Monday, October 21, 2013

Red Robin

Our 17th Review
Official Review #17

This use to be one of my personal Favorite Burger Places, especially the Steak Fries, which I love.
But in recent visits, that began about 3 or so years ago, the quality of the Burgers, have definitely slipped & Gone downhill, quite a bit, yes if you get a fully dressed up Burger, it will taste ok to good, why, because all the sauce, all the lettuce & Tomato & such, are masking the lower quality of the meat in my opinion, I think they are buying lower quality Beef for their Burgers to save money, if you doubt this opinion, order just a plain burger on a bun with nothing else on it, & you most likely will not care much for what seems to be a piece of meat that comes frozen out of a pre-packed box, I doubt they are no longer Hand-made.

On with the review, or did I just do it, oh well, we all ordered a variety of Burgers, everyone got something different, I won't bore you with each one, I ordered the Plain Burger nothing on it, & tasted a bite of everyone else's burger, the dressed up ones, definitely help mask the lower quality of the Beef & the taste, my plain burger was just not very good, they do serve up a good solid bun & all the Lettuce & everything else are fresh and good tasting, & the cheese, but it does not change the fact, that this meat on the their Burgers are just not that good.

The Fries are awesome, the service nice & friendly, but the quality of their Burgers have changed drastically over the last few years.

This review is quick & easy, it's a fun place to go and eat, with friends & family.

Final Thoughts: You can definitely get much better Burgers anywhere, these without all the dressings & cheese and sauces & such, are just plain, plain, that's all we can say, not worth the high prices they charge, your paying for the name now, & expense of running such a high profile place, not the meat anymore.

Final Rating: 3.5* (Average/Not bad-Nothing Special) this one is on the lower end of this rating category, as this category can go up to a 6, but this one is not near a 6.

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