Friday, October 25, 2013

The Augusta Pub

Our 24th Review
Official Review #24

120 Main Street Augusta, Kentucky 41002



We just visited & tried another Burger here, & they had a new menu, most items listed appeared the same as our previous visit, it was build a burger nite, so we got a couple of them, well I have to say, this Burger is no longer in our top 10 & no longer an 8.5 more like a 6 is our newest & UPDATED Rating for this Burger, the bun was an absolute piece of crap, it was the  worst, generic, cheapass bun, we have had to date, in over 40 reviews, we've only encountered 3 or 4 other bad buns, as most have good ones or at least ones that do not fall apart, but this fell in half, & then pieces when we first picked it up, it tasted good, & appeared hand-made, but nothing we could not reproduce at home, this Burger has dramatically fallen from it's #7 overall rating on our list & from the very high *8.5 stars we had previously given it.

Read our 1st review below, from last year, and our newest update above & compare, to see how they ruined a great Burger.

Another review from the Augusta/Maysville area, again, on this trip, only 2 of us were able to make it, everyone else plan on coming another day & add to this review, if they agree with us, it won't change, if they disagree, we will add their comments & ratings.

The Pub is located in downtown Augusta, an old Historic town, on the Ohio River, about 50 minutes or so from Cincinnati, Ohio.

We came around dinner time, & the place was decorated for Halloween, & it looked awesome, compliments to the Pub & whoever did the decorating, the Pub is a very nice looking place, inside & out, no matter if they have special Halloween or other decor, it's a clean good looking place to eat & drink & meet with friends & family.

The waiter was very good & friendly, we have been here several times in the past, but this was the 1st time, I've ever tried a Burger, but in past visits, everything has always been good & so has the service, & Tara usually has been our waitress & working the Bar, on past visits & she is always fantastic, so nice & friendly.

Now the review, I ordered The  PepperJack & Bacon Burger: $7.99 it came with chips, a very good pickle spear, & hot peppers, lettuce, tomato & Onion & Mayo.
My Wife ordered her Favorite here, the Ribeye Steak Dinner: $14.99 it came with a large Baked Potato & side salad.

My Burger had a good tasting & solid Bun, I always start with the Bun, because I hate it, when you get one that does not hold up & falls apart or has no taste, this one was good & held together well.
The Burger was a pretty good sized, Hand-made piece of meat, & it tasted great, the Lettuce & other items were all fresh & tasted good, the PepperJack Cheese was much better than American Cheese on a Burger, & the Peppers, just added to the Flavor, I made sure to try several bites of the meat hanging over the edge of the bun, without cheese & peppers on it, to get the best taste for the review of just the Burger itself, & it was still good, one of the best I've had anywhere.

Her Steak was excellent as usual, she said it's always one of the best Rib Eye Steaks, she has had anywhere, the salad was also very & the Baked Potato was good.

On past visits we have tried, Potato Skins, as good as anywhere, & the Very Best Chicken Fingers, we've had at any restaurant, also good Fried Pickles & Cheese sticks, the Reuben is also good, actually, anything we've had here is very good & well worth a visit.

Final Thoughts: One of the Best Burgers around & tied with another Local Burger in town, we gave the same rating to, I would come here anytime for their Burger, or anything else, I've had on the Menu.

Final Rating: 8.5* (Exceptional-Must Try it!)
Even though this burger has the same rating as another local place in town, they are 2 totally different burgers, & I would not compare the 2, both are an 8.5, but also very, different, in every way, but both well deserving of an 8.5* in their own ways, so try them out & you will see what I mean.

Next Tasty Review: Tumbleweed in Maysville Kentucky, we were planning on that after our last review, but hit this location 1st, so next is Tumbleweed.

Once again, I forgot to take pics of the food, I'm so concentrated on the food, I keep forgetting.
so here are some I found of the food online, that looks pretty close to what we had.

We Did not get fries with our order, chips
On our Ribeye, the steak looks pretty close to what we had, but our potato, was much bigger.

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