Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Town & Country Lanes

Our 45th Review
Official Review #45

2380 Rains Eitel Rd. Aberdeen, Ohio 45101

  937.795.2153    1.800.551.BOWL

We stopped in here last year for a birthday party & bowling. but we did not have a chance to eat.

Since then, we have had a couple people recommend the Burger Sliders here, & their Lunch special, so we did.

Only my Wife & I made this trip because it was Lunchtime during the week, we did not realize they have booths to sit in, on the other side of the food area from where the Bowling lanes are located, so we ordered & sat there.

We both ordered the Lunch Special, 3 Burger Sliders, Fries & a Drink for $5  you certainly can't beat that price anywhere.

The Burgers looked like homemade White Castles, & they looked good, we couldn't wait to dig in, & I was expecting a good burger based on the recommendations we had received, & we were not disappointed at all, these are some great little sliders, they came with pickles, onions & mustard, I normally do not use mustard on my Burgers, but on these, it worked perfect.

The Meat appeared to be hand-made fresh meat, which is always a plus, but not always a given at places, but here it is, the meat had a nice flavor to it, it looked like they have a typical old grill, that many places like this have, & it always seems to lead, to excellent food, & this sandwich is no different, it also tasted a bit like White Castle burgers, but only these in my mind, were much better, we both agree, these are the best sliders we have tried anywhere to date, we mainly have been trying full-sized Burgers, but this year, we are going to include Sliders.

The Fries were also good, they have a wide variety of items on the menu to choose from, which the menu is also located on their website, which is listed above in the name of the location, that link will take you to their site.

The workers were nice & Friendly, & the Cook did an excellent job on the food, we got to chat with the owner, I believe it was Larry Aldridge, he was very nice to talk to & we appreciate it, as I know you guys had a lot of phone-in orders to take care of.

Final Thoughts: Excellent Sliders, & excellent Lunch Special, but you can eat here for Dinner also, we can gladly, and highly recommend these Sliders & Fries, anytime, & can't wait to make it back & have some more ourselves, & we plan to give a few other items on the menu a try.
Go here, try these sliders out, & drop in for the Lunch special if you can, & bowl a few games.

Final Rating: We plan to give these 2 Ratings, 1 rating strictly as a slider & then another rating, stacking it up against full-sized burgers, & of course the Slider rating will be higher, as it's tough for sliders to fully stand up, to a full-size burger. Slider Rating 9*  Burger Rating: 7.5* 

Next Tasty Review: We have a full list to eventually try out this year, so for now, were not sure where our travels in the area & up through Cincinnati will take us, but, we have the top-rated burgers around on our list, & our Goal is to find the best tasting Burgers & Now Sliders from Cincinnati, through N. Ky, & Florence to Maysville & everywhere in between, & we promise nothing but honest & unbiased opinions based on our visit, if you favorite place does not get the rating you expect, you must remember, we have tried out 45 total Places now, & we have had some excellent burgers, & the competition is tough, but we will do our best, & the whole Team will be with us, as often as possible on our Journey to find the best Burgers around.

Awesome Sliders & Fries!