Monday, October 21, 2013

Bearcat Lounge

Our 16th Review
Official Review #16

151 Goodman Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45219


This is a Lounge with a Restaurant right next to it, all Located at the Kingsgate Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, located on the College Campus of the University of Cincinnati, you can eat either in the Full Service Restaurant or in the Lounge, if your here just for a Burger, then the Lounge is the place to go, Parking is best in the garage, yes you must pay, but it's worth it, especially after dark, because it's not a completely safe area, & they do have security at the Hotel, you can take the Elevator if you wish to the Lounge on the Upper Floor, where the Front Desk is Located.

We ordered 2 Regular Burgers with Fries, & 1 Cheeseburger & 2 Bacon Cheeseburgers, all Medium to Medium Well, they came with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Mayo.

This is a big Burger, the Bun was Toasted & very good, all our Burgers appeared to be Hand-made, but all were about the same size, so therefore, they could be out of a box.

The Flavor of the Burgers were very good, for the 1st time in any review, I detected the taste of Montreal Steak seasoning, one of my personal favorite ingredients, when I make my own at home, & for me this really enhanced this Burger's flavor, it was not real juicy, but the taste was outstanding, & all were in agreement on this, the Lettuce, tomato & onion, all appeared to be fresh & tasted like it, very good, the fries were also good, this was also the most expensive Burger, we have had anywhere, is it worth it, if you don't mind spending well over $10 for a Burger, then yes, or just to try out a good Burger, but I could not afford to eat this one very often at those prices.

The Bacon was on the Bacon cheeseburger, was especially good & flavorful, so next time, that's what I would order again.

The service was quick & friendly, very good people working that night, & it's a very nice decor & very clean place to eat, there is also outdoor seating when weather permits, that gives a nice view over a small park area.

You definitely leave filled up on this Burger, if you stay here or visit nearby, you must try out, it's one of the very best Burgers we have had anywhere.

Final Thoughts: Definitely top 5 material here for our list, I would eat it anytime I could afford it & would surely get the delicious Bacon on it, also I liked their mayo on it.

Final Rating: 8.5* (Exceptional-Must Try it)

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