basic Burger, that usually translates into a very good to excellent Burger, but in this case, it does not, that simplicity & Basic quality, do translate into the taste also, which are simple & basic, maybe go here for an average burger on one of their 3 special deal nights & that's about it.

Final Rating: 5.0* (Average/Not Bad - Nothing Special)

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