Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mac's Pizza

Mac's Pizza
Our 70th Review
Official Review #70

2920 W US-22 And 3

Mainville, Ohio 45039


We went to the Landen Location in Cincinnati, it is 1 of 4 Locations in town, with 4 Adults & 4 kids, I tried, The Mac Burger, $8.49  with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickles, with Waffle Fries on a Brioche Bun.

They have 4 other types of Burgers, on the menu, it's 8oz. of All Beef Burger, To start with, the Burger Looked awesome, one of the best presentations of a Burger I've seen anywhere, I love a good Brioche Bun, and only Delites in Maysville, Ky. has a great Brioche bun, but I have finally found another awesome bun on a Burger, the toppings, Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles were all fresh and tasted great, the biggest problem with this burger, was the Beef, it tasted pretty good, but that's it, just pretty good, not great, not awesome, it did not match the flavor of the great Bun and toppings, at 1st I thought it tasted like a Frozen Pre-Made Patty out of a box, but they claim it's real Beef, so I will go with it, I put on salt & pepper, still did not improve it, so that keeps it from making the top 10 on our burger blog, the Waffle fries were very good, I tried some of my Wifes Jumbo Wings, and they are awesome, they tasted great, she got the Mild Hot sauce, and it was just about the best Mild Hot sauce we've had anywhere, we asked to taste the Spicy Garlic and I really liked it, but Mild Garlic or Garlic Parmesan are my favorites, but they had neither, but this SPicy Garlic was very good, My son's both had the chicken Quesadilla's and they said those were excellent also, the kids got Pizza and I tried a piece and I would have eaten that myself, so I have to say their Pizza is very good also, I took half my Burger home and really spiced it up with some of my favorite burger spices and it still barely helped the burger, it's not a bad piece of Beef, just a bit more on the plain tasting side, if they could come up with a really good flavorful meat, they would have one of the best burgers in town, the Server, he was AWFUL< TERRIBLE, nice but just plain BAD, first off he carried to much food to the table and dropped my Wifes little plastic container of Dressing onto the table and it splattered all over her and the tables are metal with holes all over them, and the dressing dripped through onto her Jeans, and he did not even get her a towel or anything or offer to help her clean up, we had to clean it up, then she had stained clothes from the oily dressing,  she had goto the event we went to after we ate, he took too long to return for refills and after spilling the dressing, seemed timid about coming back and when he did barely talked to us, so I always leave a good tip for good service, but this service was terrible, so not a lot of tipping, for my wife and I, 1 Burger with Waffle fries and 12 Wings, and she got a side salad, was $25.05 my burger seemed to taste a little better after I heated it up in the little oven and added more spices, but not much more, and the Wings still were great, so next time, it's the Wings for both of us or a Quesadilla. Also, her salad for $2.99 was very good. the atmosphere of the place, a nice looking clean sports bar, with Sand Volleyball outside, I would return here anytime, I might try cheese & bacon on my Burger if I ever got another on to try to get more flavor into it. 


Final Thoughts: Excellent Bun and toppings, very good Waffle Fries, Awesome Wings, nice clean Sports Bar, terrible Waiter, I would eat here again anytime, but won't waste my time on the Burger, I would order WINGS. Too many other Great Burgers in Town to waste money on this one, The Excellent Bun is wasted on a Plain Burger that if it is all Beef, tastes like a frozen Pre-made non-beef patty.

Final Rating: *6.0   (Avg/Not Bad-Nothing Special)



Our 69th Review
Official Review #69

212 Market Street

Maysville, Kentucky 41056


We stopped in here on a Saturday night, around 5pm for Dinner, not crowded at all, very nice looking clean place, the waitress was very friendly and they were quick to seat us, which a lot of places makes the mistake of ignoring you, when you walk in, so we started out great.

I ordered the Cheddar Burger with Fries, my Wife had the Steak with Baked Potato and Fried Apples, no salad was offered, which is a bit odd for a high Priced steak dinner, it was about $17 or so, my Burger was around $10.
I can't exactly remember the prices as we were in a rush to get to a local Concert, My Burger looked great and it was fairly big, and it was pretty good, it was not top 10 on our Blog list, and not even the best in Maysville, Delites just a few places down the street is 10x better, I doubt I would even stop here again for the Burger, all the Yelp reviews praise the Steak, my Wife Loves STeak, always has to order it wherever we go, and she thought it was a bit tough, not too bad, but also not one of the better Steaks she has had anywhere, it's doubtful either one of us would go, here again, the meat had no flavor to it at all, on my Burger or her Steak, the Fries were very good, probably the best part of my meal.

Some of the Yelp reviewers claim service was awful, they must have come on a very busy or just bad night, as all the staff seemed attentive and helpful and friendly, and were constantly waiting and checking their tables, so no issues there, maybe we also had a bad night on the steak, but the burger and steak both looked great, both were good, just not good enough for the expense and not good enough to return, too many better Burgers and steaks around, I won't go into too much detail here, this is one of those places, that I feel like you have to try it out for yourself, as they may be an up and down location, 1 night good, another not so good, I would rate the Burger in my top 20 on our Burger Blog, but it won't move any higher than that.

Final Thoughts: If you want a nice place for a fairly good sit down meal, this is it, you will pay for that experience, but I will take Delites up the street for a Burger, or even Pasquales about 5 mins away for a full meal any day over this place.

Final Rating: *6.0   (Avg/Not Bad-Nothing Special)