Friday, February 7, 2014

Pleasant Ridge Chili

Our 43rd Review
Official Review #43

6032 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45123


I've lived in the area near this place for over 45 years, and all the times I've eaten here, I have never had one of their Burgers, I've always ate the Chili or Coney, 5-way or Double Decker or Breakfast, I can't believe I've never had their Burgers until recently, so here is our review.

We stopped in on a weekday about 3pm in the afternoon, the place was still about half full at that time of day, I have always loved all their food, and would recommend all the above items I mentioned above to anyone, it's a great stop for Breakfast, or late night especially, but really I could eat here anytime.

We all ordered just a Plain Hamburger: $2.55 to really test it out, some of us got Lettuce or other addons, but no cheese on this one.

The Meat is on the thinner side, maybe thicker than a Frisch's Big Boy meat, but it's still thin, the Bun was good, not a cheap, fall apart one, but it was a little big for the meat in my opinion, maybe next time I will try a double deluxe & see how it shapes up.

The Flavor overall was actually pretty good, just a little too much bun for me & a couple of our other members agreed, but all were in agreement, that this was a good burger, not great, not awesome, but just a good solid, plain ole burger, good enough for a quick lunch, or late nite snack, I would prefer myself to get Breakfast or Chili or Coneys or Double Deckers, as I think they are all much better than the burgers, you can get much better burgers in town, but for a quick stop, the burger with some good fries would be a good meal.

P.S. Please Do not Forget, as I have done on several occasions, that this is a Cash Only Location.

Final Thoughts: Great for a quick meal or late night, not top 10, or even makes our top 20 list, but that is not a bad thing or does not mean it's not worth getting, it's still a good burger, there are just too many better places in town & N. Ky. to get a great Burger, I just would not come here specifically for the Burger.

Final Rating: 6.5*

Next Tasty Review: It will be Pasquales in Maysville, we were planning on it before this one, but did not make it.

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