Sunday, October 20, 2013

Margie's Southern Cafe

Our 12th Review
Official Review #12

130 Market Street Maysville, Kentucky 41056


Margie's Closed Permanently & no plans to re-open

Margie's is an old Local Cafe in the Heart of Old Downtown Maysville, not sure how long it's been open, but I talked to 1 old-timer eating there & he said, he remembers eating there 20 years ago, so it's an established local Cafe.

I Ordered the Double Cheeseburger, we actually forgot to record & Remember the prices & lost our receipt, but prices are fairly good on everything.

One in our group ordered egg's & Sausage & Gravy with Toast, and 2 ordered just plain Burgers, another got the Fried Catfish, which I have had here before, so I will give an opinion on it all.

First, it's a clean looking place & the Waitress was nice & Friendly & so was the Cook, that you can see through the window in the Kitchen.

The Burgers are fairly good sized, they appeared to be hand-made, but I guess on this trip, everyone had a brain freeze & we forgot to ask to make sure, but the patties appeared to be of different shapes & sizes.

They were all big & juicy Burgers, I usually get mine plain, but ordered Double Cheeseburger, I thought the cheese was melted a bit much on mine, but the flavor of the Meat was very good, we all agreed on this, the Bun was ok, a better bun, would have translated into a slightly better score here.

The Fries were good, my Wife ordered the Breakfast & thought it was very good, she would definitely recommend the Breakfast food anytime.

The Fried Catfish in the past had been very good, but this order, was not all that good & appeared to be a pre-packaged frozen Piece, it just was not very good.

The Locals we talked to, love the Burgers & just about everything they serve here, but then again, most Locals favor their longtime establishments, but on this visit, we all must agree, we would return for the Burgers & Breakfast, one of the best tasting Burgers we've had & definitely at the moment, in our top 10 for sure, so if in Maysville, until we find another better, this is your best choice in Maysville, but the Corner Cafe still gets a slightly higher rating, 20 minutes away, but this Burger can stand on its own.

After we were gone, we all realized that we had been overcharged on our receipt by at least 5 dollars, this was a bit upsetting, as this is the first time this has ever happened anywhere, we did call back & talked to the Waitress & she said she would make a note with our name & our change would be there anytime we returned.

Final Thoughts: Very Good Solid Tasting Burger, definitely try it out if, in town, this was the 1st review that we actually had 5 different star ratings, usually 2 or generally 3 of us give the same stars, but 5 different ones here, so we did our best to average it out, 7.5 was as close as we could get, but I will just finish by saying, 6.5 to 8 rate this one, anywhere in between & you will be close.

Final Rating:  7.5* (Try it out-above Average/Good to Very Good)

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