Friday, November 1, 2013

Log Cabin Inn

Our 28th Review
Official Review #28

322 Madison Pike Covington, KY 41017 


I've been coming to this Restaurant for nearly 30 years, since my very 1st visit, it's changed owners a few times, but the Food seems to remain fairly consistent, I"ve always Favored the Fried Catfish, & in all those years, that's all I've ever had, until now.
This is a Beautiful old Inn, at least 100 years old, the Atmosphere is really nice inside, a huge old Fireplace is still there.
On to the Meal, we were the only ones there at around 3pm or so, and 1 waitress, 1 cook & either the Manager or Owner, the waitress spent way too much time watching the Tv, & Talking to the other Lady, manager or whatever she was, who was sitting at a table, 2 tables behind us, I think workers, Managers, & Owners should stay in an Office or in the back, unless they helping out or working with Customers, not sitting at a Table eating, or doing Paperwork or having continuous conversations with the other staff.
As mentioned below, my Wife did not get her Salad until her meal came, any good Waitress, should know salads are to be brought before the meal, & then she waited till the food was ready to fix the Salad, she was too busy, talking, sitting & fooling the Tv, so SERVICE< GETS A BIG FAT 0 OUT OF 10.
Then the Cook comes out 2 or 3 times while our food was cooking, I never saw any plastic gloves or anything on his hands, he was dressed in what appeared to be a dirty looking ragged T-Shirt & Blue Jeans, maybe they were not dirty, but they looked it, & he wore a Ball Cap, while he cooked & it looked, worn & dirty, so I was worried about him handling our Food, Thank Goodness, we did not get sick, & the Manager or Lady in Charge, never said a word to him & she had to see the Waitress did not serve the Salad before the meal, terrible service & terrible way to run a place of business of any kind, let alone a Restaurant.
Now. here is what we had on this visit,  we ordered some, specials of the day, Cheeseburger with fries & Coke Product, special $6.99, the Burger, was a fairly decent size, cooked well done, they did not ask how we wanted our burgers cooked, so when they don't, we usually just wait & see how they cook them, it came with Lettuce, tomato, onion, Pickle & mayo, the bun was a plain, normal bun, it did not appear or to taste generic, & was ok, it held together, so that was good, the waitress, did not bring my wife's salad before her meal, she actually waited until the cook said order up, then walked to the fridge to get the lettuce out & put the salad together, while the hot food, sat in the window, it was a good, big salad, she ordered the Ribeye Steak with Baked Potato, her Steak was very good, & so was the Potato.
We all got Fries with our Burgers, some ordered the Special without Cheese, it was a good sized order of fries & they were very good, & everyone agreed, they were as good as any you can get anywhere.

This place had been suggested to us by someone that has had the burgers here, it actually was a bit Surprising that the Burger was pretty good, it would not Challenge for 1st place or even top 5 & may not even make the top 10, but it was a good Burger, the Lettuce, onion, pickles, all tasted fresh & good.

The Cheese also added to the taste of the Burger, some places, like Smashburger, I think their cheese takes away from the Burger, but here it was good, some of us, just ordered plain Burgers, so we all tasted each other's food, as usual, to get a good solid review.

Now back to the Burger, these are definitely from a pre-packaged frozen box, so, they can only be so good & only get rated so high, as they can never challenge the taste & flavor of a Hand-made fresh Patty of Beef.
But we all agree this was one of the better-frozen patties around, but I would not come here again, just for a Burger, We would return for the Steak & Fried Catfish.

Final Thoughts: Not bad for a Frozen Burger, but don't go out of your way for one unless you're in the area for a quick Lunch & they have the Burger special, then it's worth what you get.
But, I can tell you this, from the terrible service of the waitress, & the way the Manager Lady, let them run around & the way the Cook looked, dressed dirty looking & no Cooking Gloves, we will never, EVER< Eat here again, & for Health CONCERNS< I would suggest, no one eats here until things change, & I use to Love the Catfish & The Steak Meal was very good & The Burgers Good for frozen ones, but this is the 1st in nearly 30 reviews, that I would suggest eating here at your own risk due to what I reported above.

Final Rating: 5.5* (Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special)

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