Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carota's Pizza

Our 42nd Review & 2nd of 2014
Official Review #42

115 Main Street Augusta, KY 41002


We Love their Baked Carota Sandwiches with Ham & Swiss cheese, & like their Pizza, & Steak Hoagies, so when I saw Burgers on the Menu, I had to try them out, I don't expect great Burgers at Pizza places, but I still try a Burger anywhere I find one.

Mine came with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Mayo, I could not tell 100% if this was a Frozen Patty or real Beef, it was a good Burger, it was a mishaped piece of meat, & tasted good, so I'm not sure & I just didnt feel like asking, LOL, so I still don't know.

Either way, it was good, not great, not awesome, but for a Pizza Joint, it was a surprisingly good Burger, there are 4 places in town that serve great Burgers if your out just for that, but if your here with friends & want a burger, it's good.

I suggest never to order just a plain salad, I did, & it came on a regular sized plate, with barely a handful of lettuce scattered on the plate, it might have had something else mixed in, but I was so shocked, how little & just plain crappy this salad was, it was less than $3 I forget the exact price, but it was not much, it was barely worth two bucks, if that, I doubt I would have paid a $1.50 if I had seen it ahead of time, so forget the salads here, if this one was any indication of what they do here.

Price is good, & service can be very slow at times if they are even slightly busy, they usually have 1 waitress & she can't handle it all at times, the place looks clean, & it's located on Main Street in Augusta, Ky.

Final Thoughts: Good Burger, try it out if your here, but again, I like 4 other Burgers better in town, but that does not take anything away from this one, but I go here for the Baked Carota & Pizza anyway.

Final Review: 6.5* (Try it-above avg/Good to VG)

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