Friday, November 1, 2013

Mad Mike's

Our 29th Review
Official Review #29

342 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41071


We hit 4 Different Burger places on Halloween, & a couple was to go, but we stopped & tried the Burgers & Fries out right away, each time.
Here is a little about Mad Mike's Burgers, Every burger is made from 100 percent black Angus beef. Regular sized burgers use 1/2-pound patties and smaller burgers use 1/4-pound patties.
“We don’t own a freezer,” Gelastopoulos said. “Everything is cut and handmade on site.”
Mad Mike’s focuses on serving quality food, but not overcharging for it, he said.

2 big pieces of meat tossed on a nice griddle & flattened out for 2 good sized patties.
Mike's is a nice looking place, near all the happening spots near the Ohio River, there was a young guy that waited on me & doing the cooking, the Griddle was located right there, he took out 2 clumps of fresh beef & tossed them on the Griddle & Flattened them, into a couple good sized patties, they were cooked well done, & served up with what they call, Mike's sauce on them, & here is what comes on what we ordered, everyone got the Outlaw:$5.49  Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Grilled Onions and Mad Sauce, which is similar to a chipotle mayo.
& the Bun appears to be a Pretzel Bun.
It's built into a Burger that looks very similar to a Frisch's Big Boy, but with quite a bit thicker patties, & the Mad Sauce has a very different Flavor than Tartar Sauce.
We also got Fries, which were fresh, Hand-cut for, $2.19 for the Regular or small size.

I asked the Cook if this really was the Best Burger in Newport & he said, he think's so, the only other competition he said was Five Guys & even though he works at Mad Mike's, he thinks Mike's definitely has the Best Burger & Chicken.

The Burgers looked very good, we all enjoyed eating them, they were a big break from all the single patty Burgers we get everywhere else but Frisch's.

I had been reading a lot of the Reviews of the Best Burgers in the Cincinnati, N. Ky., areas & Mad Mike's name, always comes up in a top 10 Burger discussion on all the sites, & many people claim it to be the Best Burger in the area.

The Fries were pretty good also, not the best hand-cut we've had, but still good.

Now, what did we think, we were all in unanimous agreement, it was a very good Burger, actually one of the better ones we've had,  most likely for now, top 10 material, it's as good as Frisch's Big Boy, but it has its own unique Flavor & Identity, it only looks similar to a Big Boy, it's different in every way, but we decided to give this one, the same rating as a Big Boy.

As far as many people claiming it to be the Best Burger overall, definitely not, but for sure Top 10, at least for now, as we continue our quest.

Final Thoughts: About as good a Burger as you can find in the area, Top 10 for sure, the Best, no, but definitely a very good Burger & with 2 Patties, a Big Change from all the rest.

Final Rating: 7.5* (Try it-Above average/Good to Very Good)

Next Tasty Review: Cincy Burger, Located in Silverton, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

                              Double Deluxe

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