Friday, February 7, 2014


Our 44th Review
Official Review #44

786 US Highway 68 MaysvilleKY 41056


I will start this review off by saying We all Love Pasquale's in Maysville's Food, I love their Pizza, large ones and the Mini Pizzas, Garlic Bread, Fries, Chicken Fettucini, Steak Hoagies, Salads, whatever we have had their is awesome, it's just about my & our Favorite place to eat anytime, & it's always crowded & the service is usually about 90% of the time great waitresses, and it's a nice clean Place, also the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich is excellent.

Now for the Burger review, I will make this one, quick & easy, it's a Frozen Patty out of a Box, which usually means, it won't be that good, I"ve had a couple like this that have actually been good, but this is not one of them, but again, it's a Pizza Place, so I won't be getting their Burger anytime soon, & I Recommend you go get one of the best around in either Old Maysville at 2 or 3 spots there or 1 place in Brooksville or several in Augusta, but not here.

I do recommend you come here & Get almost anything else on their Menu, as all the rest of their food is Fantastic, I could eat here anytime, it just won't be a Burger, if I were you guys, I would just scrap the Burger completely & Maybe just have a kids Burger, or, it would'nt hurt if you wanted to keep the Burger, to drastically update it, if you want to know how, try out the Delites Burger, or the Hutchison's Grocery Burgers, not far from Pasquales, & you will see what a great Burger tastes like, that would really help, but please don't serve the ones you have currently.

Final Thoughts: Not Good, either Upgrade it or get rid of it.

Final Rating: 2* Just Beating out Tumbleweed, for worst Burger in the area

Next Tasty Review:  Not sure yet, but looking over our long list of Locations, & our long list of suggestions from readers, friends & family.

Pleasant Ridge Chili

Our 43rd Review
Official Review #43

6032 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45123


I've lived in the area near this place for over 45 years, and all the times I've eaten here, I have never had one of their Burgers, I've always ate the Chili or Coney, 5-way or Double Decker or Breakfast, I can't believe I've never had their Burgers until recently, so here is our review.

We stopped in on a weekday about 3pm in the afternoon, the place was still about half full at that time of day, I have always loved all their food, and would recommend all the above items I mentioned above to anyone, it's a great stop for Breakfast, or late night especially, but really I could eat here anytime.

We all ordered just a Plain Hamburger: $2.55 to really test it out, some of us got Lettuce or other addons, but no cheese on this one.

The Meat is on the thinner side, maybe thicker than a Frisch's Big Boy meat, but it's still thin, the Bun was good, not a cheap, fall apart one, but it was a little big for the meat in my opinion, maybe next time I will try a double deluxe & see how it shapes up.

The Flavor overall was actually pretty good, just a little too much bun for me & a couple of our other members agreed, but all were in agreement, that this was a good burger, not great, not awesome, but just a good solid, plain ole burger, good enough for a quick lunch, or late nite snack, I would prefer myself to get Breakfast or Chili or Coneys or Double Deckers, as I think they are all much better than the burgers, you can get much better burgers in town, but for a quick stop, the burger with some good fries would be a good meal.

P.S. Please Do not Forget, as I have done on several occasions, that this is a Cash Only Location.

Final Thoughts: Great for a quick meal or late night, not top 10, or even makes our top 20 list, but that is not a bad thing or does not mean it's not worth getting, it's still a good burger, there are just too many better places in town & N. Ky. to get a great Burger, I just would not come here specifically for the Burger.

Final Rating: 6.5*

Next Tasty Review: It will be Pasquales in Maysville, we were planning on it before this one, but did not make it.