Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lincoln Diner

Our 36th Review
Official Review #36

32 Carlisle StreetGettysburgPennsylvania 17325-1800


My Wife & I went to Gettysburg Pa. on a 4 day & Night trip, we stayed at a very nice Bed & Breakfast in the middle of town, we could walk to most of the restaurants & other places to see, We were out late 1 night, & this was the only place we could find open, it was 24 hours, it was around 1am or so, all young girls working, including our new waitress being trained, by another young girl, that was obnoxious, an not treating the new trainee very nice, or giving her the best training, another young girl, in street clothes was sitting in a booth in back, & kept going behind the counter getting drinks for herself, & the other girls talked to her alnight, while we were there, & they were very loud.
I got a Deluxe Burger & Fries, can't remember the cost, my Wife, the Chopped Steak Dinner, the steak had way too many spices in it, & the taste of bay leaves on it, was just overwhelming, as I tested out her steak, & I love a lot of spices on my steak, but this one, had way too much, neither of us cared much at all for the steak, my Burger was about as thin a slice as they get, I think they beat Frisch's thin meat back home on a Big Boy, with a thick bun and loaded with lettuce, tomato & onion, so I could not even taste the meat, so I cut some off & ate it with nothing else, and it had no taste at all, very, very plain meat, we would not order either of these items ever again here, I've seen some good reviews on this place, on Tripadvisor, but it's definitely not the chopped steak or burgers, no way, I can't see them getting any better, maybe the day & early evening shifts, may have some more experienced waitresses, but the Manager & or Owner, should make a late night visit on occasion & rein in the young ladies that are not providing the proper atmosphere for any type of nice dining experience for vacationers, I would only recommend this place as a last resort late night meal, if you can't find a Mcdonald's, or something else open late.

Final Thoughts: I will give this place a break since it was after midnight on a weeknight,  it does have a lot of other decent reviews, but it also has just as many bad ones, like our's, so I think the service food, could be hit  miss here, the owners are solely responsible for letting this go on, if it continues, this place will not remain open  lose money  business, the Burger was too thin,  no taste to it, the Bun too big  & thick, & too much lettuce & tomato  things on it.
We plan to return next year to Gettysburg again, but this place will not see our business or our money, it was so bad, I would never give them another chance or recommend it for anyone else.

Final Rating: 2.0 and that's being nice & generous. (Still Would'nt Bother)

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No Photos on this one, none are needed, the food is not worth it, so neither are the photos of it.

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