Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Our 4th Review
Official Review #4

12191 Montgomery Road, Loveland, Ohio 45140


The Toot's restaurant in Deerfield Township has unexpectedly closed.
The restaurant, which is located at 12191 Montgomery Road, closed this week. The Toot's website said it was closed "due to health issues with the owners."
"It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this growing community and we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for your continued support over the last 22 years," the statement on the site reads.
According to the website, the location has been in operation for 22 years.

Efforts to contact the owner or a representative from the corporate office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, were unsuccessful.
Toot's has 5 Cincinnati area & Kentucky Locations, I consider them a Family oriented, Sports Restaurant, they have a ton of Tv's & games for the kids, balloons & a Large Menu, in my opinion, they offer too many different items to be able to justice to them all & Make them all the best they can, they need to cut down the number of items & concentrate on improving the rest.

We all started with the Following Items.
1. Fried Pickles $4.99 for a Large
2. Potato Skins $5.21

Both Appetizers were Fairly Good, not the best, not near the best, but ok enough for the price.

We all ordered the Classic Half-Pound Burger, $7.57 a couple got it with Bacon & Cheese, I got mine Plain, again Medium-Well for me & everyone else has their own Favorite way of having it cooked.
I also ordered the Catfish Basket, $8.78 as I love Fried Catfish & just like my Burgers, will try it out anywhere I go, a couple of the Ladies in our group, ordered the Fried Chicken Tenders Basket, $8.84 to give them a try also.
The Burgers came on a decent Toasted Bun, it did not fall apart while eating, also with Shredded Lettuce, which I love on my Burgers from the ones I grew up enjoying at the little Drive-in Restaurant in Jackson, Ky. when I was little and use to visit my Grand Parents there.
Also with Tomato, Onion & Pickle.
This was the 1st Burger in our 4 reviews to date, that did not seem to be Hand-Made, it definitely came from a box, they could have a much better Burger if they made them fresh Hand-Made.
Everyone did like their Burgers, but far from the Best any of us has ever had, & far from our 1st 3 reviews.
But it was good, service was good & the place was packed, plenty for kids to do, & there were lots of kids, so along with all the Tv's, it's definitely not a quiet meal, so plan on it being very noisy.

The Burger by itself with no Cheese, Condiments, Lettuce or anything, really can't stand on it's own, it's not bad, but to be even a decent tasting Burger, I had to load it up with my Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle & mayo after a few bites, if a Burger can't stand on its own on the Bun & taste good, then it's not in the top of anyone's list, especially our's.

The Fried Catfish Basket, was actually Pretty good, the Catfish was better than the Burger, & everyone tried the Fried Chicken Fingers & all agree they were pretty good & better than the Burgers.

I would not come again for the Burgers, but would return for the Catfish & Chicken Fingers, the Fries also were average, nothing special.

Final Thoughts: To date, it's 4th out of 4 on our list, & not in our top 10 of all-time, but we are only rating our locations now, as we go to them to eat, not on the past, not a bad Burger, but more Average than anything, at best a couple in our group agreed it was just a tad above Avg., it's an ok Burger, you probably won't feel like you wasted your money eating here, but I would recommend other items on the Menu 1st.

Final Rating: 6.0* (Average)

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