Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Little About us!

I would like to start out with, our new blog, by introducing everyone to the group, & tell you all about what we are going to be blogging about.

Founder: Rob
Co-Founder: Sue
Members: Heather,  & Brandy.
Our ages when we started this are 52, 56, 34, 33, & 30.

I am calling our little group, the New Burger Guys & Gals, in honor of the old Cincinnati Burger Guys, I use to follow their Blog on Cincinnati area Burgers, for a long time, then all of a sudden, they just stopped blogging & as far as I know, left no reason for not continuing their hunt for the best Cincinnati area Burgers, well we plan to continue that hunt, & carry on the tradition of finding the Best Burgers in Cincinnati & N. Ky., & Vicinity, and we will also include the best burgers we find, while traveling.

We will stick within General, the Cincinnati Burger Guys rating system on a scale of up to 10, so people can go back & compare rated reviews of similar locations, to their reviews from years ago, as some places may either get better or maybe go down in the ratings over the years.

Monday, September 30th will be our 1st, two Reviews.

Thanks & Take care!
From, The New Burger Guys & Gals!

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