Wednesday, October 23, 2013

R & G

Our 22nd Review
Official Review #22

R & G Bar & Grille
No Facebook or web page available

9 Fronks Ln. Brooksville, Kentucky


This review is slightly different than the others, as these Burgers are usually only available on Friday & Saturday nights here.
This is a small Local Bar where people come to drink & talk with friends & on weekends they have music & food.

They have a small Kitchen, and a Lady & I think it's her Husband come on weekends & cook food, mainly Burgers & fries, but they do have some other items.

We ordered 2 Burgers no Cheese with Fries, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickles & Mayo.

The Burgers appeared hand made as both were different shapes, but they were so busy, we did not want to bother them with questions on the food.

They were pretty good sized burgers, the meat was cooked Medium well to well done, the buns were good, & the fries were good.

These were just plain, simple Burgers, nothing, special, nothing bad, just average, if your here on a weekend & they are serving them, then try them out with the fries, lots of fries & the cook she is very nice & friendly.

Final Thoughts: Not  a bad burger, try it out if you around when they have them, on a weekend in Bracken County, you don't have many options anyway for late night food.

Final Rating: 5.5* (Average/Not Bad - Nothing Special)

Next Tasty Review: Checking over our options, to see what could be next, if anyone has suggestions, feel free to send them to us, but we do already have a long list of locations, most are in located in and around Cincinnati, we still plan to visit some of the top rated Burger spots from Cincinnati Magazine & other websites.

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